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LAKEWOOD, Colo. - A veteran saideven though he's covered in scabs and his apartment is covered in mites, he said properties managers haven't done anything to fix the problem.

Darnell McGhee said the problem started in March of last year. Since then, he said he's spoken to property managers at the Villas at Wadsworth Station multiple times, asked to transfer apartments and asked for an exterminator to come in, but he said none of those requests have been met.

"A strong man has to cry some times. When you go through this for a year, when I tell these people things are biting me, they aren't in my body. These things are actually living on me," said McGhee.

He pointed to places around his apartment where the mites are coming through the walls and screens near the windows. His body is covered in scabs from where the mites burrow into his skin and lay eggs.

"I can feel them just moving in me. They come out my scalp and I can feel them and sometimes I can see them. They are like really little and brown," said McGhee.

He can't afford to move or he said he'd have left a long time ago.

"It's just sickening and no one should have to live like this," said McGhee.

FOX31 followed up with the property management company. A representative said the company has been working with the tenant. She said an exterminator was sent out, but after the exterminator didn't find any mites, they didn't spray.

"They haven't tried doing anything. They sprayed about 3 times but they sprayed for roaches and I told them I don't have those, I have a problem with mites," said McGhee.

A property manager told the FOX31 Problem Solvers a different terminator will visit the apartment tomorrow to assess if it needs to be sprayed.

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Veteran covered in scabs, says apartment overrun with mites but property managers won't help - FOX31 Denver

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