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Recommended by Dikshit Aryal, Published on June 16th, 2022

Last week was one of those hard ones. My son finished up his dissertation (last piece of work for last year at university a period that was negatively affected by covid) which meant 5.5 days of anxiety and hysteria and one all nighter. And then basically collapsed for a day and a half.

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In the middle of the week, my back, which had been fine, started playing up again. So, visit to osteopath this Wednesday.

And yesterday late afternoon I looked into the garden from an upstairs window for some reason and saw a rat. Not the biggest one Ive ever seen, but a rat nevertheless. So, will call exterminator Monday morning.

Based on all this (and more) I was planning to write about some things I dislike for this post, given it was that sort of week, but then I woke up this morning to read about Buffalo, New York, and that was it. I have nothing.

Just so theres something here, one of the foods I detest and have since childhood is devilled eggs (it would have been on my bad things list). To past the point of nausea. Like a talisman for a bad thing in childhood which gets carried through to adulthood. I cant look at devilled eggs in a deli or whatever without feeling sick.

And I was going to talk about one perfume that was a complete scrubber, which for me was Bogue Profumo Mem (amber fougere lavender, lavender, lavender, mint, citrus, vanilla gag me with a spoon). I wrote about this a while ago but its one of those that sticks in your mind (and nose) long after youve washed it off and put something or many things you love over the area.

So. I thought tell us one food you absolutely detest and also one perfume that was a complete scrubber.

(PS My neighbour caught the rat and removed it. We now get to see if there are more ie, did I see one rat four times or four rats?]


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