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Anyone with a rodents, rats or mice infestation should rely on the services of Southold Pest Control & Exterminator in Southold, NY.

With our services, we are able to make the problem that you are experiencing, a thing of the past.

Our exterminators receive ongoing professional training in order to effectively treat your infestation problem.

We want you to be able to avoid the problems that come along with having this type of infestation problem.

This is why we highly recommend contacting us at Southold Pest Control & Exterminator. We respond quickly to your infestation problem.

Our services are the most reputable and reliable in the area. This is why you should call us for your service needs.

Breed Quickly

If you do not want the pests to breed, act immediately to get the help you need, even if you arent certain. It is better for you to allow us to evaluate the problem to determine whether or not you have an actual infestation.

Spreading of Diseases

Since these pests are known to spread disease, you should get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Contaminating Food

If you want to avoid contaminating the food in your home, make sure that you do not have a rodent infestation. If you do, give us a call at Southold Pest Control & Exterminator. We will find your problem and effectively handle it for you.

The difference between a mouse and a rat in Southold is the size and the tail; a rat tail is long, skinny, and hairless, while a mouse has a furry tail.

At Southold Pest Control and Exterminator one of our specialties for rodents are Snap Traps. These lure the pest out of their nest and into an enclosed box.


Isolating your rodent, mice or rate infestation enables us to control the situation.

Baits and Traps

Using baiting stations and traps make it possible for us to effectively control your infestation problem.

Complete Site Inspection

We do a complete inspection to find out what type of infestation problem you might have. This requires a search of the inside and outside of your property.


We are with you all the way at Southold Pest Control & Exterminator. This includes our helping to advise you on the way to maintain proper sanitation. Well help you avoid diseases and contamination.


We monitor the situation to determine if the problem comes back.

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Rodents - Southold Pest Control and Exterminator

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