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Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on August 6th, 2017

Floridians are used to seeing some creepy crawlers, but this half scorpion, half spider creature found in Arizona puts everything to shame.

Thomas Acosta, of Arizona, came face-to-face with the freaky scorpion-spider hybrid in his home. Its known as the camel spider, wind scorpion or sun spider, according toABC 15.

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I didn't know they are native to Arizona. I have seen camel spiders, but I heard of them in Iraq, Acosta told ABC 15.

The camel spider is non-venomous, but can grow big enough to eat small rodents, birds, lizards and insect.

So what are those huge prongs on its head? Thats the spiders mouth, which is also used to transfer sperm, according to ABC 15.

Acosta told ABC 15 that hes calling an exterminator. Can you blame him?

Read more atABC 15.

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LOOK: Freaky spider-scorpion found in man's house - MyPalmBeachPost

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