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Recommended by Ronald Stiles, Published on April 19th, 2017

If you didn't have enough to be worried about, don't worry, you can add one more thing to the list... a roach infestation in your PlayStation 4.

Patrick Che, the co-founder of a console repair shop, XCubicle, revealed that on of the most prevalent issues he finds with PlayStation 4s is that they tend to be roach infested. The issue is so common that his shop charges a $25 "roach fee" just to get rid of the critters.

You see those bags? he asked. Those are bags full of roaches. Those are all dead by now, Chesaid to Kotaku.

According to various console repair shops, at least half of the PlayStation 4 consoles that repair shops receive come with the pests hidden in there. The PS4's wide ventilation grates make the console more accessible than the Xbox One, which means roaches can get in a PS4 easier than an Xbox One. Once the roaches get in, they won't want to leave.

The PS4's internal power supply keeps the console nice and toasty, making a PlayStation a pretty comfortable home (the Xbox One's power source is external). It's not the best home for a roach, though. After a while, the roaches will breed and poop all over the inside of the PS4. Eventually, the roach poo will melt onto the PS4's hardware and stop it from turning on.

You can keep your PS4 from being infested by keeping it further from the ground and in an open place. In addition to that, you can do any other roach reducing methods, like cleaning, hiring exterminators, or putting up roach traps.


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Here's why your PS4 is a good roach motel - GameZone

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