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Marietta GA Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on May 21st, 2019

Marietta, GA, is hot and humid. As such, pests like mosquitoes are drawn to the area in abundance. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so the Georgia city's consistent rainfall and location near a major river provides the insects with plenty of opportunities to reproduce. When populations get out of hand, female mosquitoes swarm residential neighborhoods looking for blood meals. Individuals who are bitten by the pests risk contracting diseases, such as the Zika and West Nile viruses. Additionally, mosquito bites leave behind itchy bumps on the skin.

Stinging insects, like yellow jackets and wasps, and ants are also common in Marietta during the summer. Yellow jackets and wasps nest in and around homes, in such places as attics, hanging from roof eaves, and in trees. These flying pests aggressively defend their nests and will sting intruders repeatedly. Ants invade kitchens looking for sweet, fatty, and oily foods. Once they find food sources, they leave chemical trails that lead other members of their colonies indoors.

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Marietta GA Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector

How Much Does Cockroach Extermination Cost? | Angie’s List

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on May 21st, 2019

Keep in mind that when you hire a professional roach exterminator, youre hiring more than just the tools youre paying for their expertise, knowledge and experience. Often the most important part of a roach trap, cockroach bait or roach-killing spray isnt the tool itself, but knowing when and where to deploy it. Getting rid of cockroaches requires knowledge of their habits. Some roaches like to make their homes nearest to the best food source; others seek moist, dark places; still others stay far away from water if possible.

Because of the wide array of potential cockroach types, and depending on the nature of the infestation, a pest control professional has a number of tools at their disposal to get rid of the roaches. Glue traps, gel bait, bait stations (roach hotels) and boric acid remain some of the more common techniques. Foggers and other mist-based extermination tools may also be used to clear out entire rooms or enclosed spaces; your roach exterminator will know best.

The key to getting rid of a cockroach infestation is to be thorough. Where theres one cockroach, there are probably many more, and even a handful of surviving cockroaches can quickly breed hundreds more. You'll want to prevent cockroaches from getting back in.

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How Much Does Cockroach Extermination Cost? | Angie's List

Cockroach control – Western Exterminator

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on May 21st, 2019

Call us for a free quote at 800-937-8398 or contact us

If you have ever lived in a city, you have probably run across roaches. They are the most common pest around the world and they are everywhere. It is estimated that there are 4,600 species of roach, 25-30 of which are associated with human habitations.

Roaches can be disturbing to find in your home, which is bad enough, but they are also known to contribute to carry a number of diseases, which is why getting a professional roach control and removal specialist is so important. Cockroaches are filthy insects with bad habits you do not want around your home or food prep areas. Controlling roaches is important because they can help spread disease and dirt around a home and cause businesses to lose their reputation or even be shut down.

Hiring professionals is key for cockroach control rather than trying DIY methods.

Although there are numerous species of roaches around the planet, the ones that are most common for homeowners are:

Schedule an appointment online with a state-certified Western Exterminator roach specialist today.

Call us and we will arrange for your local pest specialist to contact you.

We will discuss your pest problem, schedule an appointment and provide a quote and recommendations.

Our state certified pest specialists will come to your home or business and provide treatment.

We'll make as many visits as you require to ensure your problem is resolved.

Roaches have been around for a long time. The fossil record shows signs of roaches going back as far as 350 million years. You dont get to survive that long on this planet without being hard to kill!

Some roach facts to be aware of:

While you should always contact pest control professionals if you have an active infestation of cockroaches, there are steps you can take to prevent cockroaches from gaining entry to your home or business.

Eliminate food sources- store dry foods in tightly sealed containers or plastic bags and do not leave food sitting out on counters. Do not leave liquids in sinks or buckets.

Clear all waste food and liquid spillage- clean up food debris from food preparation areas, under sinks and appliances. Empty garbage cans on a daily basis and keep all garbage or compost in sealed bins.

Remove pet food- and drink and litter trays before nightfall.

Rinse cans, bottles and plastics- before putting them in recycling bins.

De-clutter- remove old stacks of newspapers, magazines,cardboard boxes and all other forms of clutter from the floor or bottom of cupboards.

Varnish or paint wood shelves- to seal them, and wipe them clean regularly.

Seal entry points- to deny access to cockroaches. Key risks are gaps around pipes, drains and common walls with neighboring properties. Tiny cracks around skirting boards and behind electrical sockets should also be plugged.

Western Exterminator experts in controlling roaches who know how to get rid of cockroaches from your property. Its what we do. Our certified and trained specialists will be able to look at your home and the structures around your property and determine where they are coming from. We can eliminate the infestation using the right methods for your home and your family

We like to take a fully integrated approach to our roach control services. Our cockroach pest control solutions will seek out their hiding spaces to get rid of the infestation and then offer solutions to prevent cockroaches from returning. Once our exterminator team member figures out where the bugs are getting in, we help find solutions that will stop them from coming back.

Remember, it takes a professional in roach removal and prevention to fully rid your home or building of a roach infestation. Roaches are normally nocturnal, so you really need to call us if you start seeing roaches during the day. That could mean the infestation is rather large or their normal home has been disturbed for any of a variety of reasons such as construction or building demolitions.

The first thing that a Western Exterminator pest specialist will do is talk to you about the problem. First, they need to be sure that the insects you've seen are actually cockroaches. Second, they need to have some idea of where the trouble spots are. Finally, if you happen to give a very good description of the roaches you're seeing, they might even have some idea of the species.

A thorough inspection of your property will allow us to find typical signs of cockroaches and identify any potential shelter sites. You can trust the experts at Western Exterminator to properly eliminate your cockroach problem and get you back to being pest-free.

Regular inspections - this even includes night-time inspections. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and night-time inspections will better reveal any hiding areas on your premises.

Certified pest specialists - We have a team of reliable, qualified and experienced professionals local to you and based throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Safe, targeted treatments - We minimize the risk of insecticides in the home by using non-toxic products, which are highly targeted at the crevices where cockroaches hide. We will discuss your needs and the needs of your family, employees or customers to find the right one. We work within all community laws in dealing with roaches and the use of chemicals to treat them.

Expert knowledge - Our knowledge, backed by global experience, about the habits of cockroach species enables us to provide the most efficient methods of control.

Convenient treatment times - Our discreet treatments are carried out at times convenient to you to minimize disruption to your business or home life.

Chemical-free solutions - Suitable for homes and even highly sensitive business environments, our chemical-free Entotherm heat treatment service can resolve cockroach problems effectively.

Long-term support - Our specialists will arrange follow up visits (if they are needed) to re-treat the identified hiding spots at an interval that coincides with the hatching time of the cockroach egg cases (oothecae). We can continue to monitor for signs of activity through the use of our insect monitor unit (IMU) suitable for use in even sensitive business environments.

Our Western Exterminator specialists are skilled, experienced professionals they are state certified, licensed specialists and are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise.

If you think that you have cockroaches, the first step is to call us at 888-674-7095 or use our online contact form to tell us what the problem is. We'll respond fast and provide you with cockroach removal and cockroach prevention methods that will work.

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Bed Bugs Toronto – Pestend Affordable Pest Exterminator

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on May 13th, 2019

What Are Bed Bugs & What Makes Them Unique

Bed bugs are tiny and oval shaped and they are generally flat. They are insects that suck blood and infest areas where humans and other animals sleep. Bed bug infestations are not always the result of having a dirty home because bed bugs can find their way into your home even if all the necessary precautions have been taken. Once they do get in, they can multiply quickly and become a problem to the lives and welfare of everyone inside the residence or workplace. Although Canada generally only has an issue with one species of bed bugs, they like to live in a variety of places like houses, condos, apartments, motels and hotels as well as barns and in a variety of other buildings where warm-blooded animals live.

Although bed bugs are rare in Ontario, there have been cases where bedbugs associated with bats and swallows have been discovered. These insects are nocturnal feeders that suck on blood when the victim is tight asleep. In dim lighting conditions, they will feed during the day only if they are extremely hungry, which is very unlikely since they get enough blood while humans sleep. An anticoagulant is injected by these pests to prevent clotting. This makes the skin inflamed with welts developing and itching as a result. These insects molt at various stages in their lives. The discarded exoskeletons are clear. Bedbugs molt five times before reaching adulthood.

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Bed Bugs Toronto - Pestend Affordable Pest Exterminator

Pest Control Sacramento | Top Exterminators | Golden Hills …

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on May 12th, 2019

Exterminators With 30 years of Experience

Golden Hills Pest Control is your local exterminator in Sacramento and expert for extermination services including ant control, rodent control, flea control, bee removal, rat control and more. With over 30 years of servicing the Sacramento area we understand how to treat local pests and rodents. Common pests in the Sacramento area and across California include: spiders, beetles, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, boxelder beetles, earwigs, silverfish, and rats.

As a sacramento pest control company, provides green pest control services, which includes crawl-space restoration to the entire Sacramento area. Our highly trained pest control specialists are local and know what pests might be in your home or on your property and where they are likely hiding. Our licensed exterminators make sure they don't spray too many chemicals and strive to be green and earth-friendly.

Our extermination services a number of areas in and around the Sacramento area. If you live in the following areas: Antelope, Arden, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Elverta, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Natomas, North Highlands, Rio Linda, Roseville, Rocklin and Sacramento then we can service you! Our Golden Hills Pest Control Exterminators are local pest control specialists and will provide you with a green approach to controlling those harmful insects that will provide you with peace of mind about the treatment and about the pests around your home. Contact us by calling our local office or using our online form.

The cost of pest control varies from from task to task. A lot depends on the nature of the pest and whether or not the pest infestation is at a home or a business. Some pests take a lot more to get rid of and takes subsequent follow-ups and additional treatments to ensure the pests are completely gone. Your best bet is to contact the Sacramento office and discuss your pest control needs with our friendly staff.

Along with providing service to residential properties, our team in Sacramento, CA is very experienced in partnering with businesses in offering commercial pest control solutions. Whether you work in a highly regulated industry or not, Golden Hills Pest Control experts have the tools, solutions, and training to protect your properties from pests and rodents.

We take an integrated pest management approach to pest control. We inspect the entire property to find the pests, the source of the infestation, and the ways pests are accessing your property. Our California-licensed professionals will not only stop the current infestation, but also help you to prevent further problems. Sacramento's climate means we get a wide range of pests for our commercial clients. Some of them include rats and mice, flies and occasional invaders such as earwigs, silverfish, centipedes and crickets.

Our pest control specialists in Sacramento, CA live and work in the areas they serve. As such, we make every effort to respond as quickly as we can. That being said, it is impossible to set a standard on this as it depends on schedules and other factors. Your best bet is to contact the local Sacramento office and discuss your needs and set up a time with one of our specialists that way.

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Pest Control Sacramento | Top Exterminators | Golden Hills ...

Cockroach Pest Control & Extermination: Arrow Exterminators

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on May 4th, 2019

Cockroach Infestations

There is nothing worse than turning on the lights and seeing a cockroach scurry across the room, back into its hiding place between your walls. Nobody wants these resilient pests sneaking around their house if someone sees a roach in their bedroom, dont be surprised if they decide to sleep on the couch later that night.

Roaches can survive on whatever food source is nearby, including hair, sewage or sweets and have been known to carry diseases such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Escherichia coli.

Cockroaches have been on our planet for over 300 million years (no wonder they are so adaptive). Although there are over 4,500 species of cockroaches around the world 55 of which are found in the United States you only have to worry about four species that like to move in: German, brown-banded, oriental and American cockroaches.

These vile pests love to hang around your home, so if you see them crawling around, the professionals at Arrow are here to help with cockroach extermination that will evict these unwelcome guests for good.

Types & Prevention Tips

American Cockroaches

These native pests love to inhabit sewers and basements in warm climates and typically feed off sewage and decaying snacks. They are a postal service for disease, spreading 33 kinds of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms and numerous other contagious human pathogens. The germs they carry in their body can remain infective for weeks, and recent studies have shown that cockroaches also carry allergens that may cause asthma in young children. These allergens stick around from cockroach droppings, cast skins and carcasses.

Good sanitation and sealing cracks in the walls can help reduce cockroach populations, but a lot of the time, its not that simple. Arrow Exterminators focuses on total cockroach control to make sure they stay out for good.

Oriental Cockroaches

These bugs love to crawl around in filthy spots like sewer pipes and thrive in warm temperatures from 68 to 84 degrees. They tend to find a way into homes through crawl spaces and basements. Oriental cockroaches are extremely resilient and can survive for weeks without water and up to a month without food.

They have a shorter lifespan than American cockroaches (only around 110 to 160 days), but they reproduce in large numbers. The females can have over eight egg cases with 16 eggs per case in a lifetime. Professional roach control is a necessity if you spot one of these in or around your home, because they quickly multiply.

These sneaky pests carry food-borne pathogens and other diseases on their legs and bodies that they pick up while chowing down on decaying foods. These blackish-brown roaches leave noticeable droppings and an unpleasant odor, which they secrete to communicate with other roaches. If you spot one of these dark, stinky bugs, contact us for quick cockroach extermination.

German Cockroaches

If you have a roach problem in your home, the German species is probably the culprit, as theyre the most common species in the United States. They like to hide in dark corners during the day and scurry around at night for rotting foods and beverage residues.

If you spot one during the day, there is a good chance the population is much larger than you think. One of their favorite places to inhabit is dresser drawers, and if you see a group scatter in non-food areas, you probably have an infestation on your hands.

Cleaning up your home is the first step to avoiding these pests, but we recommend professional roach control from an Arrow Professional. Stay one step ahead of these elusive pests with monthly cockroach pest control.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are a smaller species that love to inhabit warm environments, typically above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These insects love to camp out in storage attics and other ceiling foundations.

Like most cockroach species, they like to search for food at night but may hunt during the day for a snack. These cockroaches eat just about anything, and some of their unusual favorites are wallpaper glue and book bindings.

The Arrow Solution

If you spot droppings or egg cases, contact Arrow Exterminators for help. We will take care of your problem with professional cockroach extermination. Well help eliminate any infestation and prevent any future issues. Get in touch with us today and let us kick these pests out of your home.

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Cockroach Pest Control & Extermination: Arrow Exterminators

Do I Need an Exterminator To Get Rid of Ants? | COMBAT

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on April 26th, 2019

Anyone who has engaged in a long, protracted war with ants has contemplated picking up the phone, dialing the nearest exterminator, and begging for help. Those who have followed through soon discovered the ants were gone and in their place an exterminator bill from 100 to 300 dollars only guaranteeing 3- to 4-months of ant-free living. Talk about trading one problem for another!

The truth is, exterminators are rarely a necessity when it comes to ants. Instead, follow a simple process. Clean, kill, and seal. Or, if you want to be more macho search and destroy. The quickest way to stop ants once an invasion has begun is with ammonia like in window spray. Once youve cleaned up the ants, clean up your cupboards. That partially consumed pack of hot chocolate from last Christmas? Toss it. Those open containers of sugar, cereal, and pancake mix? Get them into the Tupperware. Piles of toaster crumbs, bacon splatters on the stove, half-eaten cookies under the TV stand? Come on!

The second step for ant-free livingdestroy. A little-known factoid will help you on this mission. Ants can drink water but cannot eat solid food. They have a very small passage between the thorax and abdomen which does not allow food to pass. They must carry solid food back to their nests and give it to the larvae which masticate the granules until it is liquefied. This disgusting pre-chewed glop is then fed back to the workers.

This is the concept behind bait traps such as Combats Ant Killing Bait Strips, Source Kill Ant Bait, and Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel. Ants are attracted to the sweetened insecticide within the bait traps. They carry the granules back home where the larvae eat it and begin to die, all the while producing poisonous food for the rest of the nest. Within days, the ants are dead, while the exterminator is sitting waiting for his phone to ring. Now all you have to worry about is how you are going to spend that money you saved!

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Do I Need an Exterminator To Get Rid of Ants? | COMBAT

Wilmington DE: Pest Control & Exterminator Service Near You

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on April 23rd, 2019

Wilmington Pest Pressure

The largest populated city in Delaware, Wilmington is home to thriving businesses and ideal conditions for pests to populate the area. Wilmington is known for cool winters and hot, humid summers, which results in increased pest activity, as they become more active during the summer months and some retreat into homes for winter. Coming to life in the warm months, mosquitoes lay eggs in still or slow-moving water and quickly multiply if left unchecked. Warm weather also invites stinging pests like wasps and hornets in and around homes. Nests may be found near roof eaves and in close proximity to human walkways, presenting problems for individuals prone to allergic reactions.

Wilmington pests can do more than just annoy homeowners. Pests like termites that damage wooden structures can cause significant financial burden. Other costly infestations include bed bugs, which invade bedrooms to feed on unconscious hosts during night hours. Other pests that multiply quickly and operate during the night are mice and rats. Spreading diseases through biological waste, rodents are a problem Wilmington residents should address immediately. Contact Western Pest for rodent and pest control services near you.

About Western PestWestern Pest is a longstanding pest control company serving the Eastern United States. We offer residential and commercial pest control services near you, including termite protection, bed bug control, and rodent removal. Our comprehensive service offerings also include our Home Protection Plan, a year-round program designed to keep pests out for the duration. If a pest infestation occurs in your home or business, trust Western Pest to take care of the problem safely and effectively.

We recently met up with our Wilmington, Delaware Branch Manager who revealed that his office has received several calls from homes throughout his service area, especially in Wilmington, DE and Newark, DE regarding a not-so-common type of pest: the box elder bug.

Like stink bugs, box elder bugs often become a nuisance this time of year when they seek cracks and crevices that can provide them shelter during the colder months. They are generally not noticed during summer, but often can become an issue when they try to move into homes during fall as they search for overwintering sites.

Once these pests get inside your home, though, there is some consolation: box elders are harmless to you, your family, and your pets, and do not create damage, even if theyre a little intimidating to look at.

In the spring, box elder bugs nest and feed in trees including box elders (from which they get their name), maples, and ash.

When box elder bugs are not feeding in nearby trees, they are most commonly found in:

Once these pests get inside, it can be difficult to get them out without the help of a licensed pest professional. Please contact your local branch to remove them safely and professionally.

You may not realize it, but bat removal is a common necessity along the East Coast. These creatures of the night accidentally find their way indoors frequently and, if given the opportunity, they will come back year after year.

Westerns Regional Sales Manager, Paul Filardo, marked Wilmington, DE as a hotspot for bats. We do a lot of bat work there. Theyre often found in attics and many people dont realize it. By that point, there can be a large number of them, explains Filardo.

Its important to note the safety requirements when dealing with bat removal. You must remove them safely because theyre very beneficial for the environment, says Filardo.

Great service. Our technician is thorough and professional but friendly and answers our questions with expertise. We have been Western customers for over 30 years and are entirely pleased with their service.

-Marilyn, Wilmington, DE

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Wilmington DE: Pest Control & Exterminator Service Near You

Bedbug Exterminator | Bed Bug Control | Bed Bug Infestation

Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on April 20th, 2019

Bed Bug Q & AQ. Do bed bugs spread disease?A. Bed bugs should not be considered as a medical or public health hazard. Bed bugs are not known to spread disease. Bed bugs can be an annoyance because their presence may cause itching and loss of sleep. Sometimes the itching can lead to excessive scratching that can sometimes increase the chance of a secondary skin infection.Q. What health risks do bed bugs pose?A. A bed bug bite affects each person differently. Bed Bug Bites responses can range from an absence of any physical signs of the bite, to a small bite mark, to a serious allergic reaction. Bed bugs are not considered to be dangerous; however, an allergic reaction to several bites may need medical attention.Q. What are the signs and symptoms of a bed bug infestation?A. One of the easiest ways to identify a bed bug infestation is by the tell-tale bite marks on the face, neck, arms, hands, or any other body parts while sleeping. However, these bite marks may take as long as 14 days to develop in some people, so it is important to look for other clues when determining if bed bugs have infested an area. These bedbug infestation signs include:- the bed bugs exoskeletons after molting,- bed bugs in the fold of mattresses and sheets- rustycolored blood spots due to their blood-filled fecal material that they excrete on the mattresses or nearby furniture- a sweet musty odor.

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How to Get Rid of Roaches without an Exterminator

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on April 19th, 2019

How to get rid of roaches without an exterminator Cockroaches are creatures that are often found in corners of homes, hotels or in other places that usually have food. Cockroaches can carry germs and bacteria easily and infect humans. Then we must know how to get rid of cockroaches safely without using an exterminator.

Cockroaches usually move through luggage such as suitcases, bags, and various home goods. Without us know, cockroaches lay eggs and more and more in every corner of the house, even whenever the food is not closed, then the cockroaches will soon come to him with bacteria and germs.

If you see cockroaches running around your house, indicating that they are not one. There are some other cockroaches there that are ready to spread bacterial germs. There are many ways to eradicate cockroaches, from how to use pesticides to natural ways. On this occasion we will learn how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator so it is safe for family members.

One effective method of expelling cockroaches is by using Diatomaceous earth and Boric acid. For more details, lets follow the following explanation.

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Cockroaches are thirst resistant and hungry. He can live without eating and drinking for up to a week so getting rid of it is rather difficult. In addition, these small animals are also able to breed quickly. If you want to enjoy your home free of cockroaches, follow how to eradicate the following cockroaches without using an exterminator.

It is the most effective ingredient to kill house insects such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches and bedbugs. Diatomaceous earth is very quick to poison cockroaches even very quickly kill it.

The trick is very easy, sprinkle Diatomaceous earth on the ground, either inside or outside of the room. Next, add also on the sidelines of the room, near the cabinet and under the sink.

When sowing this flour you should use gloves and use a mask. The use of diatomaceous earth not only removes cockroaches but also removes other annoying insects.

The use of Diatomaceous earth should be in a dry place in order to penetrate the exoskeletons ofcockroaches maximally.

In addition to using diatomaceous earth, how to get rid of cockroaches without an exterminator is using baric acid and sugar.

The method of killing cockroaches by using boric acid is also similar to diatomaceous earth. This is to destroy the exoskeleton of cockroaches and other insects causing death.

Below is how to get rid of roaches using sugar bait and boric acid.

Note: Boric acid is toxic, so avoid it from your children and your pet.

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Eliminating their life sources such as food and water is the best way to get rid of cockroaches without an exterminator. Remember! cockroaches only survive without eating in a few weeks, and they only survive 1 week without water. So, cutting off their source of life is the best way to drive them away from your home.

Soap water also includes one way of how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator. They are afraid of soapy water so get out and look for another place for their dwelling. In addition to frightening cockroaches, soap water also good for eradicating other lice like bed bugs, termites, microorganism and bacteria.

How to:

Cockroaches are creatures that love the wet coffee powder. Its a good opportunity for killing roaches. Here are some easy steps to get rid of roaches by using coffee grounds.

Check the jar every day, throw the cockroaches trapped there, repeat again until the cockroach is gone at the home.

In addition to using wet coffee powder, how to get rid of cockroaches without an exterminator is use neem oil. The use of this oil is believed to be one of the safest ways of repelling cockroaches. Neem oil is one of best roach killer that contains volatile components and efficiently prevents pests.

Using this natural way is cheaper than using pesticides. In addition, neem is also not toxic to humans and your pet.

Heres how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator by using neem oil.

In addition to using neem oil, you can also use neem powder around the house. It not only keeps away the cockroaches, but all insects will move away from the walls of the house.

Those are some ways for killing roaches naturally without an exterminator. The natural ingredients are roach killers that are safe for us, not endangering family members and pets.

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How to Get Rid of Roaches without an Exterminator

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