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Although they are small, rodents often leave big signs of their presence:

If left unchecked, a rat or mouse in your home can spread disease to humans and pets, contaminate food sources and cause extensive property damage. It is critical that you address the problem as soon as possible, before it becomes unmanageable.

Rats and mice have an excellent sense of smell. Dont entice them with pet food left outside. Only feed your pets an amount they can eat right away, and make sure to use metal containers with tight-fitting lids if you store your pet food outdoors or in your garage. Likewise, keep your garbage tightly covered, too.

Rats and mice love to find a cozy space to call home. Make sure you clear brush and thick bushes at least 100 feet away from your home. Dont store abandoned vehicles, trash, old appliances or other junk in your yard. Keep your firewood and lumber stacked neatly and at least 18 inches off the ground and far from your home.

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Rodents In Memphis Tn | Rodents Exterminator

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