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Cook as an exterminator of the human species seemed too glittering a novelty.

Sometimes they are enemies who must be immolated to Mars the exterminator.

What would the Black Spider need to do to escape her exterminator?

Now, apparently, he was being pressed into service as an exterminator.

But neither supposition proved to be correct, for we presently picked up the exterminator, floating near us.

At one of these avenues would enter the exterminator of my honor and my life.

This condition converted every white man into a soldier, a patriot, an exterminator.

"The Olonnais is adjudged to Montbarts the exterminator, for forty crowns," the agent said.

The destroyer of enemies, the reducer of the disobedient, the exterminator of rebels, he whose sword is good.

When the master takes us to kill the snails in the box borders, I do not always scrupulously fulfil my office as an exterminator.

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