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Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on May 23rd, 2015

HOUSEHOLD PESTS The threat of pests is always present. Northwest Exterminating is trained to identify pest problems and help prevent pest infestations from recurring. As the pest control leader in Southern Arizona, Integrated Pest Management techniques are employed and tailored to provide the best level of protection. Practicing the proper use of control is an important part of the outstanding service provided to protect a home. Our goal is to minimize pest activity while helping to enhance the comfort and safety of your property. STANDARD HOUSEHOLD PESTS American Roaches Spiders Silverfish Sowbugs Common Household Ants Crickets Centipedes Pill Bugs Boxelder Bugs Scorpions Millipedes Earwigs Northwest Exterminating provides pest control services for many of Southern Arizonas and a small part of California's largest businesses including manufacturing, medical, government, multi-unit developments and more. Pest control solutions are specifically designed to prevent loss of business, equipment damage, product contamination and human health risk. MORE PROVEN PERFORMANCE Northwest Exterminating meets the standards of the exclusive National Pest Management Associations (NPMA) Quality Pro program which establishes industry best practices in service, quality, education, environment and employee selection.

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Residential Pest Control Services - Northwest Exterminating

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