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College student Ross Price had just put in a long study session, and he wasnt prepared for what he found moving by his parking space.

At first, it looked like the parking block had shifted. Then he saw something far scarier: An 11-foot reticulated python had slithered under his roommates Toyota Camry.

Im used to seeing snakes, but nothing that big, said Price, 24, a student at Nova Southeastern University. You just dont expect something like that wandering around your house.

Price and his roommate, James Hand, called an exterminator on that Feb. 1 night, but the person who answered said it was too late to send someone. So they called police, and reported that a snake about six feet long had crawled under Hands car.

Officer Tony Bernardo, a 20-year-veteran who is the departments go-toguy fordealing with wildlife, responded along with two other officers.

The snakeput up a fight, twisting and moving deeper into the Camrys engine compartment as the officersattempted to slowly pull it out.It took them about 15 minutes to removethe clinging reptile.

Bigger than I initially thought it was, said Price, who along with Hand stood nearby watching the extraction.

Hand, 25, also an NSU student, said it was lucky that Price saw the snake when he did.

I thought about it later, he said. What if it had crawled up into my car and made its way inside as I was driving? ...I dont want to think about it.

Davie police spokesman Sgt. Mark Leonesaid the snake probably was once a pet because it was found in a residential area.

Once itwas removed from the car, police took a video of Bernardo holding up the snake, which they say appeared calm.

Later, it was turned over toStrictly Reptiles,a companylicensed by the state to care for exotic animals.

Leonesaid the snake is not the same as a Burmese python, the species that has invadedthe Everglades and has been discoveredcloser to populated areas.

Four Burmese pythons, including a 16-foot female, were found earlier this week huddled inside an old bunkerat the defunct U.S. military base in the Florida Keys. Earlier this month, school children found a 10-foot Burmese python near the abandoned Homestead Golf Course., 954-356-4188

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Large python tries to hide in car outside Davie home - Sun Sentinel

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