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Pest Exterminator Services in Brampton, Ontario

Reliable Pest Control offers affordable pest control services in the city of Brampton and Greater Toronto Area. Our team is certified with ethical practices in the humane treatment, control and extermination of pests such as

They bite and breed at alarming rates. Their bites leave a painful rash and red mass lumps all over your body. Bedbugs are one of the most dreaded pests. Commercial establishments lose their patronage when even a hint of bedbug infestation is reported. Report any signs of bedbugs in your building or home and let Reliable Pest Control exterminate them as soon as possible.

One of the most disgusting pests to encounter are roaches. They look awful, stink, make awful buzzing noise when they fly in the dark and spread many diseases along the way. Their eggs hatch really fast. They migrate in colonies. If you spot one, that's a bad sign you have an entire intrusion of roaches in your building or room. Call Reliable Pest Control and let's exterminate roaches in your building as soon as possible.

Rats do not only breed by the dozens. They also bite and chew on hard surfaces. This means your expensive wood decor and furniture can easily be destroyed by rats. Their feces smell awful and they will destroy anything in their ways tracking the scent of a food to get to the source.

Female mice are extremely fertile. This allows them to easily bring forth hundreds of mice. They grow up quickly and spread fast all over an entire building. Just like rats, mice will eat their way to any food source. They will destroy leather chairs, soft carpets, wires and cables for a spot to dwell in. Let Reliable Pest Control eradicate mice in your building today.

Ant eggs hatch in the millions. In a given space there could be over 1.5 million ants stack on each other eating their way under your building, though your walls and causing damage to your wooden beam and structural integrity of your home. They are social. If you spot three in a row, that's a bad sign your may have millions of ants colonizing your space. Call us now to destroy them.

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Pest Control Brampton | Bedbugs, Roaches, Rats, Mice, Ants ...

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