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Rats and mice are a big problem in the Bay Area. The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control have a program to rid the structures of these creatures. We do not use poison bait as rodents can die inside walls, ceilings, or other inaccessible areas causing flies and ghastly odors.

The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control specialize in different trapping techniques and the exclusion with our rodent control services.

Rodent and Small Animal Control Services Include:

Rodent Proofing

The Hitmen Termite & Pest Controlhas trained technicians to do rodent proofing or repairs on your property. This is a very important part of controlling rodents in the long-term.

Small Animal Control

Trapping small animals is always the last resort for The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control.In most cases we use techniques to exit the animals and permanent repairs to keep them out for the future. The animals then move on and find a new home usually out in natural areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rodents are outside pests that have found harborage inside the structure, usually the attic, sub area or both. They enter and leave the structure on a daily basis to forage for food and water. Since they move by kinetic memory, a full inspection of the structure is needed to ascertain where the rodents are moving so we can determine where to best place traps and seal entry points. Along with this inspection, we will be creating an Exclusion Plan that will detail recommended exclusion repairs and a trapping schedule.

Exclusion is the process of our technician inspecting the property then detailing possible entry points into your structure. We then propose specific repairs of these areas. As experts in exclusion we encourage you to have us do the repairs, however, you may do them yourselves or hire another contractor to perform the repairs. Once the repairs are completed, the trapping process eliminates the rest of the population.

Without doing the proposed exclusion work, the trapping process could continue indefinitely. When the exclusion process is completed, you can reasonably expect the trapping process to take around a month to be effective. Rodents are neophobic, meaning that they are skeptical of new objects in their living environment (your home) and reluctant to move near any new object(s) until they get used to their presence. Once familiar with the item being in their area, they are willing to explore the possibility of the object(s) being a potential food source. This is where proper placement of our traps combined with the exclusion process is at its greatest advantage. Once sealed in, the rodents will be forced to use our traps as a primary food source and thus become trapped. We will repeat this process until the traps have been clear for a couple of weeks. At that point, we will consider the entire process completed.

The servicing technician will make these suggestions to you when he/she is done with the initial Exclusion Plan. At the bottom of the graph there are four boxes that will indicate what the property owner can do to help reduce the overall presence of rodents around the structure. These suggestions will range from trimming overhanging tree branches from the roofline to removal of wood piles and general debris or plants from the foundation line of the structure. By not allowing harborage for the rodents, you discourage the animal from further exploring or damaging the structure. Beyond that, we strongly discourage the property owner to use any baits or OTC rodenticides that may interfere with the process or that may result in unforeseen consequences like an unretrievable, rotting carcass.

Upon completion of the exclusion plan and repairs, we guarantee all parts of the repairs done by our company for one full year from the date of the completion. If a rodent breaks or damages the repair, allowing re-entry to the structure through that repair, we will return and fix the area in question for no charge. As we are dealing with motivated wild animals, they may find another area on the structure to chew through or otherwise damage and re-enter, thus more exclusion work may need to be done. This is not typical, but it does happen on occasion. Also, depending on limitations with the structure, there may be areas that we cannot inspect or a hole that we cannot see. If additional exclusion work is needed, the servicing technician will complete a separate exclusion plan and estimate. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee that we will completely solve your rodent issue the first time.

Either way, the process is similar. Though mice might not be as menacing as rats, they can be even more annoying and can reproduce faster and in greater numbers. While they may look like a little problem initially, mice can get out of hand quickly and can have similar health related issues. We would perform an inspection, suggest exclusion be done and trap until no more mice are caught and no new evidence of infestation is found.

Scientifically, it has been proven that pheromones found in the urine of rodents attract them short distances. Also, the fecal matter of rodents signals them that a food source or harborage is close. These scents, pheromones and fecal pellets can stick around for quite a while even after trapping and exclusion. Excessive rodent waste materials should be cleaned up as part of an exclusion plan preferably by professionals with the proper equipment. Note: Rodent fecal material is considered a hazardous material due to diseases it may contain. Failure to clean up may encourage rodents to damage a structure attempting to re-enter it for whatever food they may find. For details about cleaning up after rodents,The Center for Disease Control has a great link on the matter here.

Besides damaging your home or business, rodents pose a significant health threat to you and whoever else lives or works in the structure. They bring with them disease and the possibility of other pests infesting your home. The Center for Disease Control has excellent information about the various illnesses that you may be exposed to from arodent infestation here. All of this points to the necessity of having your home excluded from rodents. For more evidence about this topic, The University of California Davis has great informationon its website or here.

With 35 years of experience, The Hitmen is well prepared to professionally solve your rodent problem. All of our technicians are experienced, licensed and continually trained on the most up to date methods of rodent control, most specifically in Exclusion, or rodent-proofing your home or business. Properly trained and attentive technicians can make the process relatively quick, and effective. We also have resources to help you get you home cleaned of rodent debris and materials. To schedule an appointment for inspection of your home click here.

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