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Spiders and other arachnids are in general very helpful for your garden, but they are unfortunately NOT so helpful in your home. However, you dont have to call an exterminator to kill spiders. Getting rid of and controllingspiders is just a few simple steps away with our products.

Spiders probably arent on the top of everyones list of annoying pests, in fact they probably rank below most of the other common pests such as rats and roaches; however they can cause many of the same problems that other pests do and have some traits that make them even worse in many respects than other insects and rodents.

Most species of spiders arent likely to cause huge infestations, but even having a few in your home can present an issue if you are bitten by them. There are even a couple of species such as black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders that are a serious threat to your health and have been known to cause fatalities with their bites.

Here at the best do-it-yourself pest control storeyoull find all the spider killer products includingrepellent, spray, traps, poison, and bait you will need to exterminate them. And of course we also offer the free expert advice you have come to expect from us. Well have your home spider-free in no time.

1. Spray a liquid insecticide concentrate such as Suspend SC, Cyper WSP, or Demon WP around the perimeter of the building, and around windows and doors and other entry points. You can also spray inside along the baseboards and in the upper corners and bottom corners of walls. This is especially important in the garage and/or basement.

2. For heavier infestations dusting with an insecticide dust such as Delta Dust may also be needed. Dust in attics and under baseboards and in wall voids.

3. We also recommend using acobweb dusterto knock down spiders webs as you see them. This will help discourage spiders from building webs in those areas.

Generally speaking spiders arent as troublesome as other pests in a day to day living environment. They usually only cause issues when there are large numbers of them or they intrude on your daily activities. Other than just being super freaky, one of the bigger threats they pose is biting you while you sleep, as they are usually nocturnal and will occasionally go out searching for food at night.

Should they happen to come across a sleeping person they might feel threatened and bite, leaving that person with a painful red welt, or worse. They are usually content to lay in wait for prey to come to them. This in and of itself can present a problem, as their webs are often an eyesore in the form of cobwebs, and reveal the fact that there is a not insignificant spider population in the house.

Here are some spider pictures:

Image courtesy of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Image courtesy of Virginia Tech

Image courtesy of Jim Sawtelle

Image courtesy of the University of Michigan

Image courtesy of the University of Georgia

Image courtesy of the University of California - Irvine

Image courtesy of Michael Hasson

Images courtesy of Mandy Howe from http://www.spiders.us

Image courtesy of the University of New Mexico

Image courtesy of Mike Saville

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Spider Killer - Insecticide Spray, Repellent Traps, Poison ...

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