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Superstore served up a real treat for Ugly Betty fans waiting and wishing for a revival of the beloved ABC series. Just like old times, America Ferrera and Tony Plana played father and daughter in a mini reunion that will leave all Betty fans clamoring to catch the whole Mode gang back together again. Who knows, the small reunion on Superstore could spur a new era of Ugly Betty!

As Glenn introduces a competitive award for employee integrity, Amy and Jonah escape from the latest Cloud 9 chaos to help Amys parents pack up her childhood home. Jonah revels in the nostalgia, but its not the organized goodbye Amy hopes for. Meanwhile, in light of the stores roach problem, Dina asks Mateo to take advantage of his connections with Jeff to get the issue sorted out. However, its never that simple onSuperstore, and Mateo ends up taking matters into his own hands. The Cloud 9 crew doesnt have to watch an instructional video, but they do have to call a hazmat team for backup. Now, its time to hit the 10 items or less lane with the six best jokes in the latest episode.

Dina announces the infestation in the employee lounge and instigates new restrictions. Yeah, roaches are nasty, but cant you let Heather shoot for the stars, Dina? Glenn also announces the stores new award for integrity, which he not-so-subtly hints should go to him. You cant blame Amy and Jonah for climbing into a delivery truck and getting out of dodge.

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After Jeff turns down Mateos request for fast-tracking an exterminator, Mateo poses as oneto dupe Dina into thinking hes got connections. Not knowing how to fumigate a backroom or much less kill a bug, Mateo sets off north of 10 bug bombs. Even though Dinas not Sandras biggest fan, Sandra makes it out of the toxic fumes.

Jonahs in heaven at Amys parents home. While Amy wont entertain his interest in her baby pictures, Jonah sweet talks her mother and buys a Putin painting (awkward) off of her father for $30. But the real prize is Amys teenage bedroom, where countless pictures of Party of Fives Scott Wolf hang. Amy didnt just have a crush on Bailey Salinger. She was full-on obsessed.

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Since Mateo came through with the exterminator (or so Dina thinks), Dina lays request after request for store improvement on him. He initially rebuffs, because she literally asks for an entire store layout overhaul, but he remembers his prideful scheme. And he even accepts her aggressive sex advice with a grain of salt.

After Garrett saves a stray dog lost in the snow, the store rushes to write his name in for the integrity award. But Glenn gets green eyed and fights dirty for the honor. He enlists Cheyenne to fabricate a heroic story of his own and puts his integrity on the line for the integrity award. Classic Glenn. Garrett and Glenn later cry together over their shared desire for the recognition. Although, they both probably wanted that all-you-can-eat buffet.

Understandably, Amy tires of her parents whimsy when they should be packing for their move. Instead of greeting her visiting cousins, Amy and Jonah sneak out through her bedroom and leave. Isnt it interesting that they had a lot more in common than they thought and that they actually relish each others company during their RENT singalong joyride? They keep driving whensee that the store has been evacuated, and Amy ignores a phone call from her husband. Are we inchingcloser to a new development in Superstores will-they-or-wont-they?

What did you think of the latest episode? Sound off in the comments with your favorite joke!

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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