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No pest causes as much damage to a home as untreated termites. In fact each year billions of dollars of damage is cause to buildings all over the United States. This is one pest you dont want to tackle on your own. Here are 6 Rules of Termite Extermination you should follow to make sure your largest investment, your home, is protected.

We are your local expert in pest control. With over 40 years of hands on experience treating, controlling and stopping pests before they cause you and your family problems. If you see signs of termites in your attic or near the walls of your house give us a call. Not sure how to spot a termite? Termite skeletons, little holes in exposed wood and maybe even wood shavings on the ground or in odd places you didnt notice before. While you can do some searching online, you might think you can eliminate them yourselves, you may be in for a real battle. Even for us, as experienced as we are, each building we treat is different. We have decades of experience. We know how termites behave here in Florida, what works and what doesnt.

Ok so not really, but if you do call us, you can relax knowing we are fighting the battle for you. When we do treat your building for termites, we simply dont sprinkle some magic dust and the problem goes away. Depending on the type of termites, time of the year and the size of the infestation we probably will have to make multiple visits and treatments. Each time we treat we may even use different chemicals. If we can catch the problem early enough its much easier to get rid of them and monitor for their return. To give you an idea of what we might use, our tools include chemicals, foams fumigation and bait stations strategically placed around your home. Termite extermination is somewhat of an art form. Using our tools to eliminate the problem, while keeping your family safe by not over using chemicals. We alway keep you up to date on what we are using and when.

Unfortunately the weather is always warm in Florida. Termites do swarm periodically as they are in search of a new home. A new construction home is generally treated to prevent and deter termites from choosing your home. This means you still need to keep an eye on changes around your home. So its important during the summer months to look for signs. If you are concerned, please give us a call. We will look over your property and if we find any sign we can treat immediately before they are able to cause additional damage.

So this rule is more of a myth than a rule, but important to keep in mind. While Subterranean termites are the most common found in our area they dont always access a house through the basement. Thats important to keep in mind here in Southwest Florida as most homes do not have basements like the homes up north. When the weather does get a little chilly the pests do tend to look to the warmth of the house.

After we treat for termites or get rid of an existing colony thats not the end. Our termite extermination plan is the best way to keep your house protected against future infestations. You might be surprised to know that termites may come back to the same house over and over. Our plans keep your home protected. Our services are far cheaper than replacing roof trusses and other wood in your home. Give us a call or check out this page about our termite plans.

Other pests can be treated at the same time we treat termites. Here in Florida, bugs of all sorts can annoy your family. Its also important to note that pests in your home can carry diseases and other germs that can put your family at risk. We are your local pros when it comes to fixing all types of bug problems around your home. With one call to us, you can consider all your pest problems solved!

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Termite Extermination Problem Solved Pest Control

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