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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- A video, allegedly taken at Little Caesars in Denison, has been watched on Facebook more than 38,000 times.

A former employee says he shot the videos months ago and told us why he waited until now to release it.

Former store manager, Blake Beckham, says he shot the videos six months ago.

You can see what appears to be two rats in a trap and what he claims to be rat feces in a storage area in the restaurant.

He says he made the videos after he confronted the owner, Jimmy Young, about needing to shut down.

In the video, Beckham says, "This is my job security, so if I get fired, this is my video proof that I tried to shut down and he wouldn't shut down."

When we asked him why he waited so long to say something, he said, "The reason I'm posting them now is I was in fear of losing my job during employment for posting this stuff. But it's a huge concern he let it go unchecked for a year."

But Grayson County Health Department says they received a complaint on January 27 and inspected the restaurant Jan. 30 with no major deficiencies.

The restaurant was re-inspected yesterday and again, no major deficiencies were found.

In an email, Young calls Beckham a disgruntled employee and states, "We are aware of this situation and take it very seriously. This location has passed multiple recent health inspections, including one that was just completed yesterday."

Beckham admits he was fired last month after threatening to beat up another employee.

But says that's not why he released the videos on social media.

"Maybe yeah I was a little mad about it for him not backing me on it but that has nothing to do with the situation at hand."

The current General Manager says they did have issues with rodents six months ago, but says they haven't had any problems since.

In the same statement, Young says, "This store is a franchised small business owned by a native Texoma resident and I have always striven to provide quality and service to my community. We will continue to monitor this carefully."

And Little Caesar's customers are all reacting differently.

"In my opinion, hey congrats on the guys for jumping on it, solving the issue and trying to put the best product out there that they can." "Will I eat here again, no I won't."

Both the owner and the manager say the have exterminators come out to their location every two weeks.

The Health Department says glue traps are part of integrated pest management and commonplace in restaurants.

Beckham tells us his wife was just fired on Monday from her position as manager of the Little Caesars in Anna owned by Young.

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