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by: Kaitlyn Chana, Action News JaxUpdated: Aug 3, 2017 - 8:36 PM

A Jacksonville airport employee says the airport is so infested with rats that they are falling through the ceiling and onto food prep stations.

The employee says the rats are impacting nearly every restaurant, including where food is prepped and sent out to the rest of the airport.

Employees told Action NewsJaxthe rat infestation started two months ago in the lower level, but the rodents are now in the walls and ceilings.

In video obtained by Action News Jax from a Jacksonville International Airport employee, black items appear to look like iPads to some, but the worker said theyre actually rat traps.

Traveler Michael Montalto noticed the rodent traps immediately when he saw the video.

Right by the food, he said.

JIA employees told Action News Jax reporterKaitlyn Chana that the rat traps are in the food prep area in the most popular spots for customers to buy food before going into security.

Customers said the video makes them think twice about eating inside the airport.

Oh no, no, no, no, and no," Laytonya Fordham said. "I would be carrying my food. I will not be eating any food at any restaurant at JIA."

Employees say the rat traps are in the back areas so customers cant see them, but some staff members say they have to walk over them in certain areas of the airport.

If that was a restaurant anywhere else that would be shut down. The health department should shut that down, Montalto said.

JIA told Action News Jax that this is their first time hearing of the issue after we brought it to their attention. They said theyre looking into the matter and will notify us as soon as they have a response.

I would think they need some serious exterminators here just to stop them before they even get near that area, said SharonCathers.

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