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Cockroaches reproduce fast and you need to get rid of them faster (Shutterstock)

Let's face it, cockroaches are a pain to many kitchens. One moment you see one hastily moving around your cabinets, next they are more than you can count.

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Truly, spotting one roach in your kitchen means there are more than you think. They reproduce fast and the faster you get rid of them, the lower your cases of embarrassing moments.

Here are some hacks of how to circumnavigate this common kitchen problem.

Use borax powder

You can walk into a pesticide shop and ask for this, specifying that you would want to get rid of the cockroaches in your house.

Gently sprinkle the powder in your cabinets and you'll notice that cockroaches will die or stop coming.

Bay leaves as a repellant

Cockroaches dont like the smell of bay leaves. These super meal flavor enhancers can save your day by keeping the roaches at bay.

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Put them inside your cabinets and some surfaces and you'll notice that these terrorists get terrorized too.

Fix your leaks

You may have known by now that cockroaches are a stubborn lot. They can surely survive without food but not without water.

You should therefore seal all your faucets and any other places with leaks or cleavages in the kitchen.

These spaces also act as perfect hiding and breeding places for them.If the problem is beyond your control, you can consider getting a pest control expert (Shutterstock)

Red wine works magic

This may be hard to do but sparing some will save you. Place a bowl of red wine on top of your kitchen counter and in your cabinet. Cockroaches won't dare to get close by.

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Use your empty egg shells

Mostly, egg shells are disposed. You can, however, redeem their kitchen use by putting some into your cabinets. To your surprise, cockroaches won't enter your cabinets at all.

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Exterminator use

If the problem is beyond your control and you've tried the above hacks with no positive results, you can consider going for this. Get a pest control expert and they'll come and do a good (though expensive) job.

With the hacks, you can enjoy being in your kitchen again and invite friends without worrying that the whole diner will be ruined.

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