Organic Spider Control For Homeowners – Kill Spiders Naturally

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on October 4th, 2015

If you've tried to get rid of spiders in the past using chemical-based pesticides, you may have noticed warning labels that outline some health risks in its use. Organic spider control methods offer a more natural way of getting rid of the common house pest with just as much effectiveness as their chemical counterparts. They're also oftentimes cheaper and more accessible.

Check out the following tips for organic spider control:

It's important to keep in mind that while fruits and peels can ward off spiders, they may also attract other pests, so avoid putting too many in one location and check periodically to make sure they haven't started rotting.

Spice is also an organic deterrent for spiders. Create a mixture of water, vinegar, and chili powder and spray it onto spider webs and other areas spiders frequent, such as corners and dark spaces. You can increase the intensity by using strong peppers, like habanero or jalapeno.

Recently, chestnuts have become a common form of organic spider control. For reasons unknown, placing chestnuts around the perimeter of your home has been found to ward off the pest. If you want to harvest chestnuts for eating at the same time, this is a great way to implement organic spider control.

Alternatively, many spiders are deterred by plants such as mint and lavender. To use these plants effectively, keep them near windows where they can also receive sunlight to grow and be used for cooking.

No matter which method works, it's always important to keep indoor areas free of food and food debris. Spiders are always looking for warm, damp places with plenty of food supply to nest and plant eggs, so keeping things clean inside your home and out is another way to practice organic spider control.

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Organic Spider Control For Homeowners - Kill Spiders Naturally

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