What Does a Rat Exterminator Do? (with pictures)

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What do rat exterminators do with the dead rats? I can't imagine them just being tossed in a trash bin. Is there a place where they are incinerated?

I actually met a rat exterminator because every month at a place I previously worked at, we would have the rat exterminator come in and dispose of the mice that were in our mouse traps.

I would have much rather them use a live trap, but I wasn't in charge of that department, plus I wasn't brave enough to catch them myself! Also, there were a lot of people who weren't employed there that just showed up at all hours of the day, so the management probably didn't want anyone from the "outside" hearing any strange noises.

Luckily, the mice stayed in the non-running, extra bathrooms we had at our work. We left the doors shut and

We worked in an old building, in a dingy basement, so that is probably why we had mouse problems almost every month. I do not know why this problem was not permanently fixed within the three years I worked there though!

I hope I did not gross or freak anyone out with this story, I tell it so hopefully some people will feel better about their job!

There are a number of skills that a rat exterminator has to learn before he is ready to do his job of getting rid of the rats. He has to be able to figure out where the rats may be located. Then he has to go into icky basements, between walls, or in the crawlspace of homes. Catching the rats and disposing of them brings him face to face with the rats.

Then he has to access the damage. Entries into the house have to be shut off, damaged parts of the wood structure and wires in the house have to be repaired.

Just the thought of having rats lurking around in my house gives me the creeps. I sometimes think of the deplorable living conditions in the middle ages in crowded cities like London. Sometimes there were huge infestations of rats. The fleas riding on infected rats bit people and caused the Plague. Boy - did they need rat control.

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What Does a Rat Exterminator Do? (with pictures)

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