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Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on March 19th, 2020

Jason came to inspect the situation the same day I called. He saw where the squirrels were getting in and out and proposed one-way escapes, to be closed after allowing some time for the animals to leave. For the raccoons - Mom and the kids - he said they would be trapped. They got in through a window that blew out during Tropical Storm Sandy and had not yet been replaced. Mark came and put the squirrel escapes on the building and placed a trap in the attic. the next morning, the trap was closed, the food was inside the trap but empty. Mark came a second time and wired the food into the back of the trap. This time we got pictures from the motion-detecting camera of Mother Raccoon stepping over the paddle and removing the can of food from the trap. Then Gary, the boss, got involved and brought a different trap. Five minutes after he left, the mother raccoon had shaken the trap until it closed, dragged it several feet, and although the can of cat food stayed inside, they were able to get it through the cage wires. After receiving this news, Delsea said the thing to do was install a one-way escape and wait for the mother raccoon to go out, make noise, and get her pups out. As it happened, the mother and pups left two nights before the escape was installed, possibly because of the activity of setting up the camera and the people bringing traps several times. I let Mark install the escape in order to be sure the raccoons could not get back in. After a week, he came and closed off the opening in the wire. The boss said he would like to have some of my pictures for training purposes, but when I proposed a small discount in exchange for the pictures, I did not receive an answer to my email. I felt that if I was going to help educate his people, I should recieve a small payment. Raccoons are very clever and can make a nasty mess that is dangerous to humans. Delsea answered my initial call right away and came that same day to see the garage. It took a couple of weeks due to my availability and the cleverness of the raccoons, but the raccons can no longer get back in through this window and I can have it fixed. Delsea was responsive to my phone calls and only a small number of companies will even deal with raccoons. I was happy to find them on Angie's List and would use them again if I had another animal problem.

- Mary M....

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Top 10 Raccoon Removal Services Near Me | Angie's List

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