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Rodent control – Western Exterminator

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on January 29th, 2019

Rodent repellents are highly effective but potent rodent treatment option. The chemicals in rodent repellents require the utmost care when handling them. There are over-the-counter rodent repellents, but if these repellents arent strategically placed on your property, you may not see a reduction in rodent activity.

Western Exterminator pest control specialists are trained to use rodenticides properly. Our experts know where to place repellents according to the nature of your infestation. They also make sure to remove these materials from your home or business after rodent control treatments are completed. We make sure baits are kept out of reach of pets, humans, livestock and wildlife.

For customers who are concerned with the environmental impact of rodenticide, we understand your concern. To clear up some concerns, here are some key points about rodent repellents and rodenticides:

Rodenticide bait containers or bait stations are commonly used in the pest control industry. Commercial grade bait stations are made with durable materials, like metal or plastic to reduce the likelihood of accidental poisoning of humans, pets, wildlife etc.

But, no matter how effective the bait station is, if it is not placed in the right location, rodents will not enter it. It's important to use a professional pest control service to ensure rodent repellents are utilized in the correct manner.

Rodent control - Western Exterminator

Camelback Crickets –

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on January 29th, 2019

Summary: The camelback cricket is a strange looking insect that has a cricket-like body but long, spider-like legs. Theycan give people a fright when they are found in basements or cellars. Camelback crickets like to live in dark, damp environments and they are almost completely harmless.

Camelback crickets are in a different family than field crickets, but camelback crickets, also known as camel crickets,are closely related to cave crickets, cave wetas, and sand treaders.

Camelbacksare brown, about an inch or two in length. There are also spotted camel crickets. They all have very long antennae and long, spider-like legs. Occasionally called spider crickets or humped-back crickets,they have no wings, but are powerful jumpers. The most damage that a camel cricket can do is to ruin some clothing stored in basements which they might nibble on.

Camelback crickets like warm, dark, damp environments as found in caves or in woods under rocks. They also are frequently found in basements and cellars. If you hear cricket sounds coming from below your house it is not coming from camel crickets because camel crickets do not chirp. More likely, it isafield cricket that has found its way inside.

The best way to get rid of camelback crickets is to eliminate the moisture where they are found. Fixing leaky pipes and making sure that you are getting proper drainage will go a long way in discouraging camel crickets from making your basement their home. You can ventilate crawlspaces to help prevent moisture buildup, as well.

If the crickets are coming in from the outside you willneed to try to locate their source. They might be inhabiting an old pile of leaves outside, or a stack of firewood. Leaf debris and any woodpiles, as well as stone slabs, bricks, boards, and tarps should not be placed within several feet of the foundation of a house. Foundation cracksshould be sealedwith a bit of cement or grout. Cracks under doorways can be sealed off with weather stripping.

If camelback crickets are already breeding in a basement they can be difficultto get rid of. You can start with laying out glue traps in the corners of the room, along the walls and next to the sill plate at the top of the wall. You could even make your own sticky trap using duct tape wrapped around a 3x5 note card. Remember that dust will quickly make a sticky trap ineffective, so regularly monitor the trap to see if it is still sticky. You should sweep up dust with a vacuum cleaner before laying out the glue boards to help prevent dust contamination,plus vacuuming will help clean up any organic matter than might be food for thecrickets.

Pesticides are not usually needed for camelback cricket control, but if they are found in large numbersa perimeter barrier treatment with Talstargranuleswill help to keep morecrickets from coming inside.Putting out Niban granules on a paper plate along inside basement walls can help. as well.

Camelback crickets have poor eyesight, as do many insects that have adapted to live in darkness. When they see something large approaching them they sometimes jump towards it in an attempt to scare it. For many people this aggressive behavior is frighteningbecause of how high and far the crickets can jump. They are like insects on pogo sticks. I should also mention that females have a long ovipositor which they use to lay eggs. It looks like a long stinger on their back end, but it is harmless.

For more cricket articles please click here .

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Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators: Pest Control Bed Bugs

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 24th, 2019

Myths and Facts About Bed Bugs That You Need To Know

In recent years, bed bugs have created concerns of near epic proportions. Large metro areas have been among the most affected areas, but no geographic scope is immune to these pests. Contrary to popular beliefs, bed bugs arent correlated with untidy homes or filthy living conditions. Thats because they can get into any home through clothing, pieces of luggage, or even furniture from an infested dwelling. Unfortunately, bed bugs often dwell in sleeping areas like bedrooms, hotel rooms, and dorms.

Well according to the CDC, Bed bugs, scientifically called Cimex lectularius, are tiny flat-shaped parasites that feed on blood. The feeding often occurs during sleeping periods when there are minimal movement and self-awareness. These parasites are reddish-brown in color, they do not fly and can range from 1mm to 7mm in length. CDC also goes on to say that bed bugs can survive several months without feeding on blood making it merely impossible to starve them by staying away from your home for a while.

Research has shown that bed bug bites are not lethal, but there are a few secondary ailments that root out of these bites. According to EPA, the presence of bed bugs can cause a lot of distress to the affected parties. Thats because it all starts with minor skin irritations that itch. This itching can develop into excessive scratching a fact that significantly increases the chances of contracting a secondary skin infection.

In some cases, the bites can cause moderate allergic reactions which may or may not require medical observation, but if the allergic reaction is severe, then immediate medical attention is highly recommended. A person can also undergo stress as a result of the loss of sleep and minor skin irritations.

According to the CDC, that statement is very untrue. Their reports indicate that bed bugs are found all over the world in both first and third world countries. In fact, first world countries like the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and other parts of Europe have seen a rapid spread of the bed bug infestation thus ruling out the myth that these bugs only exist in poor and under-developed countries.

The CDC also goes on to debunk this myth by saying that bed bugs reside in all areas and their presence is not dependent on the cleanliness of their environment. According to the CDC, these bugs have been found in many clean institutions including five-star hotels and resorts.

According to CDCs top researchers, bed bugs DO NOT spread diseases. They only harm that bed bugs cause is the loss of sleep and an itchy irritation on a persons skin. But, you should know that excessive scratching can result in secondary skin infections.

* Bed bugs always dwell around places where people sleep, usually within an 8 feet radius. Like any other parasite, they always follow their food source. That means that they do migrate between shared homes in search of food they can adapt to the sleeping habits of their hosts.

* They hide during the day in dark, isolated spots like the seams of mattresses, bed frames, cracks, and headboards among other places.

* A bed bug can travel up to 100 feet overnight.

* They are quite resilient because they can last several months without feeding.

* Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal but they can also feed during the day if necessary. A bed bugs bite is painless, and since they feed during sleepy hours, most people do not realize that they have been bitten until they spot a tiny red welt or begin to itch.

* A typical bed bug lays up to 7 eggs per week and can lay over 500 eggs per lifespan.

* Optimal egg laying temperatures revolve around 80 degrees F. They also grow faster at that temperature.

* A bed bug is very tiny but its still clearly visible to the naked eye.

What measures can be taken to treat and prevent bed bug infestation?

While pesticides are mostly recommended for bed bug treatment, they are other options like heat. It is always good to regularly monitor your bedroom to see if theres any sign of an infestation. If you find any signs, be sure to inform your landlord and call Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators to treat your home.

Heat or chemical spray treatment is the question homeowners ask frequently. Heat treatments offer a quick solution to your bed bug problems. Companies advertise and offer a one time treatment. What kills bed bugs after the heat treatment ends? Homeowners rarely understand where their bed bug problems originated. For this reason, reintroduction of bed bugs to the home after the heat treatment happens. Chemical spray treatments offer residual residue that lasts up to 120 days. The chemical is still 85% effective after 60 days research shows. A better long term treatment is the chemical option.

The chemical spray treatment does not work overnight. In a study of 22 apartments treated with our chemical, a rapid decline in bed bug numbers is noticed in the first 2 weeks. Compared to the average initial bed bug count per apartment (174), an 83 percent reduction is noted after two weeks, 94 percent fewer bugs were found after four weeks and 98 percent fewer after eight weeks. In about half the apartments, treatment was hindered at times by lack of preparation, clutter and poor tenant cooperation. Above all, we emphasize early action and homeowner participation in the chemical spray treatment process. That leads to lower costs and more effective treatments.

Monitors did instruct residents to remove, bag and launder bed linens and clothing prior to treatment. Half of the residents complied with this request while the others did not. Monitors instructed residents not to disassemble beds or dispose of bed bug-infested belongings. During the trial, one tenant did throw out a heavily infested headboard and another disposed of a moderately infested mattress and box spring. No bed bug encasement installations were permitted during the evaluation. For that reason, resultant changes in bed bug numbers is due to application of the insecticide.

Test results show our product has extended residual effects; bed bugs experienced a high mortality rate when exposed to wood and fabric surfaces treated six months earlier. The prolonged effectiveness of these materials as dry deposits will eliminate bugs and eggs overlooked or re-entering dwellings for months. For this reason, we advise our client to utilize some chemical spray treatment in their choice for extermination.

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Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators: Pest Control Bed Bugs

Spiders | Pest Control and Bug Exterminator Blog

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 15th, 2019

Black Widow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spiders are arachnids and are best described as eight-legged arthropods that lack antennae. They have spinnerets that spin silk from up to six different glands found in their abdomen. Spiders produce this silk for their webs or homes in which they use to catch prey. Some spiders will also ambush their prey from burrows, or other harborage. Spiders have fangs that can inject venom with varying levels of toxicity.

Spiders are very common pests. There are 40,000 different species of spiders in the world, and some 3,000 are found in North America. They are found on all continents except Antarctica, and scientists predict that only half of the worlds spiders have been discovered.

All spiders are carnivorous. Most spiders eat insects, but some of the larger species of spiders have been known to eat small mammals like mice. There are even a few species that will eat small fish. After trapping its prey, a spider will inject digestive enzymes that will start breaking down its food from the inside-out. The partially digested food is then sucked up by the spider. Spiders are often times consideredbeneficialparts of an ecosystem because of the amount of other insects and other pests they eliminate, but most people find themrepulsiveand do not want them in or aroundtheirproperty.

While there are very few spiders in the United States that are really dangerous to humans, there are considerable numbers of poisonous spiders around the world. The black widow and recluse spiders have very toxic venom that can be life threatening to humans. Most spiders are shy and will only bite humans in self-defense, and few produce worse effects than a mosquito bite or bee-sting. There are approximately 100 reported deaths from spider bites in the 20th century.

Notable spiders:

Anthony Ball

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Spiders | Pest Control and Bug Exterminator Blog

Rodent Control | A1 Exterminators Lynn MA | Ants, Termites …

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 11th, 2019

Mice can slip through holes as small as a dime, and rats can fit through holes as small as a quarter. Its not hard for a rodent to come in through small cracks and holes in the foundation of your building or home and set up a nest in the walls or in furniture. Massachusetts and New Hampshire offer large areas of forests and fields for rodents to reside. However, mice will seek shelter in your home or office to get out of the cold, inclement weather or to escape a predator.

When inspecting for mice or rats, an A1 Exterminator technician will look for rodent burrows, holes in the ground where rodents nest and create an underground tunnel around dumpsters, homes or buildings. Another sign for mice or rats are rub marks, which is the dirty and oil from their skin that rub off and leave a funky smell, on the surfaces which rodents frequent.

Mice and rats are covered in the A1 our residential Pest Prevention Plan. We will provide on-going interior and exterior treatments to prevent these rodents from entering your home and causing an infestation.

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Rodent Control | A1 Exterminators Lynn MA | Ants, Termites ...

Ant Control – Dealing with Ants | Western Exterminator

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on January 10th, 2019

Call us for a free quote at 800-937-8398 or contact us

Ants are located all over the world and are destructive to food and property. They can also bring diseases and health risks in your home. In some parts of the world ants can even sting and be dangerous. Western Exterminator has the ant control treatment options you can rely on to get rid of ants around your property.

The first step in eliminating an ant infestation in your home is to identify the species of ant. Not all ants are created equal; therefore understanding their biology and the specific species differences is critical in order to develop the proper control strategy that must be used to get rid of ants from your home. And do-it-yourself ant control methods usually are not effective. The experts at Western Exterminator can help with ant control and recommend the best solution for your ant problem.

Request an appointment today to protect your property from ants. Call a Western Exterminator ant control expert by calling 800-937-8398 or you can set up an appointment using our online form.

We will arrange for your local branch to contact you

We will discuss your pest problem, arrange a survey if necessary, and provide a quote and recommendations.

Our QualityPro certified specialists will come out to provide your treatment

We'll make as many visits as you require to ensure your problem is resolved

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There are several treatment options available for property owners to get rid of ants. There are different ant treatment options depending on the species of ant and the size of the infestation. It can also depend on whether or not the infestation is indoors or outdoors. If the property is a business or a home can also factor into the treatment options.

Ant removal is a very specific process and Western Exterminator specialists know how to get rid of ants around a property and from within the home or building. The best bet is to contact your Western Exterminator office and get a free property inspection and let our experts figure out which species of ant is causing the problem. Then our specialists will discuss treatment and ant prevention problems with you.

Most of the time ants are just a nuisance, but they can contaminate food. A full infestation can destroy food in your home and can destroy crops and food for animals and that can harm livestock.

Ants like fire ants normally set up their nests outdoors, but if disturbed can swarm and they can sting and post a health risk. Carpenter ants destroy wood and can weaken the structures in your home, which can lead to costly damage repairs.

Western Exterminator knows how to get rid of ants. Our state-licensed exterminators seek out the nests and know how to identify the species of ant . Each species can determine the proper treatment, making it critical to enlist the help of trained ant control professional.

Our Western Exterminator ant removal technicians work with you, discussing the ant problem in your home to successfully track down the source of the infestation. We find the nest to remove that and prevent return visits. Our experts know how to trace the ants back to their access point and seal them up.

There are numerous species of ants scattered across the world. Some of the more common ant species in the U.S. include:

Once you get rid of ants around your home and property, you will want to keep ants away. Ants will return unless changes are made around your property and within your home. If you remove the things which attract ants in the first place, you can prevent ants from returning and infesting your property again. Some of the things you can do include:

Over the last90+ years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in dealing withallant speciesthroughout the United States. We carefully combine this knowledge with our understanding of seasonal pest trends and regional areas. Our local, highly-trained services specialists have been specially trained to provide you with the best possibleant control tailored to your property.

Ants have been found on nearly every landmass on the planet. Only Antarctica and some inhospitable islands do not have ants.

Ants have been around for approximately 130 million years and examples have been found encased in amber from that time.

Ants are part of the Formicidae family and are related to wasps and bees.

There are about 12,500 identified species of ants and some experts guess that there may be as many as 22,000 species on the planet.

Ants have exoskeletons that make their bodies very strong. This allows them to carry many times their own weight, even when walking upside down.

Its estimated the total weight all of the ants in the world would equal the weight of all of the humans on the planet!

There are around 15,000 ant species and subspecies world wide, with just over 1,300 known from the United States so far. Ants are found in all States and in all terrestrial habitats. Refer to our common ant species page for details of familiar species in the United States.

Ant colonies can range in size from a dozen or so to many thousands.

Ants vary in length with carpenter ants being among the biggest ants found indoors in the U.S., growing up to 1/2 inch long. Refer to our common ants species guide.

Some ants can give painful stings, while the garden ant have swarming characteristics that can contaminate food. Unlike some other pests, ants can sting multiple times.

Our localQualityPro certifiedspecialists offer methods of ant control that are targeted to eliminateall ant species. They can solve the problem quickly, while keeping your family and pets safe.At Western Exterminator Company, we will do all that we can to make sure that ants are gone from around your property and that they don't come back! Discover the peace of mind only Western can provide. Schedule an appointment online or via phone at 800-937-8398.

Find ant pest control services near you

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Alpha Bed Bug Exterminator NYC – Manhattan | Treatment …

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on January 4th, 2019

If youve ever had the unfortunate luck of dealing with bed bugs, you know just how difficult it can be to get rid of them once and for all. It seems like from the moment you discover them, youre fighting a battle for weeks or even months and its tiring. And even worse, bed bugs arent just a nuisance theyre also a health hazard. Finding yourself in this situation is, needless to say, something you dont ever want to deal with. However, it can happen to anyone at any time and when that happens, you need to be able to quickly get a hold of a bed bug exterminator in NYC.

Lets say youve just discovered that you have bed bugs. Now youre probably wondering how to deal with the problem in an affordable way. You call around, looking for the cheapest deal possible. And when the exterminators finally show up and take care of the bed bugs, you realize that they didnt take care of everything. Now you have to pay for it all over again. We understand the need for affordable services but we also take our job seriously as the best bed bug exterminators. Thats why we strive to provide the highest-quality services at fair prices. When you choose us to take care of your bed bugs, you have our guarantee that the job will be done right the first time, saving you time and money in the long run. And our friendly technicians would be happy to answer any questions you might have before we do any work. Its simple you place your trust in us, and we make sure that you get your moneys worth.

With years of experience in the extermination business, were confident that we can provide the services youre looking for and do an outstanding job. We have thousands of satisfied customers to back up our claims of expert services. Furthermore, were dedicated to providing superior customer service for every one of our clients. Have a special request? Just ask. Need some quotes before we begin work? No problem. You can count on us to be there on time every time, and well be happy to take care of any extermination services you require. Theres a reason were considered the top source for a bed bug extermination and its because were 100% dedicated to our clients.

Oftentimes, we have clients who ask us if they can tackle the extermination process on their own. Its a valid question you can buy products in stores that are supposed to help you get rid of bed bugs without shelling out the cash for a professionals services. But lets think about this for a moment. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. And how many times have you treated your home for bed bugs in the past? Maybe youve done it once or twice. Needless to say, your knowledge and skills are far from a professionals. All of this is a recipe for failure. Youll end up spending more money than you need to and waste time trying to rid your home of bed bugs while theyre still reproducing. Professionals, on the other hand, do this every day. As a reliable bed bugs extermination specialists, we do it for a living and we know all the ins and outs of dealing with these awful pests. If we run into any trouble, we have the equipment necessary to deal with it. And we can take care of it faster than the average citizen who needs careful direction. Professionals, while their services seem to cost more, end up being priceless in this matter.

So whether you need bed bug extermination services for your home, a business,a school,a nursing home,or a hotel, were here to help you. Let our company ensure your peace of mind, happiness, and health through keeping your property 100% pest free. Call us or browse through our site for more information on our services. We look forward to assisting you as the top source for a bed bug exterminator eradication in NYC.

As a homeowner in the United States, you need to understand that problems can arise at any point in time. It is undeniably true that life is unpredictable. While there is an abundance of problems you can experience, there is no doubt that a bug infestation could prove to be disastrous. Bed bugs are undoubtedly a major concern for most consumers. With this in mind, it is absolutely pertinent to identify the problem and take action as soon as humanely possible. Thankfully, youve come to the right place. We are the most reliable and experienced bed bug exterminator in New York and well be able to help you fix the problem with haste. Continue reading below to learn more about our services.

Before moving forward, it is absolutely pertinent to make sure you choose the best bed bug exterminator that is actually licensed. Believe it or not, there is an abundance of companies that operate without a license. Working with one of these firms could be incredibly risky. There are various factors to take into consideration when looking for an exterminator and licensure should be a top priority. Rest assured knowing that our company is licensed by the state of New York. We obey all regulations and guidelines placed upon businesses within our field. We have been licensed since our origination and our license has never been put in jeopardy.

While youre at it, you need to remember that the average bed bug exterminator cost can be excessive. This is not a surprise. Nevertheless, you can rest assured knowing that our company sincerely cares about you and your family. We will do everything humanely possible to provide you with a great price. In order to make sure this happens our company will provide everyone will free quotes. Before our bed bug extermination service is carried out, an expert will visit your home and examine the current situation. Then, theyll sit down with you and provide you with their analysis. At this point, youll be provided with a free quote. This helps to guarantee that youll know exactly how much youll pay for our bed bugs exterminator service. Remember that our quote is binding and therefore cannot and will not be changed anytime in the future.

It is absolutely pertinent to realize that eliminating bed bugs can be very difficult. Of course, the complexity of the situation truly depends on the specific company that you choose. We go above and beyond to provide our clients with the most convenient service humanely possible. While there are numerous bed bug treatment solutions, ours is undeniably the most convenient. This is the case, because the client needs to do very little. There is no need to move furniture and youll be able to return home much quicker than you would with chemical sprays. Instead, our company relies heavily on heat machines to get the job completed. Heat is far more beneficial, convenient and reliable.

Bed bugs exhibit deceptive behavior, in an effort to remain undetected. These parasites can hide just about anywhere, but their favorite places to hide are in the folds of mattresses and box springs. The main reason for this is because bed bugs want to be within proximity of their human host, since a blood meal is required every few months. However, an adult can go almost an entire month without consuming a blood meal, which is pretty significant, when you are considering that this is a tiny insect, the size of an apple seed. The best way to find these critters is to hire a bed bug exterminator that provides services, with a bed bug sniffing dog. The bed bug dog is capable of sniffing out the bed bugs hiding places, so the exterminator can go ahead with the bed bugs removal process. If the bed bugs pest control expert does not offer these services, they will need to rely on instinct. We are one of the top bed bug exterminator companies in NYC & all parts of Manhattan that provides a wide range of services to the local community. We offer competitive bed bug exterminator prices and varying treatment packages that are suitable for all income levels.

When you begin your homework, searching for a bed bug exterminator in NYC, you will immediately notice the innumerable options. It is crucial to note that while these companies may be a great option, not all of them are bonded. It is crucial to hire a bonded bed bugs NYC extermination company to protect your investment. We are a bonded and insured exterminator that offers bed bug dog inspection services. As a bonded company, our goal is to ensure consumers that they are protected from financial loss, if they hire our team to eradicate their bed bug infestation. If consumers make a complaint about our services, we will immediately begin to investigate the issue. We will respond in a timely manner and always offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied by the solution, you will have the right to file a claim with the underwriter that holds our bond. You will receive the decision that you want and not lose a dime in the process.

A free in-home consultation is a great service that provides consumers with an opportunity to speak with a licensed exterminator in a one-on-one meeting. During the meeting, the exterminator will examine your home, looking for signs of bed bugs, which include tiny brownish, reddish dots, eggs, molted skins and a sweetish odor. If any of these signs are found, the exterminator will provide you with you several treatment options. You will have the option of choosing one of our treatment packages or you can customize your own package. We want you to feel comfortable, when you hire us to eradicate your bed bug infestation.

When it comes down to it, were not the bedbug exterminator in New York City. Nevertheless, it is absolutely pertinent to make sure you do not get lured in by an overhyped company. We are truly the overall best company in New York and well be able to solve your problem quickly and easily. Below, youll learn about the benefits of choosing our firm to eliminate the bedbugs in your home.

Are you ready to eliminate those nasty bedbugs from your home? If so, it is time to take action. When youre ready to move forward, you should reach out to our firm as quickly as possible. Were always willing to answer any questions you may have.

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Bed bug control & treatment – Expert exterminator for bed …

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on January 4th, 2019

Bed bugs (cimex lectularius) have been recognized as pests since the 17th century, and were introduced to the New World by early colonists. Bed bugs were quite common in the U.S. prior to World War II, but declined in incidence after the mid 20th century, primarily due to the widespread use of synthetic insecticides such as DDT. Improvements in sanitation and personal hygiene, along with more vigilant regulations and consumer knowledge about the use of second-hand furniture are also likely contributors to bed bugs becoming known to most of us only through a children's nursery rhyme. Plus, methods of bed bug pest control improved over time, making them more effective and efficient.

Although never totally eliminated, bed bug populations dwindled enough for most of us to ignore them. That has changed. Bed bugs have undergone a dramatic resurgence worldwide, and in the past decade, bed bugs have begun making a comeback across the United States; in many areas becoming a major nuisance pest.

International travel and commerce are factors in the recent spread of these insect hitchhikers, which can be readily transported in luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture. There are some experts that believe the small population that remained in the U.S. after the 1950's were 'super bugs', resistant to the chemicals available to treat them.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere, and not just in your bed. They are still most frequently found in dwellings with a high rate of occupant turnover, such as hotels, motels, hostels, dormitories and apartment complexes; but can be found in private homes, movie theaters, high-end stores and on public transportation. Such infestations usually are not a reflection of poor hygiene or bad housekeeping. However, once established, bed bugs are persistent and getting rid of them also requires persistence.

Bed bug control & treatment - Expert exterminator for bed ...

Rat Control – Western Exterminator

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 16th, 2018

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There's nothing fun about finding rats around your home or property. Rats have been plaguing humans for centuries, famous for their continuously-growing sharp teeth, their desire for human food, their tendency to get into homes and buildings and create nests and their health problems - rats are the essence of a pest. Not only are rats unhealthy animals to have around your home or business, the damage rats do can be extensive and costly depending on the size of the infestation.

Western Exterminator is the expert in rat removal and ratprevention services and we have the latest methods for finding where rats are getting in and preventing them from returning.

If you have seen any of these common signs of rats andthink that you might have rats on your property or inside your home then call for a Western Exterminator rat control expert at 800-937-8398 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

We will arrange for your local branch to contact you

We will discuss your pest problem, arrange a survey if necessary, and provide a quote and recommendations.

Our QualityPro certified specialists will come out to provide your treatment

We'll make as many visits as you require to ensure your problem is resolved

Contact us today

At Western Exterminator we will do a complete inspection of your home and find where the rats are getting in. We seal up the access points and then go about finding the rat burrows and rat nests that might be inside your home. We work with you to find the right solution, such as rat bait stations, that works with your family, your schedule and your home.

There are a number of factors which go into the costs of a rat extermination. For example:

Each of those factors will determine the nature of the treatment. There may also be follow-ups necessary. The size of the property will determine how many traps or bait stations are needed. The first step to finding out how much the rat exterminator treatments will cost for your property, is to contact your local Western Exterminator office and set up a property inspection.

How do you know if you have rats? Here are a few of the common signs:

If you have noticed signs of rats, we recommend you seek help from rat management experts for a true solution to the issue. Western Exterminator knows how to get rid of rats effectively. A rat professional can locate the places where rats are based and keep them from entering your property again. These are services that Western Exterminator provides and we are equipped to combat your rat problems, contact your local Western Exterminator office to get the rat removal and prevention process started.

There are numerous health problems associated with a rat infestation. These include:

Here at Western Exterminator, we have thorough expertise in rat control. In dealing with the rats at your property, we make sure to obey applicable laws and regulations:

Remember to let us know whenever you see a rat and do not disturb traps, bait stations, or other control devices we have put in place. Additionally, rats need to drink about ounce to 1 ounce of water each day. Getting rid of sources of water is a good idea.

Over the last 50 years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with various types of pests throughout the United States. We carefully combine this knowledge with our understanding of seasonal pest trends and regional areas. Our local, highly-trained services technicians have been specially trained to provide you with the best possible pest control tailored to your property.

Pest control Western Exterminator Los Angeles

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Valued Customer BASSILL - November 30, 2018

Wilmur is super reliable and professional.

Pest control Western Exterminator Los Angeles

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Michelle & James Vasiloff - November 22, 2018

good service

Pest control Western Exterminator Los Angeles

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

REVA SKOLL - November 6, 2018

Ixsar is our technician. He is the best. I was having a problem with roaches in the kitchen and he was very attentive to the problem. He treated the areas a number of times and I believe that the Yucky situation has been cleaned up.He calls the day before he comes to see if there is a problem or not. Thank you Ixsar!

Pest control Western Exterminator Los Angeles

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Susan GRIEDER - November 3, 2018

Always timely and courteous. Wish you could do more about the spiders in the foliage but I understand about the legal restrictions.

Pest control Western Exterminator Los Angeles

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DANA DECKER - November 2, 2018

We have been using your service for many years and I credit Miguel for that. He is number 1 in customer service. You have a wonderful employee and we in turn get great service!

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LELAND BURNS - October 31, 2018

very well done

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Jose Lopez - October 30, 2018

Very good, Cesar did a good job

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Valued Customer Us Bank - October 25, 2018

great service technician. efficient and thorough.

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Cathy Lewis - October 15, 2018

No one likes bugs so a visit with an exterminator does not rank high on my list of "good experiences" BUT that said my guy was polite, knowledgable and efficient. He got right to the specific pest issue I had, took care of the application, explained what he had done and answered any and all questions. He was a pleasure to work with and all I saw post-application were expired bugs!!! So, all good!

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Cindy Fox - October 15, 2018

Tech is Prompt and educational as well. Dan explains everything to us and communicates very well with all the tenants. We've had several services this past year and this service seems to be doing the job.I'd recommend to everyoneThank You

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Annette & Patrick Kuga - October 12, 2018

Xsar, our technician is always prompt and thorough and cordial. We appreciate his work ethic.

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TOM COOK - October 4, 2018

Sal is a joy! Whistling his arrival and following up w a smile and good efficient thorough, spraying. Very pleased!JOANNE y Tom Cook

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Shanyan Xue - October 4, 2018

Like the tech

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Eddie Jira - September 29, 2018

My termite technician, Nick, provides excellent service. Every time I have termite concerns I call him and he would come to take a look and provide any needed treatment. He is courteous and professional.

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Alan Armstrong - September 19, 2018

Hi Western , Our technician, Wilmar, is the Best. Wilmar stays in touch and lets us know everything that we need to know about the service that he is providing. He is always upbeat no matter what we ask of him. He should be listened to as a model technician. He makes your company look really good. He is a very good discriminator between other companies . He makes Western stand above the other companies regardless of the monthly fee. Alan Armstrong 310-266-7173

Rat populations can be found in rural, suburban and urban areas, especially if theres a water source nearby. Rats need a water source in order to survive even though they dont drink much water per day.

Rats are also social creatures, which means a hierarchy develops in rat populations. This typically consists of one dominant rat and several subordinates. Although this is typically found in male rats, female rats display hierarchies as well.

Male rats begin to secrete testosterone after puberty, which encourages reproductive behavior. On the other hand, female rats experience an ovarian cycle that is divided into several phases: proestrus, ovulation, estrus and diestrus. This cycle repeats itself once diestrus is complete.

Pregnant female rats will pick a nesting site and build a nest before her young are born. In order for the young to survive, the mother must lick her young clean, nurse them and return the young back to the nest if they stray away.

At this stage, a mother rat may display signs of maternal aggression to protect her young and attack animals who threaten the nest.

Rats will pretty much eat whatever is placed in front of them. A more technical term for this is opportunistic omnivores. From fruit to animal carcasses, dont be surprised if you find rat eating these items or anything in between:

Sometimes rats will hunt for bugs or small animals. Rats that live or are near cities can be found in garbage cans or landfills.

Did you know rats are able to chew through wood, cinder blocks and electrical wires? Rats have large front teeth that give them a powerful bite which can easily pierce skin and even cut through bone.

Rats typically bite when they feel threatened but they have also been known for biting people, especially children and babies, on hands, feet, fingers, toes and even the face. Symptoms of rat bites include:

If you or someone you know has experienced a rat bite, seek medical attention immediately. Diseases from rat bites can usually be treated with antibiotics but can be deadly if side effects lead to meningitis or pneumonia.

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Roach Exterminator NJ | Pest Control New Jersey

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on December 12th, 2018

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For fast and reliable expert roach exterminators NJ has trusted for years, call the team at ODIN Pest Control. With fast service and eco-friendly treatment methods,we will eliminate this unsightly pest from your life with visible results after the first treatment. Our NJ pest control specialists bring years of field experience and training to provide you and your family effective solutions and lasting results.

The experts at ODIN pest control provide child and pet friendly service that utilizes eco-friendly pest control methods to get rid of roaches in new jersey. Our experts are trained professionals with years of service experience in providing New Jersey superior cockroach controlin residential and commercial settings. Are there roach exterminators near me? Yes Our team is ready and able to respond within several hours from your call. We are equipped with the latest tools and are ready to provide New Jersey with great same-day service at amazing prices. So dont give up quality by seeking the cheapest roach exterminators in NJ call ODIN today and let our NJ roach exterminators get your cockroach infestation eliminated from your home or office.

ODIN Pest control prides itself as being a service provider that will take every measure to treat our clients homes as if they were our own. Our team is responsive, dedicated to your success, and knowledgeable in residential and commercial pest control services.

Our team provide fast and same-day cockroach control service in New Jersey with same-day responses throughout the following counties (including pest control services and extermination in Jersey City, NJ, Bayonne, NJ, Newark NJ, and Hoboken, NJ)

ODIN Pest Control NJ roach extermination plans are effective against all major cockroaches found in the northeast populations found throughoutthe Northeast. Our treatment will eradicate all roaches; large or small, inside or outside your property.

For immediate service to remove cockroach infestations in NJ or to get information about custom NJ pest control plansCall the pros todaytodayorsend us a text by clicking here.Our experts are always eager to provide you answers, discuss control options, and discuss the benefits of our pest control plans. We are confident that our team will provide you with the information and pest control resources to help you make an informed decision on hiring a pest control company in New Jersey.

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