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Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on August 28th, 2017

As vacations end and the school year starts, roaches are back to work, too. This edition of the Roach Report features 18 Miami-Dade restaurants.

Well start with the places the bugs played a large role in closing for a day or more.

Bice Bistro, 3015 Grand Ave., Miami Bice serves Northern Italian cuisine and Nutella Mousse. Maybe they should serve some Raid around the baseboards. On Aug. 16, the inspector noticed 20 live and 10 dead roaches underneath the salad prep station, 15 live roaches underneath the reach-in coolers across from front cook line, three live roaches under hand wash sink by front cook line, one live and four dead roaches under the three-compartment sink, five dead roaches underneath prep counter at front line, and two dead roaches in reach-in cooler by salad station. That topped the 27 total violations, six of which were High Priority. And the restaurant also was shut down for the day over food kept at improper temperatures: cheese, chicken wings, cooked pasta, risotto, fish and butter. Getting shut down also gave managers the chance to deal with Clean pots and pans stored on dirty rack by three-compartment sink and water dripping from cooling unit onto lemons stored directly below. When the inspector returned the next day, there were 10 live roaches and 10-15 dead ones spotted underneath reach-in cooler, the prep area, and the main cook line at the front of the kitchen.

Novecento, 18831 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura Among the 24 total violations, including six High Priority violations on Aug. 8, were approximately 14-16 live roaches around back food prep area and inside ovens. The inspector also issued a stop sale on Moldy onions. Handwashing, a basic of food safety, was also imperiled, with no soap at the sink.

Paseo Catracho, 824 SW Eighth St., Miami The Aug. 9 inspection turned up 23 violations, but only two High Priority violations. One of those two was approximately five live roaches inside non-working cooler in the food preparation area and approximately two live roaches on floor under non working cooler in the food preparation area. Also, somebody might need a new water heater: Hot water not provided/shut off at employee handwash sink, service area handsink and men's restroom.

Rigaud Adeline, 8427 NE Second Ave., Miami Six live roaches under the three-compartment sink in the kitchen drew the inspectors notice on Aug. 8. There were 26 other violations, four of which ranked as High Priority. Clean hands at Rigaud were wet hands, apparently: No paper towels or mechanical hand drying device provided at handwash sink. Observed in restroom, no paper towels. Also, theres an implied invitation to anything that crawls in the neighborhood: Outer openings not protected during operation and vermin and/or environmental cross contamination present. Observed windows on the south side of the restaurant with gaps. Front door is not a solid door, it has a screen. Front area has some gaps to the outside. And holes or wall damage were spotted in several places, such as underneath the three-compartment sink, behind a stand-up reach-in cooler next to the stove, in the dining room and electric room. Rigaud didnt tighten up well enough to reopen on Aug. 9, but did on Aug. 11.

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Now, to the nebulous Administrative Complaint Recommended, which leaves a restaurant open, but does earn them a next-day re-inspection.

El Taquito, 1380 SW Eighth St., Miami We last heard from this restaurant on this month's Rodent Report. It wont make a second straight appearance. As for bugs, Observed one live roach by cook line. But youve got to have more problems than that to get a second consecutive Administrative Complaint Recommended. There was all manner of food not stored at a proper temperatures, but no Stop Sale orders were issued. Also the cooked tacos and beans inside the reach-in cooler lacked a date.

Fritanga Nica El Castillo, 18710 SW 107th Ave., West Miami-Dade This restaurant racked up 10 High Priority violations and 46 violations on Aug. 16, but managed to say open. The roach issue was limited to a live roach inside the mop sink. On the re-inspection, there was a live one by the kitchen entrance near the front counter and one in front of the three-compartment sink. Bigger problems seemed to be food storage. When your reach-in cooler has a temperature over 80 degrees, its a heater. Fritanga had 34 raw eggs, day-old cooked pork and friend plantains stored in that cooler. Cooked shredded chicken, cooked yuca and cooked shredded beef also werent kept at temperatures that would discourage bacterial growth.

Hermanos Mendoza Fritanga Restaurant, 1356 Palm Ave., Hialeah The inspector peeked in a kitchen wall gap (one violation) and saw about three live roaches (another violation). And can you spare a square? Lack of toilet tissue at each toilet. Women's bathrooms.

La Provence South Beach 1629 Collins Ave., Miami Beach Approximately six live roaches behind front display counter in chemical drawers under table. Also, tuna salad prepped on-site more than 24 hours before and not properly marked.

South Garden Chinese Restaurant, 10855 SW 72nd St., #10, West Miami-Dade The inspector saw 10 live roaches in a food storage room that included flour packaging,open and unopened, wheat starch and dried mushrooms packaged.

Caribe Cafe, 7173 W. Flagler St., Miami A total of 42 violations, six High Priority ones, werent enough to close this restaurant that had one live roach crawling at the side of the oven.

Sammis Cafe, 5200 Blue Lagoon Dr., #130, Miami A live roach under the prep table and another in the front reach-in cooler.

Now, to this reports Dead Roaches Society

Bird Bowl, 9275 SW 40th St., West Miami-Dade You get a Basic violation for two dead roaches in ice machine room but the eight High Priority violations and 40 total violations is usually enough to get the rest of the day off.

One Stop Only Corner Catering, 4546 NW Seventh Ave., Miami Six dead roaches on premises behind the unused shelf in preparation area.

Palace Cafe & Dairy, 1300 NW Seventh St., Miami The owner said the exterminator came three days before the inspector did. Maybe thats why the inspector found five big dead roaches on premises.

Paraiso Cafe, 2156 NW Seventh Ave., Miami Approximately six dead roaches on light covers and five under the front counter.

Sabor of Latin America, 1880 79th St. Causeway, North Bay Village Approximately three roaches on premises in a non-working reach-in cooler.

Sunset Cafe, 10300 SW 72nd St., Miami Two roaches found in a sticky trap.

Wynwood Cafe, 450 NW 27th St., Miami One big dead roach behind the dishwasher machine.

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