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There are some things in your home that you never want to see. Pests are one of them. These unwanted guests come in different shapes and sizes, but each can present its own set of problems. One of the biggest threats is the sight of termites. Not only do these insects infest your home in large numbers, but they can create unsafe conditions for you and your family. The presence of termites can make it impossible to sell your home if youre interested in putting it on the market. Termites can also lower the value of your house. Its important to recognize the clues that termites are living in your house. Being aware of these signs can tell you when its time to call for help to get rid of them.

Its Hard to Shut and Open Doors

Have you recently found that doors that once closed tightly and that once opened without any problems are now causing you fits? You may initially think that the door is simply getting old, was hung incorrectly, or has other manufacturing issues. However, the culprit here could be termites. These home invaders eat through wood, which can cause warping in the door frame. The wood frames may change shape or sag, making it more of an issue to open and shut the door. This problem will get worse over time and will not fix itself.

There Are Tunnels in Wood

Termites could be in your home for weeks, months, or even years before you realize it. Obviously, its not easy to see inside your walls, so you might have to look for evidence outside of these areas. If you have wood lying on the property near your home or wood in the house, keep an eye out for spaces where termites have made their mark. These insects enjoy making tunnels through the wood. They wont consume the entire piece but will instead eat through smaller sections, making holes. If you spot this in noticeable pieces of wood, termites have probably infiltrated your place.

You See the Termites Themselves

The signs are sometimes easy to point out. You may see the actual perpetrator itself crawling on walls or across your floor. So, its important to be able to identify these insects. Termites come in various types, but most are typically the size of ants. Termites have white, transparent wings and are about a quarter of an inch in length. They also have short, straight antennae.

You May Hear the Termites

It may be unnerving, but there could be cases where you can hear the termites chewing inside your walls or ceilings. Termites live in huge colonies. Queens can lay up to 25 eggs per minute, so the colonies can be enormous. When the insects are all together, they can make noise, as they often bang their heads into the wood when they sense danger. Also, if you pay close enough attention, you can actually hear the critters chewing the wood.

You See Sawdust on the Ground

As youre walking around your home, you may see little piles of sawdust here and there. This isnt something you should ignore or take lightly. Its a good bet that the wood inside your walls is filled with holes.

You Spot Droppings

Like any animal, termites will make their marks in the form of waste. Knowing how to spot termite droppings can help you correctly identify that these pests have decided to take up residence in your house. Many termites will not use their droppings to build their nests but will instead push them out of the holes near their nests. If you see black marks on the wall or floor, or if you notice any powdery substances in the house, it could be termite waste.

Your Walls Sound Hollow

As you start to suspect the presence of termites, you might seek further confirmation through other clues. One way you can do this is to tap on the walls where you know there is a beam of wood. As you do this, you shouldnt normally detect any hollowness. If you do hear the sound of hollowed-out wood as you tap, its probably because termites have had some meals.

Paint Problems

Some homeowners may confuse water damage and termite problems. One reason for this is how the paint on your walls looks. If you see that the paint is uneven or has started to bubble, get in touch with an exterminator. It could mean that termites are in the walls creating problems.

You should never put off a call to a professional to inspect for termites. If you have any of these signs and clues in your home, get help right away. The best pest control companies in Los Angeles, CA can tell you whether your suspicions are correct and can eliminate these destructive pests once and for all.

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