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Fumigation Worx offer an array of pest control services in Gauteng, we are specialised exterminators of all bugs as well as in the removal of termites. Dont hesitate, Get your free quote today!

The key to Fumigation Worx success is identifying the needs of the Individuals or Business and addressing them to their exact requirement. Our company specialises in providing the highest quality fumigation services and pest control services throughout Gauteng.

We do not subscribe to generalised pest control services (bug and termite exterminations) that may cause environmental damage, threaten or create resistance in other species. All our efforts are directed only at targeted species and all our remedies are registered and approved for targeted use. We focus mainly on the unique needs of all clients, ensuring a clean, safe and healthy working and living environment. Whether it be termite inspection, bug control or rat control, our highly trained, qualified professionals do it all.

Fumigation Worx only employs certified pest control technicians and will always have their Identity and Certification documents available for your piece of mind and security.

All our work carries a minimumtwo month guaranteefor general pest control and a five year guaranteefor termite treatments.

Contact us on011 434 4212/072 641 8808for free advice and a free quotation.

We do not charge a callout fee for quotations on pest control services

Call Us: 011 434 4212 or visit our contact page for our full contact details.

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Exterminator's Of Bugs & Termites - Fumigation Worx - Pest ...

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