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Hundreds of rodent pest call-outs in Nottingham this year with warning of winter increase – Nottinghamshire Live

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 28th, 2020

Pest control teams have dealt with 680 cases involving rodents in Nottingham over the past year as advice is given to be on the look out for signs of an infestation.

A national trade body is urging householders and businesses in Nottinghamshire to be aware as rats and mice head indoors for winter.

British Pest Control Association (BPCA) warned people to remain vigilant as Covid-19 restrictions remain in place across England.

Evidence of a surge in rodent activity during the previous lockdown, combined with the likelihood of colder weather driving rats and mice indoors, could prompt a further surge in pest problems, the Association warned.

During the UK-wide Covid-19 lockdown in spring, BPCA members reported a 51% hike in rodent activity.

Last month, 78% of pest controllers polled reported increased rat sightings, with 63% noting a rise in mouse-related incidents.

Natalie Bungay, BPCA Technical Officer, said: As temperatures begin to drop and food becomes scarce, rats will begin looking for shelter and scraps in more urban locations. And as autumn and winter push on, rats start to head indoors.

Rats and mice do not hibernate and are a problem all year round. House mice are already living in and around wherever we are. But as the weather gets colder, field mice currently surviving outdoors will look for warmer places to nest and begin to move indoors too.

They are highly adaptable and wont hesitate to take advantage of a warm place to nest during the winter months.

Natalie added: In these unprecedented times, we need to ensure that effective pest management is implemented.

As designated key workers, the professional pest management sector is working hard to protect homes, as well as key areas including healthcare environments such as hospitals, the food manufacturing industry, and farms too.

Rodents and many other pests carry and transmit diseases, and can breed at an alarming rate if left unattended.

They contaminate food, ruin stock, and can even cause fires and floods with their gnawing.

Proactive pest management is the best way we can manage the risks to public health and safety.

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson told Nottinghamshire Live: Our pest control officers have dealt with 680 cases involving rodents over the past year.

"Theres a range of things people can do to try to prevent infestations in or around properties, including removing or securely storing food sources, clearing overgrown vegetation and rubbish from gardens and repairing holes in walls, missing drain covers and other defects.

"If anyone thinks they have an infestation of rats and mice, we offer commercial and domestic pest control services which can be booked on our website

BPCAs website includes an A-Z of pests which outlines the habits and lifecycles of different species along with signs of an infestation and the dangers they can pose - including the spread of disease and damage to property.

An online guide about rats at, has helpful information on identifying an infestation and offers advice on when to call in the professionals.

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Hundreds of rodent pest call-outs in Nottingham this year with warning of winter increase - Nottinghamshire Live

Mouse Control is on the Table Only if Seen Running on Capitol Hill – Chiang Rai Times

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 28th, 2020

The spotlight seems away to focus on the election, the pandemic, the economy or some important deals that are being made. But in occasion, pest control creep up in the agenda. But not for the reason you may think. Mouse control does affect most of us regular folks at home, but also in the supermarket we frequent, the hospital we need, in the school our children attend, in the restaurant we eat out.

However, when rodent control hit the first page, it is possibly because a mouse was seen running in the White House, or in a hospital where one our Senators were visiting.

The reality is that pests are omnipresent in all aspects of our lives. It affects the quality of the food we eat and our wellbeing in the building we use. Mice in hospital are as well omnipresent, the same way they are in most restaurant.

Most establishment will henceforth have in place mice control measures to monitor and to take steps to ensure that no mice infestation takes holds and to protect the wider public.

A lot has been done, mostly driven by the local government and the Environmental heath departments of our cities. Most restaurant proudly display on their front door the A rating we all love to see before having a meal.

But is there a real Political Drive to promote and possibly make compulsory the implementation of preventive pest control measures. I am afraid that like most parts of the world, people and businesses are left to toe the mark. There are controls of course but what good can 30 Environmental Health Officers can do when we have many thousands of food establishments.

And what power do we have on some neighbours who disregard blatantly hygiene principles and hoard rubbish within their property with mice running on the window sills frenetically. What means and services do we offer to our schools so our children spend time in a safe environment free of pathogens.

Basically, we are left self-managing, and self-suffering. Great strides have been made to raise standards, and most of us are respectful of the great principles that make us a community. The pest control service providers have been highly regulated as well as the product they use. But beside the administration red tape aimed at insuring that businesses respect the rules, what can we do when something is obviously bad, who can we turn to.

We are kings in our homes, more so if you actually own it. So what can we do to force a neighbour to change his ways, declutter his own a carry out a mice treatment, when it may not be a crime to live like that. In some instance, when living conditions reach a critical level it may become a fire hazard, and to some extent the fire brigade may be able to get involved.

In other instance, social services may be called in to provide some extra care and support, or to protect children living in unhealthy conditions. But should there be a need to make provision in Law to allow stakeholder the power to inspect any property and impose mean tested pest control measures when needed.

How to get rid of mice will depend largely on how much disposable income you have as well as your willingness to do something about it. It is an open debate on how much the government need to get involve into the life of the population. It is also a need to give the tools to the population to tackle issues that are not necessarily crimes in an expedite fashion.

We hear in occasion of big fights tacking place between neighbours. In other instances there are long court proceedings on menial topics. Could it be that we stream line the enforcement side of the Environmental Health Officers and trust them to use it wisely.

A mouse infestation tacking hold within a flat can easily spread like wild fire within a residential block. Then rodent control can become particularly challenging and have consequences that far exceed the cost of a pest control treatment. However, having streamlined enforcing powers on landlord to take action will first require a political will to do so.

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Mouse Control is on the Table Only if Seen Running on Capitol Hill - Chiang Rai Times

COMMENT: Cats to the rescue as rats get upper hand – Wales Farmer

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 28th, 2020

By Debbie James

When I ventured into the attic to retrieve the Christmas decorations and spied upon the rafters shredded remnants of fabric that once adorned angels, I knew we had visitors and sadly not Santa and his helpers.

Weve had had mice before, its goes with the territory when you live on a farm, but they do seem to be getting bolder.

Mice and rats are opportunists. Interesting fact: a rats skeleton is so flexible that it can squeeze its way through any hole or crack wider than half an inch.

My husband reckons not and questioned if my fact source was referring to an adult rat or a mere baby but the detail is incidental: to put it bluntly a rat can squash through the smallest of gaps.

The bait and trap approach seemed to be having little effect as my strategy of eliminate and control so the time came to call in the heavies.

My trusty troops now on the front line are four feral cats, kindly delivered this weekend by the Cats Protection.

They have been rehomed in an outbuilding and Im hoping their appetites will be large so that I can once more sleep without one ear permanently tuned in to every sound.

Before that, the quartet must remain in their crate for a while to manage a homing instinct second only to that of a racing pigeon.

There is little that I am fearful of but mice and rats induce absolute terror the speed they move at, those long tails; lets face it they have few redeeming qualities.

I think I am on solid ground in saying that pest control is one aspect that farmers in every agricultural sector struggle with.

In the case of rats, humans have invented elaborate, gruesome traps, trained dogs, ferrets, and cats to kill them, invented ultrasonic machines to drive them away with high-pitched noise and poisoned them in their millions.

Still they are here, seemingly as indestructible as they are greedy. In the unending and brutish war, it is a battle they always seem to win probably due to their unnerving rate of reproduction in a single year two rats can become 15,000. At that rate my cats are going to be very busy indeed.

I am resigned to an acceptance that we will never be completely rid of them but with my feline soldiers on the ground I am hopeful of keeping their numbers down.

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COMMENT: Cats to the rescue as rats get upper hand - Wales Farmer

Pests and Its Negative Effects on Health – Morningside Maryland

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 28th, 2020

Common household pests including insects like house flies, fleas, roaches, and bedbugs, as well as rodents like mice and rats are vital to our ecosystem. And, while they are innocent creatures in search of food and shelter, problems arise when they make their way into our homes. Getting rid of pests can seem like an unending task and it can be tempting to just stop fighting them. But if you do so, be ready for all kinds of losses on your house and your health as well. Here are some of the dangers pests pose on our health:

Most of the household pests are disease carriers, either directly or indirectly, which they can spread in a variety of ways such as through bites/stings, contaminated food/water, or inhaling pathogens. For starters, they spend most of their time in contaminated areas like sewers. As they move around your house, they will contaminate surfaces and foods left uncovered with bacteria and pathogens. Some of the diseases pests have been known to spread include malaria, dengue fever, salmonella, E. coli, Hantavirus, Weils disease (leptospirosis), meningitis, Lyme disease, and more. These are all serious illnesses that can be fatal if left untreated.

Pests can trigger a persons allergic reactions in different ways. For starters, their mere presence in the house can cause health problems. Most of them leave droppings and dander, which pollute indoor air. Inhaling the aerosolized particles can trigger an immune response and related allergies. The chances of suffering from these kinds of allergic reactions will, however, depend on the quality of ventilation, how sensitive an individual is, as well as the concentration of the infestation.

That being said, people are most likely to suffer an allergic reaction if stung or bitten by a pest. Wasps, bees, and spiders are some of the insects whose bite/sting can cause allergic reactions or even anaphylactic shock in severe cases, which can be fatal if left untreated.

Allergic reactions arent the only negative effect of insect venom in humans. The venom can also trigger a toxic reaction. This occurs when the body reacts to the insect venom like it was poison. Insect venom can also cause serum sickness, which is when the body has an unusual reaction to a foreign substance. Symptoms are similar to those of an allergic reaction along with seizures, nausea, fever, shock, etc.

Bites and stings are the more immediate dangers of pests. The typical reactions to an insect bite/sting include itching, minor swelling, redness, and pain. Rats are a bit larger and a bit more aggressive than most household pests, so you also have to worry about scratching and biting.

This may sound unusual but its true that pests can have detrimental effects on ones mental health. For instance, following a bedbug infestation, people have been known to develop insomnia, anxiety, depression, and social isolation, just to name a few. Not only do pests cause these psychological problems, but they also push homeowners to do whatever it takes to get rid of them like throwing away or burning their belongings. The stress from discovering pest infestation, getting rid of them, and potentially needing extensive work done after the process can be mentally draining. Not to mention, those with phobias of certain pests can suffer from a form of PTSD even after such pests have been eliminated from their home.

Pests can be a great nuisance once they invade your home. For instance, the mere sight of roaches in your kitchen could make you lose your appetite while the annoying sounds that rats, mosquitoes, and crickets produce can make it difficult to fall and stay asleep all night. We all know that continued lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on our physical and mental health.

It goes without saying that if you have any kinds of pests in your home, they will get on your nerves, mess up your mood, infringe on your comfort, and disrupt your sleep, among other things. All of these are bad for your overall health and well-being, which is why pest control is so important. Proper pest identification is essential for determining whether you have a pest infestation or not, and the right way to go about eliminating them. So, be sure to contact a professional pest controller as soon as you notice any pest in your home.


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Pests and Its Negative Effects on Health - Morningside Maryland

Pest Control Officials in the UK Warn Over Mice Droppings – Chiang Rai Times

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 27th, 2020

In UK, mice droppings are mostly used as evidence of a mice infestation taking place in the property. A single mouse dropping is enough to tell a building being prone to mice activity. And as a consequence some rodent control measures should be put in place to protect the building from further activity.

Pest control in UK work on the principle of prevention rather than remediation. At the first sign of mice, the resident should approach their neighbours to warn them. Instead of only being content with not having seen any mice, the tenants should actually actively look for the presence of dropping within their home.

The best way to do so is to look under the kitchen sink unit. Now if there is more mouse droppings at your neighbour than at your place it possibly mean that the mice are coming from that direction. If in turn you are the only one treating, the consequences will be that all the nearby mice will first need to get into your home, before they can even access the mice bait.

The presence of mouse dropping in UK tell a story. That there is a mouse population within 10-12 meter around your home. And if we give them enough time they can keep breeding and establish themselves further. The more mice around you and the more activity you will eventually suffer.

So one key element is monitoring. Finding a 1 off mouse dropping is actually not such a great deal. After all it could be many years old, and at best it described a residual level of mice infestation. So a possible course of action would be to remove it, and to check after a few weeks if more droppings appear.

But as a consequence of finding mice droppings, most tenants will want to get pest control in London. It is mostly because mice control is normally placed under the responsibility of the landlord. If you have mice to start with is because the building has holes that allowed them in.

How to get rid of mice in UK will depend on the mice exterminator preferences. Normally mice control relies primarily on baiting, but in some instance using traps or glue books is needed. Personally, if the problem is mice coming in, then I should say that the solution is possibly to stop them from coming in.

So often, a mice treatment is first carried out and once the mice population has been depleted, the mouse proofing of the property can be carried out. There are a few methods as well as a wide range of products that can be used. But expanding foam at wall and kitchen unit level is most likely the worst one. Simply enough the mice can chew the foam, and then nothing will stop them from covering your counter with fresh mouse droppings.

But that is not all. Even though you would have carried out the full proofing of your home, you cannot be entirely sure that you managed to block 100% of the access points. Therefore, you must keep on monitoring for the presence of new signs of mice activity. If you find any mouse dropping, you know the mice still has a way in.

This is why most pest control companies in UK would offer a 1 year guarantee, because only time will tell you if the mouse proofing is perfect. As you report a new mouse dropping, the pest controller will return promptly and double check the proofing from scratch for an access point that might have been overlooked, or for a new hole the mice might have created.

Rodent control in UK is an integral part of the property and buy-to-let market. The focus is the wellbeing of the resident as per the regulation and guidelines in vigour. The responsibility lies squarely on the manager of any businesses, or on the landlord. Disregarding responsibility toward mice control could lead to court action and loss of rent.

People looking for a future with pest control in London would have to seek the level 2 certification in pest management or equivalent. From there they may choose to work as a sole trader on a self employed basis, or to going a pest control company in London.

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Pest Control Officials in the UK Warn Over Mice Droppings - Chiang Rai Times

The Advent of Fieldwork Pest Control Software – Programming Insider

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 22nd, 2020

Pest control in London is a very competitive field. And the leading companies are all eager to get an edge that will allow them to be 1 step in front of the competition. It is not only good enough to be one of the best pest control companies in London, the best mice exterminator or have the best rodent control service. It also matters that you be able to provide the critical information to the clients as efficiently as you can.

If we put aside the pest control software cost, they are all basically a powerful CRM coupled with a calendar that can be integrated easily with most mainstream banks through a simple plug-in. Until here, there would seem to be pretty much all the same. The difference actually come to light when we suddenly want to customize.

I had the chance of exploring a number of them and the main sticking point for me was down to the handling of the report information provided by the technician. When carrying a pest control mice treatment there can be an extensive amount of information that the mice exterminator need to pass on. I most system, what is allowed is but a dialogue box that the pest controller need to fill one letter at a time.

When describing the mice control proceedings, it is not so much we try to explain the clients how to get rid of mice. But if you wanted to describe the presence of mice droppings in every single areas of the building it would take for ever. The best bait for mice may differ from one company to the next, but not having to write it down every single time can only be described as time saving.

Some of the pest control softwares available can have custom formularies made for you. They may be great for a contract initial set up as but not necessarily for a day to day jobs. The down side is that the form need to be attached to the pest control job booking every single time by the admin staff. Also it doesnt allow for any conditional answering .

So basically you need to either create a very basic form, or a very comprehensive one that the technician will have to go through and only answer the questions that are relevant to the pest treatment in question. So you are left between sending a text to the office or use a cumbersome formulary?

I think that the only pest control software that should be considered are the one that allow for conditional statements that through programming can actually generate a bespoke form that is specific to the job actually being carried out by the technician. The first questions would simply be sorting questions as to define the type of job you are doing.

Such a conditional construct can be carried through the full process of making a report, the next screen or question being conditioned by your previous answer, or just initially as a sorting method to get to the relevant form.

The issue that then transpire is an issue of set up as well as capability. Most of the initial set up is quite straight forward: create profiles fro the technicians, create jobs, put them in the calendar, various level of assisting, various integration for commonly used tools such as accounting or email providers. But when it comes to create your report maker, you often end up as choosing the plain dialogue box, or spend $$$$s on a programmer.

A further difficulty if finding the right kind of programmer who already has experience of this kind of language. I approached my regular guy, and basically he told me he would look into it. But what he actually meant was that he would have to work it out to start with. The software providers have a team that are working tirelessly to developing further their product.

But in the initial stages, the priority is to expand on the potential market you can reach. Most pest control software companies are from the U.S. and it is only when they have reached maturity on their home market that they will look across the pond to UK and Europe later on. It is clear from the library of forms that are available as resources. They are very much specific to the American market and hold only residual interest to other countries who hold their own regulations and procedures.

Of the few softwares that have been around for a while, and that have the capability to be customized through programming, I had the chance of seeing PODIO in action the way it had been set up by one of my competitors. Other system can be made to do the same such as Zoho, Vtiger and OctopusPRO, but so far did not see them in action yet.

The technician doing the report up, had but to touch on buttons and select the relevant features: treatment//mice//droppings-smear marks//kitchen-bathroom-airing cupboards//bait formulation x-contact pesticide y/house keeping-proofing/quote 450/[dialogue box for other comment]. And it would generate automatically a branded PDF ready to send to client.

If this feature is great, it should be developed further in the form of a report maker wizard that would allow non programmers to make simple forms without having to rely on expensive programming. Or possibly, a plug-in could be independently developed with various integration available for the main stream pest control softwares.

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The Advent of Fieldwork Pest Control Software - Programming Insider

Officials Exterminating Invasive Python Species With …

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 19th, 2020

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is using detector dogs to help find invasive Burmese pythons throughout the Everglades.

The new detector dog team is already up and running, with its first successful capture Dec. 8, according to a FWC press release.

The FWC is using a black lab named Truman and a point setter named Eleanor five days a week to locate pythons on public lands throughout the Everglades.

Truman and Eleanor were in training for over a month to learn how to detect pythons from their scent. (RELATED: Dogs Used To Detect Coronavirus)

Detector dogs have also been used to find different animals, including bed bugs and sea turtle nests, according to the press release.

With other wild animals living in the Everglades, the dogs were also trained to ignore distractions while tracking pythons.

The two dogs are trained to get within around three feet of the python.

Once the dogs are within approximately three feet, the dog will alert the handler, who will come play with the dog as a reward while a biologist removes the snake.

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Officials Exterminating Invasive Python Species With ...

Exterminator for Bed Bugs – NOCO Pest & Wildlife Control

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 18th, 2020

Wondering if you have a bed bug problem? There is a strong chance that you will not know you have a bed bug problem until it is well infested and involved. That is why calling an expert to your side is best. Northern Colorado Pest & Wildlife Control is your exterminator for bed bugs. Call today: (303) 746-9556 (Central) or (970) 330-3929 (North).

Bed bugs at first are hard to identify. They are tiny and shed their skins several times before they need to feed off of human blood. This article by WebMD gives you some tell-tale signs of bed bugs and how you can identify them.

Bed bugs have made a huge comeback in the United States since DDT was banned almost 50 years ago. But having bed bugs does not mean you are dirty. They are crafty little creatures seeking shelter in the tiniest of places from your furniture to your walls. They are more common in apartments and condos where there are shared walls. If you buy furniture from a rental outlet or a garage sale, or find something cool in a dumpster, you could inherit a problem from someone else.

Bed bugs are not easy to remove, and it is best to do a quick google search: best bed bug exterminators near me, for example. This is a problem that will make you an active partner in removal. We ask you to prepare your house by picking up belongings and clothes, and clearing out dressers, closets and nightstands. We will spray with an insecticide, but we will have to apply it multiple times in the span of 21 days with the average number of visits being three. If you have an extreme infestation, it could take more services.

Northern Colorado Pest and Wildlife Control has a 5-star rating with 76 reviews. If you are looking for bed bug exterminator reviews, read what our customers say:

You can trust the experts at Northern Colorado Pest Control and Wildlife for any pest problem from bed bugs to barn swallows. We offer humane removal and a broad-based approach to ensure we eliminate your pest problem quickly.

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Exterminator for Bed Bugs - NOCO Pest & Wildlife Control

Orlando Pest Control Protects Homes And Families From Termites And Bugs Through Impeccable & Affordable Service – Press Release – Digital Journal

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 16th, 2020

For 20 years, All American Pest Control has served Orlando, Florida, as the pest control service of choice. In the present COVID-19 scenario, trained and qualified technicians from this service take all the precautions and steps to ensure client safety.

According to announcements released by All American Pest Control and Shawn Manchette, this business established in 1999, has become one of the most trusted Orlando pest control service providers for residential and commercial customers.

The pest control service delivered by this business is detailed and structured to protect a customers premise from ants, spiders, roaches, fleas, silverfish, earwigs, house crickets, wasps, and other pests.

Pests damage property and pose health risks for children, adults, and pets. All American Pest Control provides a free estimate for its services offered. Be it an inspection, a one-time treatment, termite treatment, or an annual service, customers are assured of safe procedures complying with COVID-19 related safety norms and a value-for-money service that extends the life of their property and protects them from the disease.

All American Pest Control designs a treatment plan based on an initial inspection. The usual first step is to sweep away spider webs and wasp nests from the property's exterior. The doors, windows, and eaves are treated for pests by spraying the spaces with a special liquid that lasts long and stops pests in their tracks. A 2-3-foot wide barrier is placed to prevent new pests from entering the property.

All American Pest Control does a thorough job; it treats plumbing entrance points, closets, under appliances, and cabinets. It also rids garages, attics, and crawl spaces of pests.

Apart from pest control, other treatments offered by this service provider that are in demand in Orlando include eradicating fire ants from a property, flea & tick treatment, and mosquito treatment for the yard.

For more information, go to

Shawn Manchette of All American Pest Control said, There is no project too big or too small for our Orlando pest control service. We tailor our methods to fit the unique needs of each customers situation. To get your Orlando Pest control Estimate, just give us a call.

Since 1999, we have been killing bugs. If insects ever rise up and take over humanity, we are going to be in trouble. The pests would surely want revenge on All American Pest Control for all of the exterminating accomplished since 1999.

On the businesss commitment to customer service, Manchette said, We built our reputation as a pest control service provider and exterminator on doing an excellent job with affordable prices, all while bringing smiles and happiness to our customers. This happiness comes from a simple, main reason The Make Mom Proud All American Standard. We treat our customers the way we expect our mom to be treated. This simple concept has been central to our business and, we believe, essential for our success.

We serve homes throughout Orlando, Florida, and think that, while the need for pest control is an unavoidable fact in Orlando, Florida, there is no reason why you shouldn't look forward to a guy in a uniform coming to your house and executing every insect that dares to show its buggy face. No matter where you live in Orlando, Florida, everybody has to deal with bugs. We will do our best to safely treat your home in a way so that you will not have to deal with that problem.

About the Company:

All American Pest Control has been providing pest control services in Orlando, Florida, since 1999. This service is rated highly on online review sites and earns a good chunk of its business through referrals by satisfied customers. Homeowners and commercial customers can avail of a free quote followed by a dependable service for safe and clean premises.

Media ContactCompany Name: All American Pest ControlContact Person: Shawn ManchetteEmail: Send EmailPhone: 321-559-7378Address:2014 Edgewater Dr #250 City: OrlandoState: FL 32804Country: United StatesWebsite:

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Orlando Pest Control Protects Homes And Families From Termites And Bugs Through Impeccable & Affordable Service - Press Release - Digital Journal

Love birds bond as agriculture, ornithology collide – Ynetnews

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 13th, 2020

In 2009, Dr. Jessica Schckermann arrived in Israel from Germany to study the effects of birds and rodents on agricultural crops as part of her doctoral dissertation in Agroecology.

She soon found that birds in Germany do not behave the same as birds in Israel, so she turned to local bird centers to find out why.

Dr. Jessica Schckermann and Noam Weiss

(Photo: Zohar Weiss)

"I was looking for someone who would teach me to identify birds in Israel both visually but also according to their voice," says Schckermann, who is currently researching at the Desert and Dead Sea R&D and Southern Arava R&D.

"One expert contacted me. It was Noam."

Noam Weiss grew up in Jerusalem and, according to his statement, has been involved in birding since the age of 10. He is now the director of the Eilat Birding Center.

"I received a message from the Lotan Bird Center that there was someone from Germany who wanting to study bird identification in Israel. I replied that she was welcome to call," Weiss said with a smile.

"When she contacted me, I told her that there really is no such course in Israel. However, if she came to volunteer for two weeks at the Eilat Bird Center, she would be able to get to know the birds up close during our ongoing bird monitoring work."

Jessica arrived for two weeks in the southern Arava and the rest is history: a few months later the two became a couple and continued to work together on joint scientific projects.

Recently, they collaborated on a study that combines their two worlds: agroecology and bird watching.

Red-throated papillon

(Photo: Noam Weiss)

The study, which hypothesized that migratory birds act as natural pesticides for agricultural crops, was carried out in their southern Arava residence and will be presented at the annual seminar of Khen Point on 25 November 2020.

My motivation in research is to maintain the migratory path of the birds, Weiss says.

"If maintaining them means convincing farmers to attract birds to their fields because they can actually help with biological pest control, the way to do that is through research. So, I needed a research partner to do this work. This time it was really easy for me because I brought Jessica who came from research in the field of biology."

In the study, the couple examined the ecosystem services that migratory birds provide to fields in the southern Arava in order to increase their presence in the area.

One of the busiest avian migrations in the world passes through Eilat and the southern Arava.

In the fall season millions of birds prepare for crossing the southern desert, and the Arava fields provide an opportunity for them to gather food and replenish their energy reserves for many more days and nights of strenuous migration.

Surveying the area

(Photo: Noam Weiss)

Because natural habitats are disappearing, the birds instead choose to rest in fertilized areas hosting agricultural crops, which happen to include an abundant food supplyharmful insects.

"I realized that there is a give-and-take relationship between the birds and agricultural crops," says Schckermann, "and I thought it was a good idea that instead of fighting the birds, we should find a way to integrate them and encourage their services in agriculture."

The new study was conducted in onion, pumpkin, and melon fields in Kibbutz Eilot and Grofit. According to Weiss, the results indicate that insectivorous birds were found more concentrated within the fieldsabout 74 percent compared to the 33-40 percent in the surrounding vicinity.

This suggests that the field is a source of attraction for the types of birds observed including papillons, wagtails, bluethroats, warblers and swallows.

Another important finding is that the birds that came to the research fields ate the insects particularly harmful to agriculture. Therefore, they have the potential to help farmers in biological pest control.

"We wanted to understand how migrating birds are related to the status of pests and insects in the crop fields," Weiss says.

A white wagtail with a worm

(Photo: Noam Weiss)

"We checked the number of pests in the fields, and pretty quickly it became clear that certain species of birds are attracted to them and eat them. For example, we found that the red-throated papillon is the main exterminator of silverleaf whiteflies that eat away at important crops.

"The goal for my research is for farmers to come up with tools that can be applied in the field. I come from the field of ecosystem services, but today I am already engaged in research on nature management and interaction between open spaces, agricultural areas and sustainable development," says Schckermann, who runs the Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research platform (LTSER) in the Arava.

This international program aims to generate relevant knowledge for Arava residents towards a sustainable desert community.

According to Weiss, his goal was different.

I wanted to make the fields a much more friendly place for migratory birds, he says, "sort of like a 'gas station' without fertilizers and other chemical deterrents that could harm birds on the one hand. On the other hand, I know that these birds provide ecosystem services and help the farmer by actually eating insects that are harmful to his crops."

In this study, the couple brought two different perspectives, but all the studies they conducted together have the same goal: nature conservation based on community.

Isabelline wheatear in an onion field

(Photo: Noam Weiss)

"Today I understand that the most effective nature conservation is through contact with peoplelocal community as well as non-local community," Weiss says.

"Therefore, at the Eilat Bird Center, we invest a lot of energy in environmental education, tourism, and many community events, as well as in the ongoing mission of resolving conflicts between humans and birds."

"The power to change reality lies with the local community," he adds. "These are the people who know how to best influence decision makers, to act in a way that protects both human needs and the environment. Farmers will have a unique and influential role in facilitating beneficial change within the agricultural once they understand that migratory birds can help them."

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