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Yuppies arent the only newcomers that locals have to contend with in Vinegar Hill.

Construction in and around the Brooklyn Navy Yard is fueling gentrification in the neighborhood and bringing with it an army of rats.

You cannot come outside because the rats are taking over, said Beverly Gorham, who lives next door in the Farragut Houses, where mounds of garbage are only exacerbating the problem.

Resident Louise Williams, 63, added, Some of them are as big as my cat.

The area around the city-owned former shipyard has undergone a sea change in recent years as developers tear up old warehouses to make way for condos, tech companies and Chelsea Market-style food courts. Developer Steiner NYC is building a Wegmans at the site.

The city recently broke ground on a 56,000-square-foot boat maintenance and storage facility there, part of Mayor de Blasios new Citywide Ferry program set to launch this summer.

But each time a new building rises, so does the rodent population, locals said.

When the trees and buildings came down, the rats came up, one area resident said.

Gabriella BassTatiana Calvo, 27, from neighboring Clinton Hill, added, People around here pay sky-high rents. They shouldnt have to deal with that.

And the gentrification train hasnt even hit full steam. De Blasio is pushing to run a $2.5 billion, developer-backed streetcar through the area.

But critics say de Blasio ought to spend more to fix up the area, including the housing project, before he sinks taxpayer funds into his pricey vanity projects.

At the Farragut Houses, rats are streaming into one of its buildings through a broken door at the complexs 234 Sands St. building, across Navy Street from the shipyard, residents said.

They find money for other projects . . . but no money for NYCHA, said community activist Tony Herbert at a rally demanding the city and Housing Authority shore up the Farragut Houses against the onslaught of rats.

NYCHA is looking into it, a spokeswoman said.

All of our residents deserve a safe and decent home. We can and must do better, Jean Weinburg told The Post on Sunday.

There are a few buildings experiencing rodent issues, and they are being treated weekly by exterminators, she said.

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Massive amounts of trash are attracting rats and ruining this neighborhood - New York Post

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