Restaurant inspections June 26, 2017 – The Herald-Times (subscription)

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Following are results of recent inspections of food establishments by the Monroe County Health Department.

Critical violations reported are most likely to affect public health, such as grossly soiled surfaces that come into contact with food, foods kept at improper temperatures, chemicals stored near food and employees handling food without wearing gloves.

Subway, 3313 W. Ind. 45, May 17, meatballs were being held at 127 degrees instead of being reheated at 165 degrees and held at 135 degrees or higher.

Longhorn Steakhouse, 721 S. College Mall Road, mold buildup on soda gun in bar area and improper levels of dish machine sanitizer.

Big Cheeze food truck, May 12, several containers of previously made foods were held longer than seven days.

Urgent Foods food truck, May 12, all surfaces heavily soiled with grease and food debris, food contact surfaces were not being sanitized and a water tank was empty while the food truck was open.

La Poblana food truck, May 12, container of previously cooked pork at 41 degrees instead of reheated to 165 degrees and served.

India Garden, 531 N. Walnut St., May 23, cutting boards extremely soiled, live roaches observed and the establishment voluntarily closed. An exterminator was called and cleaning efforts are ongoing. The restaurant reopened May 30.

Walmart, 3313 W. Ind. 45, May 17.

Wendys, 608 College Mall Road, May 15.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 2894 E. Third St., May 16.

Village Pantry, 1320 E. Third St., May 11.

Soma Coffeehouse, 1400 E. Third St., May 11.

Subway, 4001 Ind. 37, May 8.

Bloomington Country Club, 3000 S. Rogers St., May 9.

Eagles, 3100 S. Walnut St., May 9.

Kebab on Wheels food truck, May 12.

Oliver Winery, 8024 N. Ind. 37, May 8.

Jankos Little Zagreb, 223 W. Sixth St., May 9.

Michaels Uptown Cafe, 102 E. Kirkwood Ave., May 17.

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Restaurant inspections June 26, 2017 - The Herald-Times (subscription)

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