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The secrets that exterminators use to get rid of mice are extremely well guarded by their industry. Only trusted and seasoned professionals are allowed to know the deepest secrets

OK, Im just kidding. There are no secrets, you can walk along when they are working around your house, see what they are doing and ask questions. A good reputable professional exterminator will do the following, but you can do it yourself too:

access holes through wall

adolescent mice can squeeze through brick vent holes

Look for possible entrances in to the house. This can be through vents, cracks, around windows or the foundation, holes for pipes, electricity or phone.

In my house I found a very unlikely place that mice were sneaking in, it was through siding corner joints.

Look at the grass around your home, if you dont keep it too short, you can sometimes see thin corridors through the grass. These corridors show you where they are coming from, going to and general vicinity where they might be entering your house.

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Mice do not like open spaces, they tend to travel through walls, along the baseboards and under furniture. Look for dirty gray slightly oily smears along the baseboards. Mice usually run along rubbing slightly against the wall. This, over time, will leave dirty streaks along the bottom of a wall.

Check behind or under large appliances or large furniture. Pull out the fridge, stove, couch to check possible clues.

If you have storage boxes with books, toys, clothes or anything else check for gnaw holes in the boxes. Check inside the box, sometimes mice just want the cardboard for their nest and sometimes they will setup the nest in the box!

In the basement, check in high and low areas. If your basement is not fully finished, check ceilings openings, insulation, shelves or any other cramp places for trace evidence of mice.

If you have an attic that is used for storage, then the same should be done as in the basement and main part of the house. However if your attic space is just filled with insulation and they live up there, you will be able to see tunnels in the insulation, nests under the insulation, droppings and urine stains in the areas most frequented. One thing to consider, unfinished attic spaces can be dangerous, so if you are not use to unfinished spaces dont go up there. Mice have no food up there and have to come down for food, you can get them then.

If you have a pantry, check behind the products. Lift each item and make sure that there are no holes in the bags or boxes, other wise you might not notice a small hole.

Read this post for an in-depth look at where mice hide and make nests.

Exterminators mainly use poison bait stations. These are usually plastic containers with poison inside. This helps to protect your kids and pets from playing and ingesting the poison. As extra precaution keep kids and pets away from it. Using poison allows exterminators to visit your house less often. The mice consume the poison and it takes usually a few days for them to die. For me the problem with poison is that you are not removing the mice from your house. The rodents die somewhere inside your walls, floor boards, or other places and you have no idea where.

Classic mousetraps require frequent monitoring, cleaning and reseting. With regular mousetraps you will need to check, dispose and set new ones at least every 3 days. But really, you should check much more often to clean up and reset. If you leave a dead mouse for longer it will begin to decompose and smell very very bad.

how to place mouse trap

The placement of traps is important, you want the trap set next to a wall that they frequent. Place the trap so that the bait is closest to the wall, right on their path. Another good place is where you see their droppings, again placing the trap with the bait towards a wall or a structure.

Make sure you use gloves, Mice have a very well developed olfactory, giving them an excellent sense of smell. If you handle the trap with your bare hands, mice will be able to smell human and might avoid it.

Place a very small about of bait. For me, peanut butter had best results, it is pungent and mice love nuts it. If you place a big amount they might be able to lick off enough to get satisfied before the trap goes off.

No exterminator that I know of uses no kill, humane traps, they are just too much work. Humane traps require checking at least once a day. If they contain a mouse they need to be emptied, cleaned and reset. This would require the exterminator to visit your house every day! Mice have a high metabolism and need food often, without food an average mouse will die in 2 to 4 days. So if you do not want the mouse to suffer you need to check humane traps at least once a day.

If you get rid of the mice inside, but dont protect your home from more mice coming in, it will be a never ending cycle. You need to know how capable mice are and how they can get in you home. Adolescent mice can fit through a hole or crack the size of a pen. They are not afraid of tight spaces, in fact they like them. The more exposed mice are the more vulnerable they are to predators.

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Whatever you choose to do to eliminate your pest problem, you need to make notes. Mark down where the trap is, the date the trap was placed, the date the trap was full and date last checked. This will keep you on schedule making sure that you do it regularly. You need to keep on top of it if you want the fastest results possible.

If you have an infestation you need to check in the morning and evening, but if you dont have time then at least once daily. As the frequency of full traps drops, you can check the traps less often. You will see how often the traps are set off and you can judge the frequency yourself. But dont leave the traps full for too long.

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If you dont want to tackle this yourself and would rather higher a professional exterminator you can follow this link and Google will find closest exterminators and also rank them for you: Google search for mice exterminators.

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How do exterminators get rid of mice? - My Homey Home

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