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No household is free from pests and they are the most common problem in every household. Rats generally attack kitchen while mice encroach the upper floor, bed bugs are a permanent member of the bedroom while cockroaches and ants are found in lavatory, basement, and kitchen. Most people have become habitual of living with pests but when the pests intrusion goes beyond the acceptable limit it is better to hand over the situation to private exterminators.

The prime reason why calling private exterminators for pests control is necessary is because pests dont just put a threat to a property, taint the water and foodstuff but they carry numerous parasites that are very dangerous for the health of the residents especially kids. How many times we have seen kids become extremely ill because of rodent excretion and bite. Besides this, pests damage a lot of things like biting the electricity wires, clog faucets, damage the home heating system, ruin the backyard, eat the wooden flooring, etc. All these damages cost the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs.

Calling private eliminators is thus the most feasible option to keep your house free from pests. Professional pests controller free your property from pests and make it safe for living. Private exterminators are very effective in terminating pests and provide eco-friendly pest control services with high technical expertise backed by dedicated research and innovative approach. Most exterminators in NYC and other states deliver their consistent, reliable, and expert services to tackle all sorts of pests infestation and make the household fit for living again.

Private exterminators are experts at getting rid of many pests some of which are mentioned below with details of the damage they do to the property as well as the health hazard they cause.

How Different Pests Threaten Your Health and Damage Your Property?


It is the most common pest type you will find in your house. Not just cockroaches are a threat to your building but the number of parasites they carry makes them even more dangerous. The weird part is that cockroaches can eat anything from plastic or glue to anything inedible. They often damage a lot of things and result in costly repairs. Drain and smaller holes are often the breeding ground for cockroaches. Cockroaches are not easy to remove because even if few are left they reproduce at a very high rate. Expert exterminator research about the possible hideouts of cockroaches and use branded eco-friendly chemicals to get rid of them.


Whether its black or brown rats living in your house it is a threat not just for the health of your loved ones but they can be the reason behind broken electricity wires, damaged clothing, malfunctioning appliances, foul smell in your house. Not to mention that rats carry some of the most dangerous bacteria. Another point of concern is that rats reproduce at a very high rate and if they find a suitable place in your house they will continue to survive and create problems for you. Exterminator in NYC examines your house to find the colony as well as the entry and exit points. With the use of special non-hazardous chemicals and sprays, they terminate the colony as well as close the entry and exit of the rodent.


Ants are the most common types of pests you can find in a house. Generally, ants dont look like a miscreant creature but there is a certain breed of ants which trouble you. Pharaoh ants make nests in places that have moisture, dampness, and warmth. If the nests of the ants become highly populated it will soon start to trouble the people living in the house. The problem with ants termination is their size because of the small size it is very difficult to find their hideout. Expert exterminator generally searches the pathways of the ants first before applying the baits. A gel is applied on the pathway of ants and because ants have sticky feet they take it in their nest where the gel starts to work and terminate the inhabitants.

Bed Bugs

Every bed has bed bugs and the micro insect is almost invisible to naked eyes. Bed bug bite is often the reason behind people complaining about skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and sometimes psychological effects. Bed bugs are not good for health and if they are in large numbers it puts a lot of threat to the person sleeping on the bed. Private exterminator makes sure that no bed bug is left and residents are made aware of how to avoid bed bug plague in the future.

Besides these pests, the private exterminator in NYC terminates moth, squirrel, bee, and birds and all other types of pests. Pests controller service also provides lawn treatment to deal with dead grass patches, plague-ridden lands, and damaged soil. The private exterminator uses quality rodenticides, insecticides, baits, and sprays to control pests infiltration.

How Private Exterminator Does The Job?

What Separate Professional Exterminators from Ordinary Ones

Professional exterminators are experts at dealing with any request and have the required expertise to do the job.

These are some of the things which separate the professional exterminator from the ordinary ones.

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Why You Should Hand Over Your Home Pest Problem to Private Exterminators? - The Good Men Project

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