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Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on November 6th, 2021

Mary Kay Howell| Special to the Victorville Daily Press

My friend Marjory is a 94-year-old adventuress who tootles around on a fancy electric wheelchair referred to in our senior world as a mobie. She can only take two steps, but those two steps will often get her into trouble, or, rather, cant get her out of trouble once she gets into it.

According to Marjory, she has critters in the shower. She tootles her mobie into her bathroom, takes her two steps to sit on the throne, and really isnt expecting any visitors critters or otherwise.

The first visitor was a rather large black cockroach. He came out of the shower drain and crawled across the shower floor toward Marjory. She is, as you can surmise, rather defenseless and can barely stomp her foot. The cockroach paused, looked at her, weighed his options and decided on retreat. He then returned to the shower drain, disappearing down the drain pipe into that mysterious land below the floor.

The next day, the cockroach made another appearance. When Marjory and I discussed this second event, we figured he was doing it on purpose, and was lying in wait for her appearance on the throne. Maybe he liked her? Now, Marjory does not have a pet, so she adopted the cockroach and named him Oscar.

Oscars visitations went on for a few days until he appeared with a companion in tow. Marjory assumed she was being introduced to Mrs. Oscar. They adhered to the same watchful ritual and disappeared down the drain. Shortly thereafter, Oscar appeared with his wife and, according to Marjory, several tiny critters following along.

Marjory and I conferred and decided it was time to report this to our buildings maintenance manager. The exterminator came and did his job. That was the last we saw of Oscar and his family.

That, however, is not the end of the story. A few weeks later, while again sitting on the throne, Marjory was visited by a slender young lizard. He was obviously doing reconnaissance. Marjory and I named him Fred.

Fred, who lives in some flashy, multicultural neighborhood in the mysterious land below the floor, was missing his neighbors, the Oscar family. He came to investigate their disappearance. Surveying the prospective battlefield, and Marjorys presence, Fred wisely retreated back down the drain.

As Marjory shares this ongoing adventure with me, our imaginations take flight. We figure she has not seen the last of Fred. He is obviously taking his time to bulk up and recruit a special forces team skilled in invasion. This is a little scary for Marjory. She hopes his team doesnt include spiders and snakes. Well see!

Mary Kay Howell lives in Apple Valley.

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Valley Voices: Critters in the shower -

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