Kill Silverfish: Pest Control Products for Silverfish Control

Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on July 7th, 2015

Silverfish are small primitive insects that are found in dark, damp, warm places throughout our homes. They prefer starchy materials such as cereals, wallpaper and book bindings as food but in large populations they may do damage to cotton and linen fabrics. These wingless insects slightly resemble firebrats and are often called bristletails.

Silverfish Baits -- Maxforce Complete, Intice Perimeter Bait and Niban G are insect baits which have shown good control of silverfish. Niban contains 5% boric acid. Intice Perimeter Bait contains 10% boric acid and lasts up to 90 days outdoors. Use these baits in flower beds, perimeter around the home, in attics and crawl spaces as well as cracks and crevices indoors.

Chemical Control -- A good residual insecticide such as, D-Fense SC, Cyper WP, Cypermethrin EC 4 Oz. or Demon should be applied every 3 weeks for three separate sprayings. Products containing Cypermethrin (Cypermethrin EC 4 Oz., Cyper WP, Demon) are the best for silverfish. When used as directed, these products will also safely deter other pests, with little or no odor. Pay particular attention to the molding at the top of the rooms sprayed and behind bookcases, etc. For population reduction and/or long-term control a professional bait can also be used. Niban FG, Maxforce Complete and Intice Perimeter Bait are the best baits for silverfish and are also labeled for roaches, ants and crickets. In addition to a good residual spray indoors, providing a barrier on the outside surface of the structure will aid in preventing future invasions from outdoors. Silverfish will be found outside during the summer months. During these hot months a good perimeter spray around the home is recommended. Using the same product that is sprayed indoors, simply treat around doors, windows and other entry points. Also spray any mulch or landscape timbers, retaining walls and other areas frequented by silverfish, firebrats, roaches, ants, spiders and other pests. (See Our Gallery of Pests!)

Non-Chemical Control -- Use Silverfish Traps. Air conditioning, dehumidifiers and increased air circulation will sometimes help to decrease silverfish populations wherever practical. Removing the food source will help most. In basements and attics these are most likely boxes of old clothes and books. In infested closets all clothes should be removed, cleaned and returned after the chemical application has dried.

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Kill Silverfish: Pest Control Products for Silverfish Control

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