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Averse Pest Control Enlightens the Public on Why They Need To Get Professional Pest Control – Press Release – Digital Journal

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 26th, 2020

In a recent public announcement, Averse Pest Control shared helpful information to the public on why they need to get professional pest control services.

Boise, ID - August 26, 2020 - Averse Pest Control, a pest control company in Boise, has seen it fit to explain to the public how they stand to benefit when they hire a professional exterminator to handle their pests and bugs instead of applying DIY pest control methods. The company said that this move was made after realizing that most residents still complained of pests' presence even after using tricks they had read about on the internet.

TheBoise exterminatorsstarted by saying that hiring a professional is cost-effective since DIY methods involve purchasing expensive pesticides and chemicals in a bid to combat the pests. They explain that these chemicals do not always work, and the people might find themselves facing the same problem of bugs and pests, meaning that the pesticides were a waste of money that could have otherwise been used to hire a professional exterminator who has a higher chance of getting the job done.

The pest control experts also said that professional exterminators have a better understanding of pest behavior and can, therefore, come up with custom control measures to eliminate pests that have a different life cycle or resistance to a particular pesticide.

In addition, the company has advised locals to always go for a professionalBoise exterminatorbecause they always use safe and eco-friendly methods.

About the Company

Averse Pest Control takes great pride in being one of the best pest control companies in the greater Boise area. They offer a wide range of services concerned with pest control from rodent control to bed bugs, ants, spiders, and so much more. For more information, contact them today.

Media ContactCompany Name: Averse Pest ControlContact Person: Spencer TeuscherEmail: Send EmailPhone: (208) 899-0516Address:11279 W Hickory Dale Dr City: BoiseState: IDCountry: United StatesWebsite:

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Averse Pest Control Enlightens the Public on Why They Need To Get Professional Pest Control - Press Release - Digital Journal

When Canada’s big city rats were enjoying the summer weather in 2001 –

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 23rd, 2020

Canadians were soaking up the sun, as were the rats.

"This is the kind of census increase nobody wants," the CBC's Alison Smith told viewers on The National, setting the trap for a shudder-inducing story on August 23, 2001.

"The number of rats in Canada's biggest cities is skyrocketing, spurred on by this summer's dry, warm weather."

Vancouver was one such city where a lot more rats were scurrying about.

"Thousands and thousands of them have invaded the waterfront and the back alleys," reporter Lynne Robson said, as a CBC camera showed some of those unwelcome city dwellers hanging out down by the water.

City officials were concerned about the risks the rising population of rodents posed for residents.

"They ... destroy food, property," said Domenic Losito of the Vancouver and Richmond Health Board.

"They can actually chew into house wiring and cause house fires, so they are a health and a safety concern."

The rat population was also on the rise in the big cities ofToronto and in Montreal.

In Montreal, Harold Leavey, a local exterminator, said that some of the old infrastructure in the city was hospitableto rats.

"The sewage system is old and crumbling, rats like that," Leavey, speaking in French, told CBC News.

Robson said the addition of desertedbuildings and garbage on Montreal's city streetscreated a "rat heaven" of sorts.

Leavey said the warm weather, preceded by a mild winter, made for perfect weather for families of rats.

ButRobson saidone city official suggested a change in the weather would eventually make things less favourable for those rodents.

"It will rain and fill the sewers," said Robson.

"Sometimes when we have big rains, they can drown," the city official, Claire Bourassa, spelling out the lethal nature of the hoped-forscenario a little more explicitly.

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When Canada's big city rats were enjoying the summer weather in 2001 -

Around the House: Carpenter ants a nuisance, but not threat like termites – Colorado Springs Gazette

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 23rd, 2020

Dear Ken: I have what I think are ants near the garage door. They are leaving piles of sawdust. Could they be termites? Am I in trouble? Helen

Answer: Probably not. You may be infested with carpenter ants. They and their cousins, powder post beetles, are bothersome but not as scary as termites. Heres a way to check. Termites have no waist but ants have that typical pinched middle that most insects sport. Besides, termites usually leave telltale mud tubes around the foundation, and if you dont see any, I think youre fine.

But a professional exterminator should take a look at your situation. Not to worry, though. Im sure youve caught it in time, and theres no significant structural damage at this point.

Dear Ken: I have a 900-square-foot apartment. How can I pick a window unit air conditioning unit that is quiet? How about a timer or thermostat? Laura

Answer: Have the store demonstrate the units youre interested in. They will all be about equally noisy, and they all come with a built-in thermostat. Trouble is, if the air conditioner is on the sunny side of the house, it may heat up and come on even if the room is cool.

I like your idea of a timer set to come on before you get home from work. Youll need to find one with enough capacity to handle the AC start-up load an ordinary lamp timer wont handle this situation. Ask your local hardware store for a recommendation or use Google as a source.

Dear Ken: We had a broken sprinkler pipe and ended up with about 2 inches of water in the basement. We dried it out in three or four days. No smells now or staining so far. Are we OK? Steve

Answer: Probably. We are lucky to have extra-low humidity here. That usually means that if we jump on these problems posthaste, the moisture doesnt have a chance to soak in and cause permanent damage. You have good instincts: the smell test is one of the best ways to spot potential troubles with fungi, like mold. If no one in the family seems particularly bothered with allergic-type symptoms, youre probably OK. And, if neither the walls nor the carpet is stained, that would indicate that you got to it in time. For added peace of mind, you could have a carpet technician unhook the wet corner of the room and check for staining underneath in the pad. If you see some, no big deal; pad replacement is pretty cheap.

Dear Ken: How do you get that brown color from fertilizer off the concrete? Lance

Answer: Its the iron-containing chemicals in the fertilizer, and the good news is that, eventually, the sun will cause it to fade away.

If you want to accelerate the disappearance, scrub it with a stiff-bristled broom and TSP (tri sodium phosphate), a strong detergent you can buy at the hardware store. Alternatively, white vinegar or CLR can work. None of these compounds should be allowed to sit on the concrete too long, because they might start to eat away at the surface.

Dear Ken: When I was screwing the wood down on my new deck, I noticed that you could see moisture coming out of the wood around the screws. Should I wait to stain it? Ronnie

Answer: Definitely. We import lumber from wetter parts of the country, like the Pacific Northwest. So looking back, it would have been a good idea to let the lumber sit around for a while before you installed it. That would have let it achieve equilibrium with our drier surroundings here in the Rockies. This is a similar problem we have with oak hardwood floors. If theyre installed too quickly, they shrink and gap during the first few months and require filling and refinishing.

Let the deck sit and relax for at least 30 days before you apply a stain.

Dear Ken: My house is old and so has plaster walls. What kind of company can I call to fix damaged areas? Norm

Answer: If its relatively small areas like a hole here and there call a drywall repair person. They can use ordinary mud to fill in the gaps. For large areas, youll need a stucco contractor (we used to call them plaster and stucco contractors until drywall took over the world).

Finally, remember that most old plaster walls contain a little asbestos as a binder, so handle the debris carefully. Keep it damp, seal it in plastic bags and discard appropriately.

Dear Ken: How can I remove those little design stickers on the bottom of my bathtub? Sherry

Answer: Try some gentle application of heat with a hair dryer (too much will crack the porcelain). The residue can then be removed with Goo-Gone solvent or WD-40.

Dear Ken: Does it matter which way a furnace filter faces? Debbie

Answer: Absolutely. Theres usually a little arrow pointing in the direction of the recommended air flow; it should almost always point to the blower motor. The filter is microscopically designed to capture particles flowing in that direction more efficiently.

Ken Moon is a home inspector in the Pikes Peak region. His radio show airs at 4 p.m. Saturdays on KRDO, FM 105.5 and AM 1240. Visit

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Around the House: Carpenter ants a nuisance, but not threat like termites - Colorado Springs Gazette

Moving to New York, Despite the Pandemic – The New York Times

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 19th, 2020

Cynthia Lanzino wanted to move to New York City ever since she was a child growing up in Pennsylvania. So this spring, Ms. Lanzino, 63, decided not to wait any longer. Even if there was a pandemic.

My grandmother used to bring us me and my sister and my mom to see the Rockettes. Ive wanted to live here ever since, said Ms. Lanzino, a retired nurse who spent her career in Philadelphia before returning to her hometown, Harrisburg, Pa., a few years ago to be closer to her 85-year-old mother.

Everyone who ever knew me knew I wanted to move to New York at some time. I thought, I just have to try it, she said. I like the busyness of New York. I lived in Philadelphia for 30 years, but New York is like Philly to the 10th power.

These days, of course, the streets around the Hells Kitchen studio apartment that Ms. Lanzino moved into in June are not packed with the usual glut of Times Square tourists, Broadway crowds and Midtown office workers. But Ms. Lanzino said she doesnt mind the relative quiet. There havent been many people out, and the people who are out do wear masks, she said.

Covid-19 made several aspects of moving to Manhattan more difficult, however. First off, there was the challenge of doing an apartment hunt remotely. Ms. Lanzino had already planned to move in June and had given her Harrisburg landlord three months notice when the pandemic struck. Rather than waiting it out, she decided to see if she could find a place she liked using listing photos and the videos that real estate agents had started posting.

Ms. Lanzinos monthly budget was around $2,000, and she had hoped to find a place in Chelsea or on the Lower East Side, neighborhoods she enjoyed visiting. She was also hoping to live alone. I didnt really want to get a roommate at 63, she said. I really like being able to have private time. If I get tired of private time, Ill go outside.

But three months in, she hadnt found many listings in those neighborhoods. She did come across one for a bright walk-up studio in Hells Kitchen, available on June 15 for $2,200 a month.

I was lucky; they did supply a video. I could tell that it looked clean, said Ms. Lanzino, who was nonetheless miffed to have to pay a brokers fee. Still, she was relieved that things had gone relatively smoothly, under the circumstances.

But a few weeks before her scheduled move, the landlord called to tell her that the man who was living in the apartment didnt want to leave. Her Harrisburg landlord was already expecting new tenants, so she couldnt delay her own departure by more than a few weeks. And the movers wouldnt agree to a specific moving day, only a range. It felt like nothing was going to work out.

Finally, at the end of June, the man in the Hells Kitchen apartment agreed to leave. The movers arrived, and Ms. Lanzino rented a car and drove to Manhattan with her 12-year-old cat, Matilda. That first night, she slept on the floor. The following day, the movers brought her things.

$2,200 | Hells Kitchen

Occupation: Ms. Lanzino is a retired nurse who worked for an insurance company for many years; she is currently working on getting licensed in New York, so she can work here if the need arises.She doesnt mind living in a walk-up because she is a big walker: Its 51 steps up to the fourth floor.Her rent in Harrisburg: $900 for a two-bedroom.Leaving Harrisburg: was a tough decision, because it meant being far from her mother, but not because of any affection Ms. Lanzino had for the city. After a few years, I was like, I cant stay here anymore, she said.

The first few days in the city were a little rocky: There were roaches in the apartment, and Ms. Lanzino discovered that the movers had broken a number of items. Matilda, freaked out by the move, bit her, and the bite became infected, so Ms. Lanzino had to find a primary care doctor to prescribe antibiotics. And she kept getting lost while she was walking around, although she was using Google maps to navigate.

But as she found her footing, things started to turn around. The landlord offered to send an exterminator and followed up with suggestions of things to do in the city during the pandemic. Shes very nice, very accessible, a pianist in her 70s who studied at Juilliard, Ms. Lanzino said. We met up the other day, and she brought coffee and fruit.

As Ms. Lanzino unpacked, she discovered, to her surprise, that the apartment had room for all of her belongings from the Harrisburg two-bedroom. Rather than trying to figure out what she would need in an apartment she had never seen in person, she had decided to bring everything and get rid of whatever didnt work. But the apartment had enough space for even her cardboard Morrissey cutout.

This is one of my favorite apartments Ive ever had, she said. Its so bright. And because Im on the fourth floor, its not that noisy.

An animal lover, she was also pleased to discover that she has an avian neighbor, a pigeon who lives on the fire escape.

The only real hurdle she has encountered has been figuring out how to make friends in the city during social distancing.

She thought she would go to meet-ups like she did in Harrisburg, but the pandemic has meant more virtual gatherings. Other things she had planned to do, like taking Italian lessons, learning Photoshop, going to yoga classes or maybe getting a part-time job I love the Strand and would love to work there have also been put on hold for the time being.

Still, there is plenty to do. She has been taking a lot of walks navigation remains tricky, but she is figuring it out; someone even asked her for directions the other day and searching for the ideal slice of pizza, her favorite food.

The only thing she regrets about moving, she said, is leaving her mother, who lives with Ms. Lanzinos older sister. But her mother encouraged her to go.

She said, I want you to be happy, and gave me her blessing, Ms. Lanzino said. It was hard leaving Mom. But I still talk to her twice a day.

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Moving to New York, Despite the Pandemic - The New York Times

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in Your Home, According to Pest Experts –

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 19th, 2020

From fruit flies to house flies to fungus gnats, spotting any kind of bug that can buzz about your home is a total pain. But many people dont realize that one of the most annoying pests to eradicateantscan also fly until they see them hovering around indoors.

And nope, theyre not some odd breed. There are several species of ants that have flying ants in their colonies, such as carpenter ants, fire ants, and pharaoh ants, says Desiree Straubinger, board certified entomologist and market technical director of Western Exterminator.

Flying ants, known as alates, are sexually mature ants, according to Howard Russell, M.S., an entomologist at Michigan State University. Theyre known as the reproductives of the colony, which were created by the queen and fed by worker ants. Flying ants typically come together to mate on clear days after rainy weatheremergences known as nuptial flights, which occur around summer into early autumn.

Afterward, males and females come back to the ground and males are done, says entomologist Roberto M. Pereira, Ph.D., an insect research scientist with the University of Florida. Normally [males] will die or may be eaten by other insects or birds. The females will lose their wings and look for a good spot to start a new colony.

Compared to your typical worker ants (the ones you see out and about on the ground), flying ants tend to be bigger in size and obviously have wings, Russell says. Most worker ants are female, but flying ants also include males. They can range in color, from black to brown to red.

Many people confuse flying ants with termites, Straubinger says. But termites are generally smaller than ants and their wings are the same length or longer than their bodies.

For the most part, flying ants are focused on mating and dont really care about you. But they do have mandibles (mouth parts) and can technically use them to bite, Russell says.

Depending on the type of ant thats near you, they can also sting you, Pereira says. In Florida and other warmer climates, an ant called hypoponera punctatissima (a small, yellow-brown species) will sting people. Other ants may do that occasionally, too, he says.

One simple of way of determining if a flying ant could potentially harm you: If a species of ant doesnt bite or sting, the alates of that species wont bite or sting either, says Frank Meek, technical services manager at Rollins. If the ant species bites or stings, the alates of that species can still bite or sting if they feel threatened.

If you spot flying ants inside your home, dont panic. While the female could technically start a nest inside your place, Pereira says its pretty unlikely. Air conditioning and heating can cause ants to dry up and die very rapidly inside houses, he says.

Fly Paper, 4-Count


While flying ants should settle down pretty quickly (and the males will die), you can kill them off one by one if they bother you, Pereira says. Traditional ant bait is unlikely to lure them in, so use a swatter, rolled up magazine, or even a vacuum to suck them up.

If you cant seem to catch them, another easy hack is trying to trap them in sticky tape or fly paper. Simply hang up the paper or ribbon, which is designed to attract and catch flying insects, near any areas youve noticed the flying ants hanging out. (If you suspect you have a full on ant problem and the colony is nearby, check out these tips on how to get rid of ants in general.)

You can also keep antswinged or otherwisefrom entering your home by sealing up holes and entry points, Straubinger says. This includes any cracks or crevices in the wall or floor, and openings around windows, screens, vents, or doors.

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How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in Your Home, According to Pest Experts -

Dallas Rat Exterminators | Vinx Home Services Inc

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 16th, 2020

Are you hearing a scurrying sound above you late at night? If so, theres a good chance that you have rats! As one of the best Dallas rat extermination companies, were here to kick those animals out. We hire the best rat exterminators in the business, and well make sure that you stop hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet once and for all.

Rats may sound like they are no big deal, but not only are they dirty (they are the cause of many diseases), but they cause damage to your home. When they see your wires, walls, and insulation, rats everywhere rejoice. They believe they came upon a full buffet of food! Were here to stop them so you dont have to deal with it.

If you live in Dallas, Carrollton, or anywhere else in the surrounding areas, and need a rat exterminator at your home or business, give us a call at(800) 735-6405 orcontact us online to get a free quote from our team!

Our Dallas pest control experts are some of the best in the business when it comes to rat control. We have a few steps to our rat extermination program to ensure that the rats stay away from your home.

Heres our process:

You can spend hundreds of dollars unsuccessfully trying to get rid of the rats yourself. Since we use professional-grade products, we offer a full guarantee on our service. If you still have rats, well keep working on the issue until we get it handled. You shouldnt have to deal with rats taking over your home. Just ask about our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

When it comes to cost, our pricing will vary depending on what youre currently dealing with. Some rat extermination may be included in our pest control, but to ensure you know the cost, we offer a free inspection and quote to every customer interested in our rat removal services.

We want to solve the issue before they chew through your walls or nest in your insulation! If you are currently dealing with rats, give us a call and well make sure your home is no longer overrun with them. If you need a rat exterminator in Dallas, give us a call at(800) 735-6405 or contact us online!

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Dallas Rat Exterminators | Vinx Home Services Inc

Mice Exterminator Jackson MS | Mice & Rat Pest Control …

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 16th, 2020

How to Get Rid of Mice & Rats in Your Home or BusinessModern-Day Rodent Control Measures

Nobody wants rodents running rampant through their house. These creatures multiply rapidly and can cause untold damage to the infrastructure of your buildings and damage your belongings.

Mice and rats can chew through almost anything and they will. Besides the damage they cause, rodents and their excrement can also carry serious diseases.

There are no two ways about it. If you think you have rodents in your house, you need to act fast. You can always hire a mouse exterminator but Heres how to get rid of mice and rats.

Rat and mice poison are undesirable methods of rodent control. Rodent bait can kill pets and wildlife and unless youre lucky, chances are youll end up with a dead rat or mouse somewhere in your house.

The thought of a decaying animal in your house is unsettling and unpleasant, to say the least, and the smell is ghastly. There are far better alternatives.

Modern-day methods of rat and mouse control include:

Sealing all possible entry points including open areas around gas lines and vents

Keeping food in metal or glass containers with sturdy lids

Securing trash cans and keeping them away from the house

Keeping your kitchen floors and cupboards scrupulously clean

Glue traps and live traps work well but need correct placement. Youll also need to empty them frequently.

No method of DIY rat control works in every situation. Save yourself the frustration and limit your risks by getting professional help. Here at Synergy Pest Control, we offer the best rats and mice exterminator services.

Our team of experts knows how to get rid of mice and rats effectively and with the least disruption to your life. Theyll appraise your circumstances and put the appropriate rodent control measures in place.

Get in touch today and get rid of your rodent problem for good. Also you can also visit our Chamber

Interesting in learning more about mouse extermination? Visit our recent blog posts:

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Mice Exterminator Jackson MS | Mice & Rat Pest Control ...

Exterminators for a Cockroach Problem – Raven Termite and …

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 15th, 2020

Cockroaches are an all too common problem for many people. These pests can quickly infest a home or business and cause a wide range of problems. Trying to eliminate cockroaches on your own isnt an easy task. Contacting Raven Termite and Pest Control when you need professional exterminators in Timonium is an excellent way to stay proactive against these troublesome pests.

Cockroach DroppingsOne of the biggest signals of a cockroach problem is if you notice droppings in dimly lit areas. These small droppings are often mistaken for a mouse droppings due to their similarity in size and shape. However, reaching out to an experienced pest control company is a great way to further investigate the problem and eliminate these pests.

Finding EggsAnother common sign that you are dealing with a cockroach infestation is if you notice a large number of egg capsules. Cockroach egg capsules are usually glued to a surface that is near food sources. Each egg is dark-colored and is around 8 mm in length. Many times, you will find roaches in your basement, kitchen, or laundry room. Keeping your home clean is essential to eliminating these food sources and preventing cockroaches.

Musty SmellCockroaches also produce an unpleasant pheromone. This musty odor is an all too common problem when there is a large number of cockroaches. Ultimately, their odor is especially noticeable for anyone with a sensitive sense of smell. Reaching out to your local exterminator is a great way to eliminate your cockroach problem and give you much-needed peace of mind.

Raven Termite and Pest Control uses the latest technology in the industry to ensure your home or business is free from all types of pests. Our mission at Raven Termite and Pest Control is to always meet the needs of each client through dependable and affordable pest control services. We have many years of experience in the pest control industry and we take pride in offering high-quality services. We can help you eliminate a variety of common pests, such as cockroaches, spiders, yellow jackets, ants, and much more. When you need professional exterminators in Timonium, contact us!

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Exterminators for a Cockroach Problem - Raven Termite and ...

Kill It With Fire Lets You Take Violent Revenge on Spiders; Here’s The Launch Trailer – Twinfinite

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 13th, 2020


Spiders are one of the most feared creatures in nature, and today tinyBuild provides you with a way to take revenge with Kill It With Fire.

Published on August 13, 2020 Giuseppe Nelva

Home Uncategorized Kill It With Fire Lets You Take Violent Revenge on Spiders; Heres The Launch Trailer

Spiders are among the most feared creatures in nature, and today tinyBuild and indie developer Casey Donnellan Games are providing you with a way to take revenge with Kill It With Fire.

They released the game for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store for a rather affordable 11.99 / $14.99 / 14.99 depending on where you live.

It lets you unleash your rage in rather unreasonable (but likely satisfying) ways on the creepy crawlies with plenty of weapons, both traditional and improvised.

Heres the launch trailer. I would definitely avoid watching it if you suffer from arachnophobia. I doubt seeing the critters blown up will make you feel any better.

Below you can read how the developers describe the game.

The spider mankinds most ancient and deadly nemesis. As a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, its time to fight back! Gather your arsenal and pursue the eight-legged menace on a journey across suburbia although not necessarily in that order.

To defeat spiders you must exploit their one weakness: FIRE. Or bullets. Or explosions, throwing stars, gettin smushed by stuff pretty much anything, really. But that doesnt mean itll be easy first youve gotta find the spiders. Use state-of-the-art arachnid tracking technology to pinpoint your quarrys location among hundreds of potential hiding spots then, torch everything and smash the spider with a frying pan after it runs out. Its the only way to be sure.

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Kill It With Fire Lets You Take Violent Revenge on Spiders; Here's The Launch Trailer - Twinfinite

Tenants of Brantford apartment building say unit infested with bugs, landlord not doing enough – CTV Toronto

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on August 13th, 2020

BRANTFORD -- Tenants of an apartment building in Brantford are speaking about an infestation of bed bugs and cockroaches, and claim the landlord isnt doing enough to keep them out.

Shawn Willard says the bugs are everywhere in his unit, from by the door, to under the fridge, and near the bed.

For the past six months my house has becoming nothing but infested, he said. Im completely grossed out. My daughter is grossed out. I dont sleep at night because I wake up with bugs crawling on me.

Right away upon discovering [bug bites over body], I chucked the bed, got rid of it, and disinfected my house.

Other tenants of the building say theyre dealing with the same problem.

Theyre all over. Theyre everywhere, said tenant Rachelle Latford. Theyre in my bed. First I only had bedbugs in there, but no, now I have cockroaches in there. Its really embarrassing.

Willard says he reached out to the property owner Megna Property Management about the bugs. He sent videos and emails and asked to get the building sprayed.

I communicated by email expecting a return email back, he said. Not one in 90 days now.

Willard adds that the property owner eventually brought in Apex Pest Control to clean his unit, but is still finding cockroaches in his apartment.

Theyre made it very clear to me that Paul Megna wasnt paying for the cockroaches, only the bedbugs, he said.

In a statement, Megna Property Management says Apex had sprayed for bedbugs, since that was what the tenant had stated he had, not cockroaches.

Every single unit has and is treated as it is brought to managements attention, the statement reads. We cannot treat units where tenants do not inform us or do not want us in their unit.

Latford says that the entire building needs to be cleaned, not just individual units.

When he does come out, he needs to exterminate all 52 units, she said. Not just my unit, not just his unit, not just theirs, but everybodys. All 52.

Willard adds that he wants to see the building routinely cleaned.


The province of Ontario's guidelines for tenants dealing with bed bugs suggests speaking with a landlord directly.

The tenant is responsible for cooperating with the landlord, according to the province. The landlord needs to make sure the unit is, "fit for habitation and complies with health standards."

Landlords are allowed to enter a suite as long as they've given 24 hours of notice. They should also use a licensed company to handle the infestation, according to the province.

A landlord can also inspect other units if they feel the problem may have spread.

The provincial guidelines say tenants need to make sure their units are ready for an exterminator by cleaning the space, laundering clothing and bedding and pulling furniture away from the walls.

If a tenant gets in the way of a landlord's efforts to exterminate bed bugs, the province says they could be evicted.

Landlords are responsible for all extermination costs, the province says.

Tenants in the province should contact the Landlord and Tenant Board if they feel the landlords aren't helping them handle a bed bug situation.

The County of Brant says tenants can also contact the Brantford Building Department Property Standards bylaw enforcement office or the County of Brant Property Standard office.

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Tenants of Brantford apartment building say unit infested with bugs, landlord not doing enough - CTV Toronto

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