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WORCESTER Complaints from a neighborhood association have prompted city license commissioners to keep an eye on a Little Caesars pizza shop on Shrewsbury Street.

Commissioners made an impromptu stop at the eatery at386 Shrewsbury St. two weeks ago as they were out viewing other businesses during their meeting. The visit, according to Commissioner Barbara Haller, was prompted by an email from Gary Vecchio, the president of the Shrewsbury Street Neighborhood Association.

Vecchio outlined problems alleging that bags of dough had been left outside where they were "oozing." Rats had taken up residence in the area, Vecchio said, and a garbage can that was supposed to be outside had been removed.

He was also concerned that a door at the rear of the building had been propped open with a snow shovel.

He called the situation"disgusting and outrageous," and asked commissioners, along with city health officials, to address the matter.

Commissioners this week learned that health officials had visited the site five times and issued an enforcement order to correct some of the issues. An exterminator was due to treat the area as well, they said.

Beata Rosa, the store manager, said in a telephone interview, that there were issuesin determining what company was responsible for hauling away the garbage from the business but that they havesince been rectified.

She said she hasworked at the restaurant for a decade and has never seen any rats. Rosa also said the business did have a trashcan outside but had brought it in after noticing people cleaning out their cars and filling the receptacle with items unrelated to dining at the pizza shop.

She said the can is back outside and the company is simply dealing with the additional trash as a result.

Rosa said she did speak with someone who identified himself as being from the neighborhood group but the tone of the conversation made her uncomfortable and she ended the dialogue.

City officials said another visit was planned to the restaurant Thursday.

Rosa said her boss was working to meet all of the demands made by the cityincluding one remaining item which was to install thermometers in the refrigeration units.

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License commissioners watching Little Caesars after allegations of rats, trash and 'oozing' bags - Worcester Telegram

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