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Swainsboro, GA (WJBF)-Rats have been a major problem and residents say management is not helping resolve the situation.

On Monday, March 27, 2017 residents of Swainsboro Apartments in Swainsboro, Georgia called NewsChannel 6 about a reoccurring rodent problem. Residents say they have tried to reach out to management, but the only thing they did was call exterminators to put food down outside to kill them off, which left homes smelling foul.

We have a rat and rodent problem here you know theyre in the refrigerators, theyre in the ovens, saidCraig Johnson, a former resident.

Mr. Johnson along with other tenants said the rodent problem got so bad that they had to leave their homes to live with family, while still being forced to pay rent. People say that management has been moving at a very slow pace and always puts off the task.According to people who live there the complex has been facing many problems over the last few months that have yet to be solved.

I started finding multiple rats which I bought several traps. I got traps upstairs, downstairs, I got about 30 in my house. Which I caught about 8 rats in the past two weeks. Ive been to the office, Ive had them come and look theyve been telling us the same thing basically they not gone help us basically what they telling us, saidBrittany Daniels, current resident.

They said this is the first time that shes ever heard of it which is not true, then she told me on Friday I personally talk with her, shes to call her manager to take care of it I came back today and she said she is gonna get with management today, well what did you do on Friday when you spoke with me, nothing, said a former resident.

NewChannel 6 then tried to reach out to speak with management, they had no comment and declined an interview with us. We will be digging deeper into these problems and get answer for those living in Swainsboro Apartments.

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