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If you have the big, black, oriental cockroaches or the large brown American cockroaches, you do not need pesticides or an exterminator.

Outside, you can set out some pie pans filled with beer and make sure they are low enough a cockroach can climb in it. Cockroaches love beer and will go in the pie pans and get drunk and drown, and they dont check IDs. Also, they dont like Lite beer, they like good beer. Make sure you put the pie pans where pets or neighbors cant get into the beer.

Inside, you can put some duct tape down sticky side up under cabinets, in the garage and other areas where you see the roaches. They are attracted to the glue on the tape and will get stuck. It will also catch crickets.

No need to have your home sprayed inside and outside with toxic pesticides, and yes, the pesticides most companies use are synthetic pyrethroids and they are toxic. They can cause children to develop leukemia and lymphoma and can cause pregnant women to have autistic children. Never use pesticides in your home.

German roaches

German roaches are small, light colored roaches that infest kitchens and are very prolific. You can bring them home from a grocery store, so check bags food is put in at the store.

If you have these roaches, get some German Roach Pheromone Traps and put them in areas of the kitchen, including in cabinets, on counters and other areas you see them. The traps will attract the catch the roaches. Pesticides arent necessary.

Clothes moths and flour moths

Both of these moths are common pests. You can also use pheromone traps to catch the male moths and stop the breeding process. Use Cloths Moth Pheromone Traps for clothes moths and Flour Moth Pheromone traps for the moths infesting the kitchen.

Wash and clean all wool and cotton fabric to kill the larvae and clean out the pantry and throw away any infested food for flour moths.

Paper wasps

If you have paper wasps building a nest around the eaves of your house and you need to move them, spray the nest with a high pressure hose at night when they are all in the nest. They will be knocked down. If you want, you can pick them up in jars and relocate them off your property or dispose of them how you want.

Spray the area where the nest was the next morning with Avon Skin So Soft. That will repel wasps from building another nest in the area. Then get a couple of small brown paper bags, fill them with crumpled paper, tie the top and hang them one where the old nest was and the other close by. Wasps will see the bags and think they are wasp nests and not build another nest near them.


If you have scorpions around your house, put some damp, heavy denim type material in the yard. The scorpions will find these at night and hide under them.

Then you can dispose of the denim and any scorpions in them the next day. Make sure there isnt any litter, flat wood, or other places scorpions can hide under anywhere near your home.


Earwigs are small insects with a distinct pair of pincer-like appendages at the tip of their abdomen. They feed on a variety of living and dead plant and animal material. Normally they stay outside but occasionally wander in a home.

The best way to keep them out is to make sure your doors close tightly. If not, you may want to install door sweeps. You can trap a lot of earwigs outside by putting out a damp, rolled up newspaper in the yard. The earwigs will crawl into the flaps of the paper at night. Just pick up the paper and dispose of it in the morning.

None of these pests require toxic pesticides or an exterminator.

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