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Wednesday May 3 2017

Pest exterminators applying termicide to a termite nest. The pests are common in the country and can damage things made of wood. PHOTO | LUKORITO JONES

Pests are a total nuisance when they invade your home. They eat your food, damage your furniture and electronics, cause your house to smell and give you sleepless nights by creating chaos in your kitchen at night. Some even bite, and generally, they are an embarrassment.

Pests are not just annoying but can pose serious health problems as well, says Ms Nancy Kirui, a professional pest exterminator in Nairobi. They can transmit hundreds of diseases, harm humans and pets, and damage your home and belongings.

For businesses, even a single pest can translate into a serious loss of revenue. This is because, most people, especially those in urban areas, associate them with low cleanliness standards. A single pest found in a business can bring it to its knees. It does not matter whether its a wasp, cockroach, a house fly or worse still, a rat. Whether youre a five-star restaurant, a shopping centre, supermarket or school, you cannot risk the perception associated with having pests in your premises, she says.

Mr Adams McKinley, a businessman living in Nairobis Runda Estate, had trouble with mosquitoes, moles and termites that invaded his expansive lawn. Since mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, they were Mr McKinleys biggest worry. He sought help from Intex Pest Ltd, a firm based in Nairobi.

We advise our clients not to spray their compound and hedges for mosquitoes during the rainy season. This is because when it precipitates, the rainwater washes away most of the chemicals applied, making them less effective, the companys CEO, Mr Job Naibei, says

Mr Naibei further advises that, when fumigating your compound, it is better if you get your neighbours to also fumigate theirs.

Ms Kirui points out that termites are found in most parts of Kenya but fortunately, they do not pose a risk to most homeowners. However, they can cause irreversible structural damage to buildings that is often discovered when it is too late.

Homeowners with wooden floors are the most affected. We have also come across situations where home owners have had to to replace entire roof structures because of a termite infestation, says Ms Kirui.

Fortunately for McKinley, the termites had not invaded his house yet. However, they were an eye-sore on his perfectly manicured lawn and he wanted them out.

Mr Naibei and his team applied a solution of termicides (pesticides used for the prevention or treatment of termite infestations) to the termite nest, which got rid of them.

Several trees in McKinleys compound had shown signs of wilting and upon close inspection, he discovered that moles had attacked his plants, chewing the roots off them. The experts put tablets into the mole-holes, explaining that the tablets would dissipate a poisonous gas that would kill the rodents.

For snakes, we usually apply a special chemical all round the compound. It attracts the snakes but kills them upon contact, Ms Kirui explained.

If you have been trying to eliminate cockroaches for a long time without success, Mr Naibei says, it might be because they have developed resistance to the chemicals you are using.

Most of the chalks and powders sold on the market are no longer effective, he says. Cockroaches eat almost anythingand contaminate food with their waste and pungent secretions. Once cockroaches enter a place, they reproduce at an alarming rate, making it difficult to get rid of them. Often, homeowners have no option but to call in pest-control companies.

Mr Naibei says rats can be easily eliminated using a variety of methods, ranging from poison-laced baits to glue and mechanical traps. However, one needs to know that rats are highly intelligent. They often reject food from unfamiliar sources, suspecting it to be poison. In some cases, one rat will eat the bait and if it dies, the rest will avoid the food.

To beat rats at their own game, Mr Naibei advises, you should introduce non-poisoned bait for three consecutive days. Only introduce the poison when the rats have learnt to trust the food. Also ensure that all water sources are shut because rats are known to drink water to counteract the effect of poison.

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