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A restaurant in Cobb County cited for having a live cockroach crawling through food in its buffet has passed its reinspection even though a cockroach was reported in the kitchen.

Sabor Do Brasil received a score of80/B when inspected Wednesday.

The new roach was found on a dough pressing machine. The manager killed (the) roach and instructed staff to clean dough presser, the reinspection report reads.

Manager Jessica Simmons told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she did have her staff sanitize the machine.

She saida new exterminator has treated the restaurant twice. The report said invoices show pest control visits on June 6 and two days before the recheck on June 12.

We are working diligently with them to get this matter resolved, Simmons said.

She added: Theyre cockroaches and they dont go away immediately.

The first inspection was May 31.

Other issues noted in the most recent inspection included an unclean kitchen, food stored at improper temperatures and staff using sanitizer that was too strong on dining tables.

Original (published June 2, 2017):

A Brazilian steakhousein Marietta failed its recent health inspection after being cited for hand-washing issues and a live cockroach seen among food.

Sabor Do Brasil, in the shopping plaza at Delk and Powers Ferry roads,received a score of 56/Uduring its inspection Wednesday. Any score below a 69 is considered failing.

The inspector reported seeing employees not wash their hands between wiping tables clean and handling customers cups.

Staff were also observedgoing to the bathroom and then handling money right without first washing their hands.

According to the report, the inspector saw a roach walking through the bread on the buffet line. All affected food was thrown out.

There was also the issue of food, including dairy and cooked meat, being held an improper temperatures, according to the report.

Manager Jessica Simmons said Friday that the restaurant made multiple changes in response to the inspection.

This is something that we take very seriously and we would like to welcome everyone in, she said.

Simmons said all staff was re-trained in proper hygiene protocols and food safety rules.

They will be held accountable, she said.

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The restaurant also instituted a daily check of its coolers to make sure they are the correct temperature, she said.

As for the roach, Simmons said they werent working with a proper pest control company.It wasnt what it needed to be.

We are working with a professional company, a commercial company, and they are taking care of the matter, she said.

Saborslast four inspections listed online dating back to December were all 91 or above.

We apologize to our loyal customers, she said.

Follow-up inspections are usually done within 10 days of the original evaluation.

Sabor Do Brasil

2800 Delk Road, suite E

Marietta, Ga., 30067

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