Norway Rat Extermination in Long Island, New York …

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Size: 7 to 10 inches long, and the tail itself is 6 to 8 inches long Color: Brown with some black Activity/Behavior: Rats have a poor sight but keen senses of smell, taste, hearing, and touch. They are nocturnal. They are vectors for various diseases (such as leptospirosis) and occasionally bite. They can also do significant structural damage and product destruction. Where They Live: Rats nest in burrows in the soil (under sidewalks and concrete pads, near stream/river banks, railroad track beds, next to buildings, in low ground cover). The burrow typically has one main entry hole and one escape hole. Tips for Control: Because of the diseases associated with rats, it is encouraged that a professional be called right away to set up traps. How Suburban Exterminating Can Help: All rodents (including rats) are hard to catch and move quickly. The technician will inspect, make observations, and take the necessary steps to correct the problem. He or she may ask questions and make recommendations to you, our client. Suburban Exterminating can help you get rid of rats. Suburban Exterminating follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure your health and safety. We use only products which are registered with the EPA. Our technicians are registered and licensed with NY State. Our technicians participate in a continuing education program.

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Norway Rat Extermination in Long Island, New York ...

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