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Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on February 21st, 2020

14 makes me sad that I had to call for an exterminator. BUT I found these guys and they were able to come the same day. They were AWESOME! Of course, I screamed as they removed the rodent. Ewww! But I highly recommend them. They inspected my home, found other potential areas where I've got some unwanted friends. They were thorough, professional and affordable. I don't have any complaints. They removed the rodent quickly. They cleaned up the area, sealed up the hole he came through and found other holes under my sink that I didn't even know about. Ewww!! And, they sealed those too.Job well done! The sealed places look completely seamless. You cannot tell there was a hole there. The paint is even and looks good. They'll be coming back for future work 'cause there are a few more places to seal and I CANNOT do rodents at all!

Isaas and his team are top notch. I called this company after a 3rd time requiring services. The 2 prior companies did an ok job of catching the existing rodents but the issue kept coming back. After interviewing several companies that advised Attic cleaning in order to fully solve the issue I knew I would have to get all the old insulation out. This is a pricey service (check your local utility company for a rebate). Rodent Exterminators gave me an excellent price from the beginning. Isaas knowledge on the matter and his initial through inspection made me feel very confident they were the right company for the job. Other companies just looked around popped their head in the Attic and threw out a number. Isaas went in my crawl space, entered and walked in and around the Attic and finally went up on the roof to determine what would be needed to resolve my issue.They began work promptly 2 days after I confirmed I wanted to hire them. He worked with a great crew of many people ensuring speedy removal of old insulation and Attic cleaning. They set up traps and patched and sealed multiple entry points. My home was not easy he needed to return for 4 weeks afterwards to get rid of every last past. These critters were smart and really gave him a challenge but he kept coming back ensuring all entry points were sealed off until the job was done. After a full week of no sign of infestation they came and installed all new insulation, set a couple more traps just in case and checked entry points once again. It has been 2 weeks now and still rat free! Furthermore I'm confident Isaas will come back immediately if ever needed to make sure it stays that way.Great value, great service and excellent work. The only drawback that might have costs the company one star of not for the excellent service, thoroughness and patience is that they are not equipped to handle credit cards and cannot help you with rebates. My hat still goes off to this company. Thank you Isaas, Nelson and your crew!

Fair price. Awesome service. They did a full detailed inspection and intrusion prevention service on my 2 car detached garage. They placed screening and sealant in every possible entry point, every crack & gap. Laid traps to confirm rodent absence. Detailed and diligent. Above my expectations. I feel 100% confident that my garage is rodent free and entry proof. Thank You Isias and Ricky

Where do I start? Ricky and his crew are definitely top notch! I called them early in the morning and they came within hours! When I heard these nasty rodents, I was so scared! They eased my mind when they took care of the problem so quickly! I couldn't be more happy with this company!! Thank you Thank you!! I definitely would recommend this company!!

These guys are awesome. Extremely thorough. One day I had mice, the next day no mice! They sealed up the house and solved the problem immediately. Nice professional guys who follow up to make sure the job was done right. I would definitely recommend them!

Today they came to clear a rodent problem on the insolation in the ceiling. As we are cleaning and preparing the house for my family that is coming to celebrate the holidays in our home, this happens. My boyfriend on the sofa watching some football and me near by. The roof breaks and parts of the insolation that is contaminated with rats falls down on our new barely cleaned sofa. I am devastated as i hear the guys working in the roof laughing saying "ups sorry" sticking their head through the opened roof. I am 5 months pregnant. What kind of caution and work ethics does this company have for the safety of the people in the house they are doing the work!!!!!. Imagine i was there sitting down and all that toxic trash comes falling down on me on my pregnant self. Imagine i had my newborn baby on the sofa and someone falls down on my baby. I cannot believe this happened at all! This company is the worst and does not care about the safety of those around based on how careless they work. I am furious to have that in my new couch and to have that toxic in the air. I am shaking of how shocked i am and it is not good for my unborn baby. Do not work with this horrible company. They are not professionals. Take my experience as an example.

Ricky and Isaias (and their crew) were great. They were very responsive and came over to give me a quote. Their inspection was thorough and the quote was better than the other quotes I got. But what impressed me the most was how much pride you could tell that they took in their work and business. I felt good about hiring them knowing that with the sense of pride, they would do a good job.They did not disappoint. They did a great job of cleaning and sanitizing my attic which was a nightmare with rat droppings. They closed up all the holes that were in very hard to reach places that no one else could get to. I am very satisfied and do recommend them.

Ricky and his team are amazing! They were able to eliminate all of the mouse problems that were in my parents house. It is an old house so there were many areas to close off and patch up to keep rodents out once and for all. Customer service and professionalism were excellent. I highly recommend Ricky and Rodent Exterminator.

I gave this company a call when I saw their ratings were so high with Yelp. We were not disappointed. Ricky was so friendly and not shady at all. The owner Isaiah was throughout, knowledgeable and very neat and focused on his work. We absolutely have not have any signs of rats since they have been here, that has been over a month. I would highly recommend this team of exterminators, they know what they're doing and are trustworthy, which I really appreciate. Thank you again.

Gave these guys a call. My mom had an infestation in her home and they truly did a great job. Thank you!

I highly recommend this company. Ricky and his team responded very quickly and were professional, detailed and very hidden charges. They were so nice and really did a fantastic job and I have already recommended them to my friends. Great experience with this A++ company.

Ricky is the best! He and his team could not have been more thorough, professional, detailed, clean and they got the job done! Fantastic to do business with. Great communication.

These folks did a terrific job rat-proofing our two story Craftsman home in Pasadena. They are highly knowledgeable, professional, meticulous, friendly, and trustworthy. Their proposal (of the two we obtained) was also very reasonably priced, given that they spent all day at our house and offer a guarantee on their services. We are all sleeping much better nowadays. Recommend without reservation.

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