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Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on May 9th, 2020

I am not sure how a person suffering from arachnophobia would react to a spider game, but I'm pretty sure he/she would be thrilled to see spiders being squashed, shot or smashed. Kill It With Fire might not be a game for arachnophobes, but it's surely one that will make them happy.

The premise of the game is quite mundane: the spider - mankinds most ancient and deadly nemesis, has infiltrated humans' houses, which now must be cleansed by using any means necessary. You play as a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator and it's your mission to get rid of these spiders.

With an impressive arsenal at your disposal, you'll be pursuing the eight-legged menace on a journey across suburbia although not necessarily in that order. Luckily, you know spiders' greatest weakness fire, although you'll not be able to always take advantage of it.

Still, you must do everything in your power to kill as many as you possibly can by using bullets, explosions, throwing stars, gettin smushed by stuff, or just about anything that involves eradicating this menace.

The hardest job you'll have though is to track the spiders. The good news is Kill It With Fire will let you use high-end arachnid tracking technology to pinpoint their location among hundreds of potential hiding spots. Only then you will be able to start torching everything and smash the spiders with a frying pan or any other blunt object after it runs out.

Kill It With Fire will be published on PC via Steam by tinyBuild in July 2020, but the game is expected to arrive on other platforms as well. Additional details about other releases will be revealed in the not-so-distant future, but you can already wishlist the game on Steam or download the free demo.

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