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Written by Admin, Published on June 7th, 2018

Rodents, like rats and mice, are a problem that we see a lot of at Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator.

On Long Island, and in particular in Nassau County of New York, there are a lot of people in homes and residences of all types, and often there are rats or a lonely mouse family that look for dwellings of their own.

Rodents often find harborage inside buildings.

A hungry rodent will often flock to a place of food, but sometimes they are just looking for shelter.

And if they can get shelter in an attic, a sub area, or a basement where there are people leaving food and crumbs behind all the better for these pests.

We often unknowingly provide them with the food, water and shelter they need to survive.

At Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator it is our goal to keep your family, neighbors, employees, or visitors safe from the harmful effects of rodents.

And there are harmful effects, aside from the disturbing view of rodent droppings often found on the floor of a residence.

Rats can greatly damage your home or business, as they are large rodents with ever-growing front teeth that need to chew.

A rat can also pose a significant health threat to anyone who lives or is near to the animal. They bring parasites, disease, and the possibility of other pest infestations.

Luckily for us in Manhasset NY, we have mice more often than we have rats.

The difference between a mouse and a rat is the size and the tail. A rat tail is long, skinny, and hairless, while a mouse has a furry tail.

That said, Manhasset Pest Control has seen a great number of nests of mice that can also wreak havoc in a home or building getting into the walls and destroying electrical lines.

When a rodent dies in a wall, it is a terribly unpleasant smell that can last for weeks.

At Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator one of our specialties for rodents are Snap Traps. These lure the pest out of their nest and into an enclosed box.

If you think you are seeing evidence of rodents, our Manhasset extermination team offers a full inspection of the structure to ascertain where the rodents are traveling.

We can then determine the best places to set traps and seal all entry points against future invasions. Our comprehensive techniques from our tried and true technicians successfully remove this problem so that it cannot cause any more harm.

We will detail recommended exclusion repairs and a personalized trapping schedule.

Exclusion or rodent proofing is the process whereby our knowledgeable rodent inspectors detail the possible entry points into your structure in Manhasset NY.

Rat trapping and baiting is a difficult process and not one we recommend you undertake.

The effectiveness of any rat bait depends upon the environment and the habits of the rat species. In general, rats tend to avoid new objects.

Traps usually take some time to be effective. And proper setup and monitoring is key.

Our Manhasset Pest Control professionals are trained to identify the species you are dealing with and to determine and carefully administer the most effective solutions for your specific situation.

Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator is located in Manhasset right in the heart of Nassau County, New York. Call 516-323-7212 for Same Day/Next Day Service from Manhasset Pest Control and Exterminator now!

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