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Squirrels in Attic

In some cases there are secondary entry points and in severe infestations of squirrels in the attic, there could multiple entry points. During the inspection process if you are not a wildlife professional, you want to look for any type of squirrel droppings, squirrel hair; squirrel nesting material and any chewed wires will be leading indicators of a squirrel infestation in the attic. Grey Squirrel dropping can be located in areas called latrines, which are areas that squirrels designate as the area the use the restroom. The droppings are much bigger than mouse dropping and vary in shapes and sizes. They are the size of a pea and are also round like a pea with a dark brown color. If you find evidence of these droppings it is important to get a sample and put it in a zip lock baggy to be identified by a squirrel removal from attic removal specialist. It might also be helpful to use the Google Images Tab and search for gray squirrel droppings or grey squirrel scat.

An integral part of a good wildlife inspection is to look for any animal hairs which could help identify a rodent removal problem such as a Norway Roof Rat, house mouse, flying squirrel, raccoon, opossum or grey squirrel. A gray squirrel hair is wavy and has white, tan, grey and block patterns in it. They usually are approximately an inch long and can be found at entry points and in squirrel nests.

Not only are squirrels in the attic annoying to homeowners but the biggest problem is they present an immediate safety hazard. It has been estimated that 40 percent of unknown attic electrical fires are from squirrels in the attic, which most likely would be the gray squirrel because of their destructive habits. For all of your squirrels in the attic removal needs in Charlotte NC contact us today.

If you want toget rid of squirrelsin your attic in a timely and cost effective contact Charlotte Squirrel Removal.

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