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You hear a scurrying sound in the walls and over your head. You get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you know that an animal has gotten into the attic of your home. The question is, what is it? Do you have squirrels, raccoons or is it rats? If your attic has become infested with rats, you should be concerned because of how fast rats breed. A small rat problem can quickly grow out of control in left uncontrolled.

Western Exterminator specialists are your local experts in rat control and removal, including places like your attic. If you think that the noise you're hearing could be rats, contact us for a free home inspection today.

Rats are very good at climbing. Roof rats (as indicated by their name) are experts at climbing. Their tiny claws help them scale the sides of houses in search of points of entry. Roof rats will also use trees near the property to clamor up branches to get across to the roof. Once on a roof, rats can use their claws and teeth to chew holes right through roofing tiles and get inside.

Rats also use insulation and other materials to build their nests, so all of the material currently making up your roof and parts of your attic are the perfect invitation for rats. Any opening in your insulation just makes it easier for rats to get inside.

Rats are looking for a few things when they get into your attic.

They will use garbage, newspaper, insulation, leaves and other material to create a nest where they can breed and raise their young. Your home provides warmth and shelter and with your nice kitchen, pantry, cupboards and crumbs provides rats what they need to eat nicely.

The problem with rats inside your attic (or anywhere in your home) is that they are very destructive. They chew through everything. Their teeth are strong and they can easily chew through wood and drywall. They will also chew through electrical wiring and wiring insulation, creating an electrical fire hazard.

That's just the start! Rats are also known be carriers of various diseases from Bubonic plague to hantavirus. They leave feces, urine and other messes behind, all of which can be a health hazard. Plus, they breed quickly and you can soon end up with rats running up and down inside the walls, in your basement and all around the house.

Rats inside homes need to be removed quickly and steps put in place to stop them from returning. To keep your home and family safe, it's best to call in experts who can find their hiding spots, provide effective treatment and keep rats away from your home.

For reliable rat removal from attics and all other areas in and around your home, call the specialists at Western Exterminator. We have been the reliable and trusted resource for rat removal and prevention since 1921. Schedule a property inspection by contacting us today.

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