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BERKELEY (KRON) Residents of a Berkeley neighborhood are reporting a rise in rat infestations and seeking help from the city to deal with the issue.

Exterminators KRON4 talked with say its not just in North Berkeley, but several areas around the East Bay.

And then, they moved into the house.

Christine Simon lives in the northern part of Berkeley. She said in 15 years living there, they never had a problem with rats.

And then, about a year ago, it all started.

We have had a flood of rats, Simon said. We started hearing some on the roof. We ended up with rat mites in our home. A lot of rats in your city, and there could next be a bad public health problem.

A year later and $15,000 thrown, they finally got the rats out of their house.

But a lot of her neighbors have not been so lucky.

Dan the bug man is an exterminator and does pest control. He services the East Bay.

He says there have been more calls recently to Berkeley and all over the East Bay.

Dan says the tech boom and housing crises is to blame. More young couples are buying houses in the East Bay from long-term owners and renovating the houses.

Christine, who is a practicing family medicine doctor in the area, worries that the problem could become bad enough to pose a public health threat.

She and her neighbors have asked Berkeley public health officials to look into the problem.

So far, they are not granting that request.

KRON4 contacted several people with the Berkeley Public Health Department and has not heard back yet.


Tips from Dan the Bug Man East Bay Exterminator featured in our story:Serving Oakland and surrounding areaPhone number(415) 608-1355

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VIDEO: Berkeley neighborhood sees rise in rat infestations -

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