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Renting a place to live is inevitable for most people, and unfortunately, finding a place to live means dealing with a landlord. Many landlords are nice, cooperative and respectful of your privacy, but the ones in these real life stories give all landlords a bad name. From putting hidden fees in a lease to stealing their tenants initial deposits, these home owners just couldn't leave well enough alone.

When we were moving out, our landlady did a walkthrough and agreed in writing that there was no damage to our property and we would be getting all of our deposit back. She took custody of our keys and then walked us out of the building. Unfortunately, two weeks later we got a letter stating that she was keeping all of the security deposit.

Apparently, someone had become inebriated, destroyed a screen in the window, gouged a hole in the wall, and dented the refrigerator. This occurred two days after we moved out. Turns out our landlady used the property as a place for her in-laws to stay during Thanksgiving, and she fully expected us to pay for their damages because our name was still on the lease.

The judge was really hung up on why other occupants would be in our apartment without our knowledge or consent if the landladys position was that it was still our apartment and therefore our liability.

Story credit: Reddit / golemsheppard2

When we first rented our place, the landlord and his wife seemed like the nicest couple in the world. They even invited us to dinner and we had a great time. Three months in, we found out that they argue quite loudly and curse like truckersnot that big of a deal. Then my wife stepped on a piece of blue glass on our kitchen floor, which was strange as we didnt own any blue glasses.

Suddenly, I remembered that dinner we went to at their place, and they had blue glasses on the table. I decided to set up a camera in the living room, and over the next week, I caught this guy coming into our apartment when we werent homebut thats not the worst part. That pervert was going through our dressers and playing with my wifes underwear.

I caught him red-handed, gave him a nice beating, and called law enforcement. He tried to play it off by saying that he smelled smoke and wanted to investigate. Thats when I played back the previous weeks videos of him visiting on three separate occasions. They locked him up, and we quickly found a new place and never looked back.

Story credit: Reddit / MadLintElf

The lease for my apartment stated that the property owner paid the water and sewer bills. However, three months in, my water was cut off because he didnt pay the bill. Instead, he insisted that the clause was put on the lease by mistake. I ended up having to pay for the water and sewer, but then when I moved out, they billed me $1,500 for breach of contract.

It seems that there was a clause in the contract that stated: In the event of a breach of contract, the renter will be liable for a $1,500 breach of contract fee. When I pointed out that they were the ones in breach of contract,their reply knocked me off my feet. They claimed, The clause has nothing to do with who breached the contract, it only states that you are responsible for the breach of contract fee.

Story credit: Reddit / anon_admin_1

While I was deployed, my wife remained at our home in Texas. One day in the middle of summer, the air conditioning broke and the landlord told her that the temperature wasnt hot enough to require the repair. When she showed him pictures of the thermostat reading over 38C (100F) indoors, he finally said that he would send someone.

What a relief right? Well, apparently I needed to be there because I was the primary name on the lease. Since that was not an option, I threatened to sue, and the A/C was eventually jerry-rigged just as summer was ending. Also, the repair guy told my wife that he was paid to do the bare minimum fix.Too bad things didnt end there.

Fast forward to when Im back home. It starts getting hot and the A/C breaks again. The landlord gave us the same story as before, claiming it wasnt hot enough. This dragged on until I finally had orders to move to a new duty station. We gave our 30 days notice and moved out. The landlord tried to tell me that I had to pay to fix the A/C or I wouldnt get my deposit back.

I once again threatened to sue, and this time I contacted the actual owner of the house.I couldnt believe his reaction.He was a cool dude living in New York and said hed take care of it for me. He flew all the way to Texas, fired the landlords, sued them himself, and said I was actually the cleanest and most respectable tenant hes had. He even paid me double my deposit for my troubles. Nice guy.

Story credit: Reddit

This happened at my first apartment out of college. When I toured the place it was filthy, but I could tell it would be pretty sweet when cleaned up. The landlord explained that it was so messy because it had been occupied by an older man with health issues. That was understandable. The landlord assured me hed get it cleaned up before I moved in, which sounded good to me.

Red flag number one: On move-in day it was clear that nothing had been done with the place. It took me and my poor, sweet grandma two days of scrubbing to get everything clean. After about a week, everything was looking really good. One day, however, I was putting stuff away in a cabinet andI made a disturbing discovery. I found some bed bug spray that had never been opened.

At this point, I started to get nervous, but I had been there for a week and hadnt felt or seen any bugs, so everything should be fine, right? Wrong. What followed was the most miserable two months of my life. I was constantly fighting with the landlord over taking care of what was an increasingly worsening bed bug issue.

First, he told me he was fumigating, but the next day I found the same cans from Target that I had found earlier. Every night, I would go to bed crying because I could feel the bugs all over me: crawling on me, biting me, making me feel disgusting. I was a basket case on zero sleep and the landlord was doing absolutely nothing about it.

I wish I could say I sued him. I should have, but I had nothing left in the tank. I would spend my nights at the laundromat, scratching myself raw with a crazed look in my eye. I finally moved back with my parents and spent the next two months still feeling the bugs all over me, scared sick that I had carried this nightmare to their house, too.

Story credit: Reddit / baitnnswitch

After we moved in, a gym opened up directly below our apartment. The TV at said gym was located right under our bedroom. Throw in the total lack of any official hours, and you get people working out at 3:00 a.m. with the television blasting so that the gym-goers could hear it over the noise of the machines. Our useless landlord didnt even want to listen to our complaints.

Story credit: Reddit / jobst526

Boy, do I have a story.The apartment we lived in had a sewer issue that caused the apartments on the first floor to flood with sewer water. This happened to us multiple times, some were more damaging than others. We complained, complained, and complained some more but the owner wouldnt admit to it, so nothing was ever done.

At one point, the people across the hall from us lost everything. Then, a month ago, the sewer backed up so badly that it flooded our bedroom, living room, and kitchen with disgusting poopy water. There was poop all over the floor, and one apartment even had ham bones come up into their toilet! We were losing our minds.

At this point, we demanded to have everything professionally cleaned. The owner said, Nope and told us he was going to have his usual cleaner wash it with bleach. My boyfriend decided to call the health inspector who condemned our apartment and another one on our floor, and then he demanded that the owner get an actual cleaning service in there.

The owner ordered us to move out immediately, and when we said we had until the end of the month, he proceeded to convince everyone who worked at our building to try to kick us out. When we were leaving, we were shocked to find out that the people across the hall from us were still sleeping on their sewer-drenched mattress.

My boyfriend and I gave them our clean mattress.

Story credit: Reddit / TaraMichelleE

Since Ive only ever had one landlord, I can only complain about her (AKA the ol bat downstairs). This landlady was a wino and we would call her The Bobblehead because when she was inebriated, which was 24/7, her head would bobble all over the place. To make matters worse, we had to talk very quietly because she could hear EVERYTHING.

If we talked about anything having to do with traveling, she would come up mid-conversation and ask when we were planning on telling her.

Story credit: Reddit / GiraffeNinja6

Our landlord threatened to evict us because there were always endless piles of Tootsie-Roll-sized dog poop on our lawn. To clear our dogs name, I filmed dozens of people letting their tiny dogs poop all over the grass. Did I mention that we had a Great Dane and we cleaned up her Everest-sized piles every time? Theres no way we could have gotten away with leaving themthey were massive.

Story credit: Reddit / sauerpatchkid

I was in dire need of a place to live, and I found this old couple who had two rooms for rent in a really nice house. It even had a big pool, and I could walk to work in five minutes. Everything seemed fine at first, but after two months I discovered that they love to swim sans clothing and would lock me out whenever they were skinny dipping.

They basically treated me like I was a guest in their houseand not in a good wayeven though I paid rent. Eventually, it got even worse when they started making up a whole bunch of insane rules, so I decided it was time to move out. I ended up crashing at a buddys house for a week while I started to make my escape.

During that time, I slowly and quietly moved almost everything out of my old place. One night, I finally told the couple that I would be moving out the next day. We got into a huge fight. The next morning, I got my officer friend, who was on duty, to go to the house with me so that we could retrieve my bed and a box of stuff because they had locked my room.

Story credit: Reddit / hobbsarelie83

Our landlady had a shrine to all her former animals in the backyard. She also had a sickly cat who was covered in matted fur. The poor thing would use the whole basement as a litter box. This litter box situation was so bad that it was the main reason my dads girlfriend couldnt live with usit triggered her allergies.

Story credit: Reddit / GiraffeNinja6

I was a bit behind with the rent one time due to some health problems with a family member. So, when I wasnt home, my landlord came into my apartment and ripped everything out, and put it on the street. Did I mention that I was only six days late with the rent? I was in college at the time and lived on a road bordering the campus.

That night, my peers, neighbors, and random people driving down that road got free access to all of my possessions.But I got my revenge.Long story short, I sued the landlord and won. He tried to keep it a secret from his wife early in the litigation process but in the end, the check my lawyer got from their lawyer was signed by his wife. Screw you, Dale.

Story credit: Reddit / noochking

One Friday, I came home from work, walked into my only bathroom, and found the roof of the building more or less filling the room. Workers had been re-roofing the complex, and either someone fell through my ceiling or the roof just collapsed. I never did get a straight answer as to which. The bathroom was unusable, and NO ONE THOUGHT TO INFORM ME OF THIS FACT or make arrangements.

A gaping one-meter-wide (three-foot-wide) hole was open to the sky, making me very uncomfortable about leaving my possessions in the apartment while I went elsewhere. Also, the person who fell in must have walked around looking at things, or someone else came in later to assess the damage and dragged the dusty, nasty contents of the attic through my apartment on their shoes.

The rental office didnt normally open till 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and, as was often the case, it didnt open at all this weekend because the manager was out of town. I left multiple messages on the answering machine and with the service, but they were ignored. I ended up loading my valuables into my car and driving to a relatives place for the weekend.

The final straw happened that Monday when the manager eventually got around to returning my callsand it was pretty frustrating.He just said, Oh right, well try and get that fixed this week. He had no sense of urgency, no apology, no explanation, and no offer of recompense. Obviously, I moved out of that dump shortly thereafter.

Story credit: Reddit / Reneeisme

One time my landlord just walked right in on my girlfriend and me when we were getting ready for the day without warning us. She didnt have anything on and I was in a bathrobe. He then spent 20 minutes fixing our door while making loud tutting noises. He told us the doorknob was loose because we didnt know how to pick up a screwdriver.

He then left without fixing the giant crack in the wood that we had originally complained about.

Story credit: Reddit / AlexPenname

My significant other and I were renting a room from a 72-year-old woman. She was very passive-aggressive and made terrible life decisions (e.g., she married a 32-year-old man and cashed in her entire 401K to buy him a Corvette, only to get divorced six months later). Despite all of that, her home was beautiful and the rent was a bargain.

She ended up kicking us out because I would not sign a legally binding document that would allow her to treat my significant other as a literal housekeeper for zero pay. I told her that we would only clean up after ourselves and that we would be seeking a new apartment immediately.

She did not like this plot twist. Our landlady went absolutely insane with rage, called law enforcement, and faked a heart attackbut thats not the craziest part.

Some of the best quotes from this incident came from the first responders. The EMT who was checking her for a heart attack said, Maam, your vitals are perfectly fine. Theres no sign that youre having a heart attack. And the officer said to her, Maam we cant arrest them for hurting your feelings.

Story credit: Reddit

Our landlord was an old dude who refused to pay anyone else to fix things. One time, when our toilet broke, he wrote usa family of foura note telling us that we would have to poop in a bucket until he was able to fix the toileta week later.

Story credit: Reddit

Our landlady, who lived in the duplex below us, decided to sell the place and move out of state. So for three months, she would knock on my door every day and ask me to help her prepare. I pulled weeds, cleaned the basement and garage, and washed the windows, but she never really acknowledged itjust asked me to do more.

On her last day, she asked me to help load the moving van. Just before she left, she gave me a bottle of wine as a thank-you for all of my work. There was a picture of a frog playing the banjo on the label, but, hey, its the thought that counts. An hour later, the realtor showed up and gave me the exact same bottle! It was just like the one he gave herthat she obviously re-gifted to me.

Story credit: Reddit / shardcommondale

Even though I live in an urban area, a family of possums started living under my back porch. My landlord kept going back and forth about whether she should leave them alone or call animal control. I didnt care too much either wayat least until they brought a flea explosion. My dog ended up crawling with fleas. You could sit on my couch and watch fleas jumping on your arms!

The landlord told me that shed get her exterminator in, but then she didnt do it.Then it got even more infuriating.She finally had me contact him to set it up, which I did, but then she vetoed it.

She backtracked and said she didnt tell me to do that, and she wouldnt pay for itespecially while the possums were still there. But then she wouldnt do anything about the possums! This catch-22 lasted for one very long month.

Story credit: Reddit / Zrighteous

After I had been living in my apartment for a year and a half, out of the blue, my landlord decided to remove the new appliances that had come with the apartment, so that she could put them in a house that she was working on refurbishing. One day she just said, Hey, Im going to be taking your appliances on Thursday.

I was surprised when she told me, but I was shocked when she actually replaced my nice appliances with some old and beat-up ones from her storage unit. They were missing parts and she hadnt even cleaned them! She even had the nerve to say that theyd been sitting in her storage unit for years, so she didnt know how well they worked.

Story credit: Reddit / Zrighteous

For some reason, our former landlord would rent to wealthy foreign exchange students attending the local community college, and he would let them do whatever they wanted. We had a group of five of them living below us and it was total chaos. They would blast music nonstop and would have insane parties that lasted until 6:00 a.m. on weekdays.

During these crazy parties, they would puke and pee off the front porch. Expensive vehicles from out of state would pull in and park for 10 minutes while one of the passengers would run into the house. It is my guess that they were definitely doing something shady. They would often leave several bags of trash on their porch in the hot sun for days.

Whenever we would try to talk to the students about our issues with their behavior, they would just shrug and say, I dont care! in broken English. We even filed several complaints with the landlord, citing the specific lease clauses as well as the local laws that they were breakingwith evidenceand he would do nothing.

In desperation, we did some searching and found the name of the regional manager who worked for the property company. We filed a formal complaint and turned over everything we had. The property company eventually evicted them, but it took about nine months from when they moved in until the sweet day I saw the sheriff serving them.

Story credit: Reddit

I rented one side of a duplex and my landlady lived in the other half. She was a cat hoarder who had turned three of her bedrooms into giant litter boxes. She even covered the beautiful hardwood with garbage bags and dumped several hundred pounds of cat litter onto the floor. She would go weeks without cleaning these litter boxes.

She would also put cans of wet cat food and tuna in the backyard for the feral cats. The food would go bad and the smell of rancid cat food and festering cat pee was too much to handlebut the final straw was yet to come.That happened when she took in a cat that had the extremely contagious feline parvovirus. It spread like wildfire and took the lives of 23 of her 78 (!) cats.

Unbeknownst to me, several sick cats had puked, peed, pooped, and died on our shared porch. Because we were unaware that there was a Parvo outbreak next door, we tracked the virus into our house and it killed our favorite cat. My then-fianc was incensed at our landlady. We ended up moving out a few weeks later. RIP Max.

Story credit: Reddit / MedicGirl

I couldnt believe it when my landlord threatened litigious action over a $15 lampshade that I accidentally brokeand replaced. He even went so far as to demand a bank statement, so that he could take the money Id already spent on replacing it out of my deposit. Lord, am I glad were done with him.

Story credit: Reddit / AlexPenname

My girlfriend and I have been renting the house we live in for a little over a year now. Last summer, the landlord came to our place and stayed in a blocked-off area next to our kitchen for 10 days! I get that its her house and everything, but that doesnt mean she can use it as her vacation property while we are living here.

To make matters worse, shes quite the hoarder. She keeps loads of useless stuff in the basement, so we essentially have zero storage space. Also, during the summer that we moved in, she had a bathroom installed in the basement by some shady contractor. A few days into this bathroom installation, there was an electrical fire in the basement at 2:00 a.m.

The water pump seized up and the breaker never tripped, which filled the entire house with smoke. On top ofthat,the smoke alarms didnt go off because the batteries had been put in backward by the last guy who lived there. Granted, I should have checked those, but we had only been living there for a few weeks. Luckily, our dog woke us up.

Anyway, the fire department found scorched wires near a soldered pipe and said that was probably what caused everything. So, I texted the landlord to let her know what happened, and she called me asking if her stuff in the basement was damaged. She never even asked if we were OK. This weekend shes coming to stay for another 10 dayswere dreading it.

Story credit: Reddit / roma1937

One day, all of a sudden, I found some small black things that looked like burnt rice on the living room floor. At first, I wasnt sure what they were and just swept them up with a broom. Not long after that, I found more of the same in my desk in the living room. At that point, my roommate realized they were rodent droppings.

We called the landlord and asked him to find an exterminator, but he said, Ill be there in a moment. About 15 minutes later he came down with a small box of fruit that he had filled with rat poison. Apparently, we were supposed to put the poisoned fruit around the apartment. All I could do was stare at him in disbelief.But then it got even more ridiculous.

He proceeded to tell us that his pet snake had recently gone to snake heaven, so he just released the live rodents that were to be fed to the snake. He idiotically said that he thought they would just go and live peacefully in the woods. Still in shock, I asked him to leave and dealt with the issue myself. I did not accept his offer to renew the lease and got out of there as soon as possible.

Story credit: Reddit / Sj410

Growing up we didnt have much money, so we lived in an old trailer out in the country. Our landlord was a horrible person all around. There were a million different times that he did terrible things, including neglecting his animals and taking our mail,but the last straw was when he broke into our trailer.We had been at a wedding all day and when we got home, the door wasnt closed right.

I remember seeing overturned chairs and a basket of laundry that had been scattered all across the living room. The landlord had put holes in our TV, and he had broken my dads guitar into three pieces and smashed my grandpas upright bass. As soon as my parents saw the inside of our place, they made us get back in the car and wait there.

I remember sitting in the back seat of our Blazer with my sister as my dad stood on the front porch crying and screaming, You animal! It was terrifying. We stayed at a friends house that night and then at a motel for the next few weeks. When I was in high school, I would see our landlord around town from time to time, and he would always give me this creepy smile.

It would never fail to make my heart start pounding and Id get an overwhelming urge to run away. Thankfully, I no longer have to see him because I moved away and rarely visit my hometown, but sometimes I still have nightmares about everything that happened.

Story credit: Reddit / rorafaye

A week before Christmas, our heater broke down during one of the coldest winters on record. The landlord said, Nope. Im not fixing that now. You can wait until the New Year. Oh, and dont call me again, its Christmas. Well, we paid rent through an estate agent, so I called her first to find out what my options were.

The shocked agent said that shed take care of it, and that very afternoon, a worker showed up. He took a look around and asked if we were aware that our bathroom was not up to code. We werent, but the next day he got us a new toilet, bath, and shower. That was nice, but so was hearing the landlord freak out when the agent told him about the costs that he was 100% liable for. Merry Christmas to me!

Story credit: Reddit / zerbey

I worked nights for a while, so if someone knocked on my apartment door, I never answered. I had a white noise machine and blackout curtains to help me sleep. One day when I got up to pee and get some water, I came face-to-face with someone in the kitchen. I was groggy and confused, so I panicked and grabbed the nearest thing I could.

I gave the guy a good, hard jab with a broom before I realized that it was my landlord sneaking around without permission. This happened in the early 2000s, so webcams were not that common yet, but I wish I could have known how many times he had been in the house while I slept. It was so creepy! We ended up moving because of it.

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