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I like stuff about football because he's huge Obama fan fantasy leagues that Spiezio. And receiver Roy you know it is always always on the next on. Controversy in. It plays a talk about. Pirates of the Caribbean has come into the school. It is 746 with Stephen 10 in the morning in 97 and thirteen 38 and as as a Wichita bank involved a case state project. Find out details on that story coming up. From bill Roy editor at the Wichita business journals which business journal updates. I'm three big things with Stephen says. Multiple pass disturbances reported by guards at the prison in elder radio city. Late last night the senate blocking a wide ranging proposal replacing obamacare and nine Republicans voting no including Kansas senator Jerry Moran line. Heat advisory in effect today in the area triple digit temperatures again. This afternoon three big things this deed instead on 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Traffic accident near upon me and rock road watch for a slowdown in that area again that's a crash near Bonny and rock. Traffic update from cape and SF radio on gas chambers. And take a look at the weather forecast here on this Wednesday at heat advisories in effect through this evening's. Looking for a partly cloudy day with a gusty southwest wind and high of 102. Degrees in front comes through. And there is a 40% chance for showers and thunderstorms by late tonight and overnight load and 75 it's. And not nearly as hot tomorrow high Thursday 89. Mostly sunny tomorrow. Right now on which it's all we have a breeze out of the south it is partly cloudy and eighty degrees forecast high today 102. Take an SS weather is brought to you by the monarch. Explore your love of America's native spirit every winners day hey that's today was four dollars select suburban and whiskey and now located at. 579. West Douglas an historic delay no great place to hang out the monarch. 748 with Steve intent on Kate and it's that you know there are some people that you know wish that. The shock yours and the jayhawks and wildcats can come together and all play each other in basketball every year yeah well. That's not going to happen but a note well the three universities are working together on a project now OK the National Institutes of Health. Is awarding a case state. It's this is of the team led by K state psychological sciences researchers. Its prestigious five year ten and a half million dollar. Centers of biomedical research excellence grant largest grant in the history of K state says physiological sciences department. The team will also include collaborators from Wichita State and the KU. And that will establish the cognitive and zero biological approaches to plaster city center. At all has to do with the brain's ability to grow and change its connections. You go so we've got our best minds. Of all three of the big universities here in the state. Talking about brain power getting a huge grant to do it are that's good you'll. Make sure that that all gets done and no. Use that. Eleven million dollar grant to put to good use. 749 with Stephen said on eight and SS. Philadelphia folks in the transit agency there are dealing with a problem at one train station in the city. And it is creepy crawl and the problem is spiders. Yes they've already hired an exterminator to battle the spiders that. Apparently keep dropping down onto waiting passengers. Want the stations which you know cue up the the Alan fund. And make candid camera folks. The agency is also been cleaning the light fixtures. Apparently it's where a lot of the spiders have been hiding must be nice and warm in there and will crevice they just hang out there. Other station says it is noticing the cleaning the fixtures. And they are noticing fewer dead spiders at the station. However a fair number of lives fighters are still coming out at night and dropping down the passengers at the train station. One person says the spiders are quote really bad and that if your quote sitting there are not paying attention. Nobody in your face before you know it. There you go problems at the one train station in Philadelphia. Path. Is spiders just Canon dropped an end to say hi to spy idea. I hey spiders spiders reduce the numbers of other insects that you have and that's true that is true gas spiders are so bad Wonder Woman to. We already have a date really yet it's going to be in theaters on December 13 of 2019. We're still almost two and a half years out at at a book. Same director and otter I'm not saying that inform I'm sure they just only announce the date via rob of course gal developed. Is set to reprise her role as Diana. No director yet. Policy. Course the first one was directed by patty Jenkins it's still chugging along the box office where it's it's it's nearly the 400 million dollar mark in North American theaters. Well recently surpassed guardians of the galaxy volume to what. It's the top domestic Lerner of the summer. It's the second highest of the year behind Beauty and the Beast and nice Wonder Woman to circle it on your calendar which you have even bought yet yet two years two and a half years from now Wonder Woman to. And will be Christmas time released 2090. What's really the only spoke on the obvious some are blocked. It's really the only. Successful one of the the DC Warner Bros. Movies since menace steals of course they're gonna go ahead and every night it is. Only one that's been in the gets to a happy years of any back in today and they are chugging out the Star Wars movies it was three years in between each of them right. Thought they were able to do a little faster these. Now men maybe I don't know depends on if you wanna try and make them good they're on and a half years. You haven't locked down the same I read and it is a lot of things that could go wrong between now. Now a long way off I can't handle what two and a half. Days ahead much less two and a half years it is 752 ST intent on KN OSS a Wichita bank involved an AK state related project. Let's find out what that is editor bill Roy a witness from the Wichita business journal hello bill. Hello Ted you asked the leading institution on financing for part of the case to an office park in Manhattan. Interest bank partnering with central bank of Kansas City and the national community investment fund on a package valued at ten point three million dollars. Interest as to Manhattan branches the money will be used as part of a fifteen point eight million dollar expansion. Adding 59000. Square feet to the park. Jack Pelton says privatizing the American air traffic control system is unsafe and could bring events like tier venture Oshkosh Wisconsin to an end. Well as a former CEO of Cessna aircraft he's now CEO of the experimental aircraft association. That group's annual air show is being held this week Pelton says can be difficult to get all the controllers are privatized system would need. At a college hunting got has been sentence for violating state and federal hunting laws 26 year old Jared streets and employee of the eagle had outfielders. Outfitters rather. He pleading guilty to placing corn wheat and soybeans round pond is paid for waterfowl. Hope hunters exceed their daily bag limits and failed attack process and transport birds as required by law he got five years' probation a 5000 dollar fine. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role like. Villa where do you stand on the subject of scary clowns. Are you guys that are you want an illegal aliens yet you get creeped out are you not. I generally not but he is there are some that are purposefully. Creepy and so we have those you're kind of weird look and then. You know they show that video of them you know running out of up. In a wooded area herself. Liked. Well this this this this could be just disturbing there's a clown motel. That is now I believe it's for sale in Nevada. It's located between Vegas and Reno so it's already up the middle of nowhere. It's on main street between a strip mall and an old miners graveyard in the tiny town on a pop at at. In his voice okay. The motel itself is an attraction visitors are posing with the hundreds of clown that Dole's in the lobby. There are clown paintings in the rooms. Clown murals on the walls and all over the property. It's only hey bill it's only forty to fifty a night for a single room. I think we're due for a road trip and now now that's twelve dollars and fifty cents cheaper than the national nine. Which is think the other hotel in town. And I like you know it it's a clown theme it sounds like rather than a place for clowns to spend the night although I suppose clowns to spend my. Then hotel is for sale for 900 grand. Yeah I this I I kind of misled you on the scary clown thing it's not it's not scary it's just a clown themed place although some people might find that disturbing. It outs some people are not that I'm not pleased to be around clowns that's for sure there is caddie not if you by the hotel yet keep the clown that's part of the deal. The at the owner says quote oh I'm going to miss the clowns I'm going to come back I'm going to come back and visit my clowns unquote. Now that's a little scared yet I could sounds like Norman Bates the the music Cindy and lagoon at at all right now well I'll let you get back to business and ponder that and we'll just ask you being with you again one hour from now. Another local business update from Gilroy editor at the Wichita business journal. And voting on health care in the US senate a late night vote last night's. Concerning Obama care those results next Steven did in the morning on Kate in as fast.

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Philadelphia train station has a spider infestation - KNSS

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