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Its everyones worst nightmare: walking into the kitchen for a midnight snack and finding a giant palmetto bug on the counter. A roach infestation starts in the dark, warm areas of your home. By the time you see one, theyre probably well established.

In addition to seeing them, there are a few other telltale signs of a roach infestation. One sign is the discovery of roach feces. Roach droppings are small darkly colored specs, typically found under counters, in drawers, near sinks, and in any dark and undisturbed area of your home. Another sign of cockroaches is the egg case. In their lifetime, a female cockroach will lay multiple egg capsules, also called oothecas, which can contain between 16 and 40 eggs each, depending on the species. Once the new cockroaches hatch, you may start to see the lightly colored cases on floors under cabinet edges, in pantries, or under sinks. If they werent disgusting enough as is, they also have an odor. Many species of roaches have a musty odor and if an infestation gets large enough, you may start to notice it.

Aside from startling you, cockroaches can carry disease, and, in large numbers, they have been known to trigger asthma and allergy attacks in people, especially children. Proper identification is key, as different species require different treatments. At Apex, we know roaches, and we have treatment plans that will rid your home of these unnerving pests. During our first visit, we will search your home, such as the bathrooms, kitchen corners, and even crawl spaces, that all will be carefully treated. Once the interior of your home is secure, we then move outside, removing all pest habitats, ensuring long-term protection.

After the initial visit, you can set up a convenient treatment plan to fit your needs. We provide monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly treatment plans. These visits are to ensure that your homes defenses are still pest-proof and cockroach resistant. At Apex, were conscious of your schedule, and we strive to make the pest removal process as easy and convenient as possible for you. We understand that taking time off work can be inconvenient, so we do not require you to attend the preventative pest visits.

Contact Apex at the first sight of cockroaches; we have the most innovative techniques and technology in terms of pest removal, in order to better protect the health and safety of your family.

The German Cockroach(Blattella germanica)

These common cockroaches have gone international and can be found all over the world, including that warm, humid space under your bathroom sink. The adults are light brown in color with two distinct black, horizontal stripes just behind the head. They also have a set of wings that they rarely use, preferring instead to run from danger. The younger nymphs are smaller and darker in color but still carry the two distinct black stripes behind the head.

German cockroaches are happiest indoors. They tend to stay in areas that remain warm, moist, and humid, like kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Both of these environments provide the water that these bugs crave and the food sources that they need. In heavy infestations, they will even live inside your television, stereo, and behind that wedding picture hanging on the wall. These scavengers arent picky as theyre happy for even the tiniest crumb you might miss when cleaning but even that isnt necessary because toothpaste bits and soap also make a fine meal for these foraging roaches.

With high reproduction rates and no natural predators indoors (aside from your foot stomping on them), an infestation can get out of control quickly. If you start seeing small, dark spots, similar to bits of pepper on your floors, counter tops, or in the sink, its time to call in the experts. At Apex, weve got expertise and resources that pack more stomp than any boot out there. Contact Apex for your free same-day inspection.

The American Cockroach a.k.a Palmetto Bug(Periplaneta Americana)

These roaches are hard to miss. Averaging two inches in length, the American cockroach is a big bug. When disturbed, these bugs will run quickly to a dark hiding area or, if desperate, they may even take flight. If this happens, youve probably gone running from the room frantically checking your hair to make sure it didnt land in there; even the bravest of souls do this. Perhaps before you bolted from the room, you noticed that the adults are a reddish brown color with a yellow band just behind their head. This quick identification will help your Apex technician start to formulate an attack plan against palmetto bug invaders.

These cockroaches prefer to live outside in warm, damp places like flower beds, under porches, and beneath mulch. From time to time, theyll make their way indoors through open windows, garage doors, or cracks in weather stripping in search of food and water. Theyre happiest in your kitchen or bathroom where there is a regular supply of water and food crumbs that they can scavenge.

If you havent seen a cockroach, but are starting to notice droppings in dark areas around your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, then it may be time to call in the professionals for quick inspection. Your Apex technician will investigate and come up with a custom treatment plan so you dont have to wall up the room of the house where that bug is lurking.

The Australian Cockroach a.k.a. Brown-Banded, Brown or Woods Cockroach(Supella longipalpa)

The Australian cockroach is often mistaken for the German cockroach due to their similar size and tan coloring with bands or striping. The brown-banded cockroachs bands are located on their wings, and they do not have the distinct black stripes behind their head like the German cockroaches do.

Australian cockroaches usually hangout in different areas than the German cockroach, preferring warm to hot temperatures and less humidity than their similar cousins. Youll likely find them scurrying around attic ceilings, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, or near appliance motors and exhaust fans where its quite warm.

Like many other cockroaches, the Australian cockroach is a scavenger, happy to eat any bits of food they can find, but their real love is starchy adhesives. Book bindings are a favorite for these guys, so if youre noticing small, dark droppings not much larger than a speck of dirt near your favorite novel, it may be time to take action.

These excellent hiders need a pest management plan that has been specially designed just for them. At Apex, well track them down and take them out before you and your favorite books become unbound. Apex Pest Controls team of expert technicians will design a personalized plan to fit your unique Australian Cockroach situation. Contact Apex for your free, same-day inspection. We offer pest control, termite control and lawn care in the following service areas: Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade/Broward County, and Palm Beach County.



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