How to Get Rid of Mice, Rats, & Other Rodents in Your Shed

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Eliminate Mice, Rats, and other Pests from Your Backyard Shed

Its one of those unfortunate facts of life, sheds = pests. There are many types of pests, but with the proper precautions, you will never have to worry about rodents taking over your shed.

In our last installment, Bugs In Storage Shed Learn How to Keep Them Out, my buddy Mr. Storage Shed regales us with his tale of woe a fight with the wife, who recoiled in horror at ants in their shed, while he laughed until he ended up sleeping with the bugs. Guess whos laughing now?

Well, its both of us! As we move on from from ants in your pants, err, sheds, now weve got it worse! Its mice, and rats!

So, how do we get rid of these nasty and annoying furry pests?

Well, you can pay an arm and a leg for an exterminator. While that may be necessary in the end, its always best to arm yourself with plenty of knowledge (and artillery) in these cases. Sheds can be magnets for rodents if improperly maintained. An exterminator will get them once and leave, but youve got to live there. So, the best bet is to come up with a long-term plan and on-going solution.

Rats and mice are hard to get rid of once youve got them. Poison and traps are your best bet. Sure, there are some other natural ways to keep them at bay, but for long-term solution, its best to just get in there and kill them quickly.

Depending on where youve got them living, traps may be your better solution. Disposal is the only problem in this case, because who wants to pick up a dead rat? Gross! But its easy and usually a one-stop shot, so to speak.

Keep in mind that if you use traps, youve got to be creative about moving them into different spots. Also, make sure you switch up the bait regularly. Rats and mice are smarter than you might think. They will remember. So keep moving those traps and setting out new ways to bait them.

If you use poison, depending on where the rodent dies, you may have a smell issue on your hands. Its also possible that the rodent will eat the poison and then move into a different spot, making it hard to find the body. A dead rat or mouse can stink up your storage shed for weeks on end. So keep this in mind when setting out poison. But if you use poison, you may not have to deal with the dead rat, unless it dies right smack in the middle of the floor.

Some people prefer not to kill the rodents, rather relocate them. In this case, sticky traps will trap the animal, but keep it alive.

Electronic rodent repellents are also becoming popular. But a quick Google search and perusal of reviews reveals that these often only work in the short-term. If youve never had rodents or have only a few, these might work. But if youve got an infestation, dont count on these working for the long-term. They get used to the sound and then just come back.

It seems the most logical, if youve got rodents in your storage shed, to just get a cat or small dog. Cats will likely keep mice at bay.

But if youve got rats, its better to get a rat terrier, which are known to be vicious at rat killing. Plus, theyre cuter than rats.

Some suggest getting a snake. But Im not so sure that this is a great solution, especially if youve got other small animals around the yard, or small children.

Aside from bombing them with poisons and traps or having vicious animal attack guards, there are other natural solutions.

Rodents dont like certain smells and once youve eliminated the main problem, putting out these smells nearby can help keep them at bay.

Once youve gotten rid of your rodent problem in your shed, make sure they dont come back by following these tips.

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How to Get Rid of Mice, Rats, & Other Rodents in Your Shed

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