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Spiders can be found in just about any corner of the world. While there are several species in New Jersey, the more commonly found spiders include the common house spider, wolf spider, black widow spider and the brown recluse spider.

Several species of spiders are lumped into the category of house spider. The house spiders are not a threat to humanity and are non-poisonous. In retrospect, they are often beneficial in the sense that they consume other undesirable household pests. The common house spider is known for spinning irregular shaped webs throughout the house. Just one common house spider will often spin several webs until it finds the right spot, leaving several empty webs throughout the house. The purpose of the web is to catch insects for the spider to eat. A female house spider is capable of producing more than 4000 eggs in her lifetime.

The wolf spider can be found in just about every corner of the world. Even though it can be quite large for a spider and has a menacing look, the wolf spider can be your best friend in eliminating other household pests. They will attack any other bug in your house while leaving you completely alone. Just remember, while you are wanting to smash the wolf spider with your shoe, they are not dangerous to you or your family. In almost all cases, the only time a human experiences a bite from a wolf spider is while jamming your feet into a shoe in which the spider decided to hide. Even then, it is only in self-defense.

The black widow spider is considered to be the most poisonous of all spiders in North America. However, the good news is that their venomous bite is rarely fatal to people. It is easy to identify the males from the females. The female can reach more than an inch in length and has a shiny black body and an hourglass shaped red marking on the underside of her abdomen. The males are usually about one half the size of the female and are lighter in color with red spots on their back. The females also have a tendency to eat the males after mating, hence the name black widow. The black widow can usually be found in dark areas of garages, basements and storage rooms and should be avoided.

The brown recluse spider is also venomous but is not aggressive under normal conditions. In fact, as the name suggests, they are quite reclusive. The brown recluse also spins irregular shaped webs. But the purpose of their web is to retreat into it and rest rather than to catch prey. They are dark brown in color and are identified by a violin shaped marking on their back. While other spiders may have a similar shape, it is best to leave them alone as their poisonous bite can cause severe pain and scarring from ulcerating of the tissue. Infection can set in and sometimes take several months to heal.

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